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From: Matt
On: 10/30/21
Very touching that after 20 years you are still thinking and visiting your companion animal Spooky. It shows the bond you had. I hope all of your animals are enjoying each other's company right across the bridge.
From: Liz
On: 10/28/21
What a sweet and adorable kitty ❤️❤️ I'm so sorry about the loss of Spooky and all your fur babies. It's so hard. Wish we could have them forever. 😭 Thank you for visiting Toby's page and leaving a nice message. Really appreciate it. Until we meet our beloved pets again...💔❤️
From: Sarah Oliva , Maddens mom
On: 10/24/21
I’m so sorry for all the babies you have lost . I don’t know how you keep going with constantly loosing babies . Thank you so much for writing in Maddens page . I pray to have at least half your strength . You are admirable ! Love always Sarah
From: LISA
On: 10/22/21
Sweet Spooky, you are loved forever. Play hard with your brothers/sisters and find my sweet Bisky, he will be a good friend. Look in on your mom and remind her you are still here. much love
From: Robert Klekar
On: 10/14/21
Susan, Spooky is a beautiful cat and lived an incredible 16 years. You were so blessed. Spooky looks just like my prior cat we named “Midnight. (We lost her several years ago)). May Spooky and your other beloved cats 🐈 🐈‍⬛ find love and joy in their heavenly home and befriend Sarge and Midnight. God bless! Robert & Donna
From: Darrell Wright
On: 10/13/21
Thank you so much for your story on Spooky. I’m so sorry. I lost Tigger 3 weeks ago to coyotes. He was only just over one year old and I feel your pain. Wishing you peace for all your furry family. We’ll see them again. May God look after us all. Your friend, Darrell
From: Lisa Maciejewski
On: 10/2/21
Thank you Susan for your kind words! I see Spooky was a rescue like Sadie...beautiful story you shared. Thanks again for your support and take care
From: Liz
On: 9/22/21
I'm so sorry for all of your losses. It was hard to read that you've had so many throughout the years. Spooky loves you very much and the gang are all together again waiting for you to come home to them. Take care of yourself, you did right by your babies <3 Precious is there meeting all of your babies too and she is having the time of her life with them <3
From: Thomas
On: 9/20/21
May your Spooky and all those little angels have fun at the Rainbow Bridge, and know they'll be there for you when that day comes.
From: Laura
On: 9/20/21
What a pretty baby you have there! 16 years is a long time but I’m sure it didn’t feel long enough. We had our Rex Rex boy for 5 years and that was totally not enough time: these last two weeks have been rough but I know he is up there with your baby and our angel babies having a blast. You and your family are in my thought and prayers. ❤️
From: Leanna Harrison
On: 9/9/21
I'm so sorry about your babies and so happy to see how much love you've been able to give so many over the years. Thank you for visiting our Freya's memorial. It means a lot. Our loss is still fresh but we hope to soon open our hearts to another fur baby in need of a loving home! I hope they're all playing together. Freya loved cats so I'm sure they became fast friends!
From: Vaughn
On: 9/9/21
Trult truly sorry for your loss. I hope you find some peace and comfort with the great memories of your fur babies. God bless you. 🙏
From: Shirley Baker
On: 9/3/21
Dear Susan, As I read through the beautiful and heartfelt sentiments you can tell you had a very special bond with all your Beloved Angels. I hope knowing they felt y our love and gave you so many happy memories, in time your tears slowly turn back to smiles. Thank you for sharing ! I always sprinkle Forget Me Notes in honor of those who have Crossed...I left some for Spooky and they others Hugs, Shirley
From: Indrani
On: 9/2/21
May loving memories of your beloved Spooky, Hannah Sammi, Maci, Gabbi, Zoe, Willow, Shelby, Bear,Bella and Murphy warm your heart forever. Love goes on and continues, and you will always be connected with your fur-babies.
From: Matthew Tarpley
On: 9/1/21
Susan, your sweet fur baby Spooky was very unique. You were so very blessed to have had 16 years with her, and from your memories you have documented here, your love for her very much shows it. I do believe it when you tell me that her and Ollie are running and playing in a beautiful meadow there somewhere on the Rainbow Bridge. All my best to you.
From: audrey frank
On: 8/27/21
Awww all your little furballs. My neighbors had a black cat named Spooky. I have had other kitties pass as well, with Dewey he was my personal kitty and had this tumor on his lower lip and could not eat anymore. I had a dream about him a few days later, big and healthy and he was with one of my black cats that had passed last year due to diabetes, Boo. Look forward to the day we will all meet and be together! As you are as well..take care Audrey
From: Christine
On: 8/26/21
My heart goes out to you during your time of loss. I can tell you really loved your sweet Spooky. They not only come into our lives but also into our hearts…forever.
From: Nick
On: 8/24/21
Thank you Susan for visiting Sandy's memorial. Spooky is beautiful. You have suffered many losses. I was so sorry to hear about the two who were poisoned. How incredibly sad.
From: Donna
On: 8/16/21
Susan so so so sorry about all your losses and about the poisoning of your two babies. I pray for all of them and you.
From: Richard Danchik
On: 8/12/21
Such a lovely tribute. You never forget them .🌹

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