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From: Sarah
On: 10/31/23
Dear Susan, The beautiful memories you have with Spooky will never fade. Even after all this time apart, I know that she is part of your heart forever and ever and that one day you will reunite again. I know my girl Chynna will be a friend to Spooky until that day. With love, Sarah (Chynna's mommy)
From: Debra, Daphne’s Mommy
On: 10/30/23
A beautiful memorial for Spooky. I’m so sad for your loss. i wish you peace in your heart. I never knew how hard this could be ❤️‍🩹 I loved your story of your relationship with your fur baby. Today marks two weeks my girl is gone. I’m grateful our babies crossed the rainbow bridge home safe and feeling love.
From: Pastor Jim
On: 10/13/23
My prayers are with you. Thank you for also visiting my Stevie's page.
From: Pastor Jim
On: 10/13/23
My prayers are with you. Thank you for also visiting my Stevie's page.
From: Heidi
On: 10/11/23
Susan, I know all of your precious babies are at peace & playing together; my Nala & Pumba are excited for their new friends.
From: Vivian
On: 9/26/23
The memories you've shared, from Spooky's early days to the moments of bringing other beloved pets into your life, are a testament to the love and compassion you've shown to all your furry friends. It's heartening to know that Gabbi and the others found a loving home with you. I'm deeply sorry for your losses and the pain you've endured as each of them crossed the Rainbow's Bridge. Your faith and belief in reuniting with them someday are truly touching, and I hope that brings you some comfort. Thank you for sharing your journey and love for Spooky and your other dear pets. They are all together now, watching over each other, and they know how much you love them. Sending you warmth and comfort during this time of reflection and remembrance. Love, Vivian "Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love."
From: Rhonda Solorzano
On: 9/22/23
Thank you for the very beautiful kind words for my Tiny Today is his 2nd year gone from this life but the best news is he came to me in 2 dreams he was playing ball again which he could not do in the end I woke up with a smile on my face it brought me so much joy and overwhelmed my heart My Tiny has comeback to me I truly believe I had a dream one night that I had a puppy I sat up in bed and said I do not have a puppy and went back to sleep Two days later my daughter sent me a text message with a picture of a Great Dane puppy I told her is this my Tiny he looks exactly the same so overjoyed with excitement I sent his picture to my husband with no response when I have been sending him pictures of Dane pups for a year always same response NO so long story short Scroobius Doo is now 1 year and he is healing my heart my daughter says Tiny was so loved he could not wait to come back....I am sorry about your sweet babies they were and are so loved God Bless your beautiful soul
From: Beth
On: 9/15/23
Such a beautiful baby….!
From: Robert & Donna
On: 8/29/23
I am so sorry for your loss. Spooky is such a beautiful baby and I know all of your babies are up there playing with Dolly, my baby. They're showing her the ropes :) Thank you for sharing Spooky's story with us. Xoxo.
From: Cheryl Kalie's mom
On: 8/23/23
Thank you for your kind words
From: Cheryl Kalie's mom
On: 8/23/23
Thank you for your kind words
From: Cheryl
On: 8/20/23
Thank you for your kind words. Kalie Gwendolyn got along with all animals especially cats. I know the hurt you still have for your sweet babies. We will be with them and cross over together.
From: Alex
On: 8/18/23
Dear Susan, I"m so sorry for your loss. I saw your sweet comment on Cody's Webpage. but I feel your pain and suffering for all of your Babies! Please know that God will get you through it all. GOD Bless Always!
From: Robert
On: 8/12/23
Hi. First I want to say thank you for the kind words, and stopping by to visit Fito's memorial. I'm so sorry about Spooky, and all of your beautiful babies. It really made me tear up when I read about your babies, especially about Bella & Murphy, some people are so curl & just evil. I had Azul, for 10 yrs before he passed in 02/12]13, we had Issy, and before he passed Issy rubbed her nose against Azul's nose it was like she knew, and was telling "i love you". Then we got Fito 03/166/13 because I had many doctor appointments, and I didn't want to leave Issy at homme by herself and Fito was a blessing to me - got me out of my depression of loosing Azul. Issy loved Fito but then on July 6, 2021 while my Fito & Puma (she was my new chihuahua at time), all 3 went to take their naps. Well Puma & Fito woke up but Issy never did, and died in her sleep. She was 14 yrs old, was going blind. Before she took her nap, I rubbed her big huge ears, and told her I loved her.
From: Mary||Little Miss Kibbles mom
On: 8/10/23
Just visiting and hope you and any fur babies are well. Spooky was gorgeous!
From: Nathalie
On: 7/11/23
Hello Spooky! and all the other precious babies your momma had, she misses you all so much, and she will always have all of you in her heart and soul forever. You are all connected with that same silver thread that i also have with Princess Peanut, along with my other babies i lost. Always stay near your mom, she misses each and everyone of you, and at times it's hard for her, but she knows all of you are quite busy with your meetings concerning chasing butterflies and having catnip after a long day's worth of running around the meadow and the lazing in the sun. You will all meet again one day, and what a day that's going to be! Until that time comes, your momma is giving the love to others just like you, that's how big her heart is, you were always there for her as she was for you. Love is forever, no doubt you'll see Princess Peanut Spooky, she's a void kitty just like you! To Spooky's mom, you are so strong,and loving, i'm happy ur babies had you for a mom xx
From: Jennie
On: 7/2/23
I am sorry I am just seeing your post today on the anniversary of losing my Benzi and just read about all of your fur babies that you have had to send to the bridge and I know that they are all there together sharing their love for you and family. You definitely have been a very caring and loving mama to all of your babies and I especially loved how you took the plane for Spooky to be able to keep him comfortable. I admire your undying love for so many and that you know that each of them will always be with you. God Bless and thank you for sharing the link, and keep on sharing your unbeatable love for all animals.
From: Mohamed
On: 6/19/23
Dear Susan, I’m sure Spooky had a wonderful life and is currently having the best time with Balol and your other late furry companions. Thank you so much for posting such kind words in Balol’s guestbook and I hope you find peace and relief as soon as possible.
From: Tony Lezimis
On: 6/18/23
Susan, I'm happier after reading about Spooky. Spooky will always be part of your family. I'm very sorry for your losing so many other babies -- but I've learned the hard way, that if you want the joy of love, then you must accepting the pain of losing them. I'm especially sorry for the 2 that died within an hour of eachother -- I cannot imagine how painful that must have been. You are a very strong person. Despite all the pain, you continue to love new members of your family.
From: Morgan (Daisy Lu's sister)
On: 6/8/23
Dear Spooky, Hannah, Sammi, Maci, Gabbi, Zoe, Willow, Shelby, Bear, Bella, Murphy, Firefly, and Zachary, I want you to meet Miss Daisy Lu. She is a sweet little Jack Russell and Shih Tzu mix doggie and she can be your new friend. She is sweet as pie and loves to play. You can spot her a mile away from her bright white coat and the cute brown spots on her back and tail, and her little snaggle tooth. She loves to run as fast as she can and growl with excitement at her own speed, although she might have trouble stopping, so step aside if you see her coming. She is super friendly and I bet if you ask she will even share her treats. Please take good care of her as she is brand new to the Bridge. I hope you all are having fun. To Susan: I am so sorry again for your losses and you are in my thoughts. We are so lucky to have known these amazing furry angels. You clearly gave them so much love and a wonderful home. I hope you smile when you think of them. From your description, I do. <3

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