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From: Terri & Russel
On: 5/22/24
Our Sincere Condolences Susan. Your time with sweet Spooky, must have been one the most beautiful times in your lives. She was such a cutie-pie. It seems her life became so interwoven with your own like a ball of yarn that can't be untangled and thoughts of her will linger like paw prints on your heart. She was lucky enough to have had a big support group on earth and now over the rainbow her extended family has grown. Hopefully ever since she crossed the rainbow bridge, she met my Pinky, who passed 13 years ago, so they can both welcome my Gabriella soon and all be good friends.
From: Camille
On: 5/22/24
Good morning Spooky I’m popping in on you this early morning To let you know that your mommy was so nice and so thoughtful and I’m sure you know that but I had to let you know anyway . Mommy went to visit my Winston who just passed and her words brought me so much comfort and I have to say it was much needed. I’m hoping you met up with him and are all playing thats also comforting to know that as well . Always remember how much much your loved and remember cause your mommy will love you forever . Spooky have a fun day today and give my Winston a lick for me I’ll leave you a yummy treat ,God Bless … your friend Camille🩷🦋🌈🙏🏼♥️
From: Sarin
On: 3/10/24
Hi Spooky, You were very special kitty. Your person's Susan is so kind to me. She gave me comforting message in Georgie's guest book. I hope you and Georgie arw friends .Plesse show Georgie around as she has been there for only two weeks. Thank you Spooky. Love never ends. Sarin
From: Mai
On: 2/28/24
Hi Susan, I have read your beautiful memorial for Spooky and indeed all of your beautiful angels at the Rainbow Bridge. You have lost a lot of beautiful souls and I hope you are doing ok now. Thank you for your lovely message for my beloved little boy, Casper, who we lost a month ago. I am just devastated and it is not getting easier after a few weeks. I miss him every single day. Thank you for your kindness and love shown to animals, for giving them each a voice, for loving and taking care of them and just wanted to wish you the very best. Thank You, Mai
From: JoAnne Felmer, Billy Felmer
On: 2/27/24
Susan, I am so sorry for your loss. I know that Dingo, Riley and Spooky and all your other babies are at Rainbows Bridge. I know that we will see them all again. Sending Hugs your way xo
From: Marie & David
On: 2/8/24
Thank you for visiting molly’s memorial and your words were beautiful Spooky you are a beautiful cat and your mommy loves you and misses you very much and has told me all about you please help molly moo around rainbow bridge as she will find new places very strange
From: Dave and Sue
On: 1/30/24
Dear Susan your precious Spooky is so beautiful! Clearly she was a wonderful and loving companion to you over the years. She will be so excited to see you again when that glorious reunion takes place. May God bless you until that day.
From: Lisa (Nakia's mom)
On: 1/21/24
Susan - Thank you so much for your kind words in Nakia's guest book. Nakia loves meeting new friends.. I'm sure she is having fun playing in Paradise Meadow with Spooky, Hanna, Sammi, Gabbi, Zoe, Willow, Shelby, Bear, Bella and Murphy....
From: steve
On: 1/8/24
Hi Susan. Thank you for taking the time to sign Apollo's guest book. Definitely not the way we wanted to start off the new year. We know that God's plans are not our plans but it is still hard to process when they are a part of your life for so long. I wear all of the tags of my pets that have passed on around my neck every day, missing everything I ever did for them. We surely give them the life they deserve and while they are no longer with us on this earth, we will surely reunite with them when God ordains it. Many blessings and peace to you.
From: Kim
On: 1/8/24
Spooky will sure see and play with sweet kiwi. Seeing all the animals playing and welcoming kiwi brings great comfort. Spooky is special and he just as precious as he were here on earth.
From: Greg
On: 12/26/23
Hi Susan, I read your story of all your fur babies. They all sound wonderful. I grew up with cats starting with Snowball, a white persian, then Ming & Chan, 2 siamese . After I got married for a few years my wife & I got a couple dogs as she is allergic to cats. She likes them, just can't be near most of them. I was so livid to think that someone would poison 2 of your precious babies. You sound like a wonderful fur momma & sorry to hear about your beautiful Spooky. Bless you
From: Max
On: 12/10/23
I sorry for you loss of your furbaby. I sure Callie and Spooky will be best friends along with your other furbabies you loss. Rainbow bridge has gave me comfort know my furbaby is being taken care of and is healthy and have fun. Thank you for your kind wirds through this difficult for me. sending hugs Max
From: Sarah
On: 10/31/23
Dear Susan, The beautiful memories you have with Spooky will never fade. Even after all this time apart, I know that she is part of your heart forever and ever and that one day you will reunite again. I know my girl Chynna will be a friend to Spooky until that day. With love, Sarah (Chynna's mommy)
From: Debra, Daphne’s Mommy
On: 10/30/23
A beautiful memorial for Spooky. I’m so sad for your loss. i wish you peace in your heart. I never knew how hard this could be ❤️‍🩹 I loved your story of your relationship with your fur baby. Today marks two weeks my girl is gone. I’m grateful our babies crossed the rainbow bridge home safe and feeling love.
From: Pastor Jim
On: 10/13/23
My prayers are with you. Thank you for also visiting my Stevie's page.
From: Pastor Jim
On: 10/13/23
My prayers are with you. Thank you for also visiting my Stevie's page.
From: Heidi
On: 10/11/23
Susan, I know all of your precious babies are at peace & playing together; my Nala & Pumba are excited for their new friends.
From: Vivian
On: 9/26/23
The memories you've shared, from Spooky's early days to the moments of bringing other beloved pets into your life, are a testament to the love and compassion you've shown to all your furry friends. It's heartening to know that Gabbi and the others found a loving home with you. I'm deeply sorry for your losses and the pain you've endured as each of them crossed the Rainbow's Bridge. Your faith and belief in reuniting with them someday are truly touching, and I hope that brings you some comfort. Thank you for sharing your journey and love for Spooky and your other dear pets. They are all together now, watching over each other, and they know how much you love them. Sending you warmth and comfort during this time of reflection and remembrance. Love, Vivian "Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love."
From: Rhonda Solorzano
On: 9/22/23
Thank you for the very beautiful kind words for my Tiny Today is his 2nd year gone from this life but the best news is he came to me in 2 dreams he was playing ball again which he could not do in the end I woke up with a smile on my face it brought me so much joy and overwhelmed my heart My Tiny has comeback to me I truly believe I had a dream one night that I had a puppy I sat up in bed and said I do not have a puppy and went back to sleep Two days later my daughter sent me a text message with a picture of a Great Dane puppy I told her is this my Tiny he looks exactly the same so overjoyed with excitement I sent his picture to my husband with no response when I have been sending him pictures of Dane pups for a year always same response NO so long story short Scroobius Doo is now 1 year and he is healing my heart my daughter says Tiny was so loved he could not wait to come back....I am sorry about your sweet babies they were and are so loved God Bless your beautiful soul
From: Beth
On: 9/15/23
Such a beautiful baby….!

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