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From: John Dugan
On: 11/29/21
Your devotion to Simba over 20 years Is beautiful and well understood by me. Sometimes our animals don’t stay long but their unconditional love remains throughout the remainder of our lives. Enjoy the Rainbow Bridge Simba and Sheens.
From: Nicole Walker
On: 11/20/19
I am so sorry for the loss of Simba. He was such a handsome fur baby. Rainbow hugs
From: irene hudobenko
On: 9/26/17
I have just lost my precious baby today and going through the simbas. I am so sorry for your loss.
From: Jill
On: 12/21/14
I had to see what another Simba looked like. Our Simba is still alive, but his best friend Fluffy passed one week ago. Your Simba is beautiful.
On: 9/28/13
From: R0BERT
On: 9/28/12
den and dee tomorrow the 13th anniversary of your kittykat simba passing i send the three of you my condolences
From: Kriz
On: 8/3/11
I noticed how short of a life your furbaby had and I am so sad it was a short one .. I also just lost my cat of only 1 yr and half old =( On Monday 8/1/11- So I know the feeling of having them for such a short amount of time..
From: Virginia
On: 10/8/10
Your Simba was so handsome! I just loss my Simba on Wednesday after 15 beautiful years together. I send you pet lover hugs ( from Calgary, Canada)as I know that all these years later you must still miss your darling boy.
From: robert
On: 7/4/10
den and dee sorry about simba
From: Lynda
On: 12/24/09
Merry Christmas sweet Lion King Simba! We hope you and Shakky and Shammah are the very best of friends! Love from Shammah's mom & Lee
From: Shammah's Mom
On: 12/24/08
Greetings precious Simba! We come to bring you Christmas wishes and love. I know you are having a fine time with Shammah and her little boy kitty Shakky. You are best friends now and he loves being with you too. We hear the Angels singing their beautiful songs with you and it is a very blessed Christmas indeed. Be sure and send mommy Christmas kisses so she will hold all the love of you in her heart. You are always her precious baby and loved so much. Merry Christmas Sweet Simba!
From: Lynda
On: 11/10/08
Sweet Simba, it has been long since I first came to visit you but I know you are kept very happy there with Shammah. And now Shammah's little boy kitty Shaqk has come to be with you so Shammah is very happy too. She is indeed in heaven with all her sweet kitty friends to love once again. You are precious to your Mommy too and I know your love is wrapped around her heart. Beautiful days dear little ones, with much love and kisses always....Shammah's Mommy
From: Stephanie
On: 8/8/08
Simba, Nala is waiting to play with you dear. How precious Simba was, what a beautiful cat. You two take good care, I know you will. God Bless, Stephanie
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 7/18/08
Hello Simba I was just visiting some of my Princess's friends who have been at the bridge for a while and came across you, I just wanted to stop in to say hello and to tell you and each of you precious souls that you are loved and thought of each and everyday in some very special way no matter how long you have been gone to the bridge. Sending you wishes for a beautiful day in heaven today
From: cathy holloway
On: 4/30/08
I recently lost my little Lion King Simba and my heart still aches. I send you my prayers and always know they are with the one Being that loves them more than we do. GOD>
From: Lynda and Shammah Lee
On: 9/29/07
We just came by to visit today Simba and we know you are enjoying your time with Shammah and lots of other friends. Shammah has told you about our new baby I'm sure and yes, she is a girl! Just a little girl yet and she loves to run and chase fall leaves everywhere. She also loves kitties like you but I think you would still be the King because she is such a little Princess you know. Did you go to her big party that Shammah had to welcome her arrival? I know you had so much fun then. Please send your mommy kisses on the wind because she misses you so much. Play hard and rest well sweet Simba and give our love to Shammah too. xoxo from Shammah's Mom
From: Lynda. Shammah's Mom
On: 6/15/07
Simba, how precious you are! So very regal indeed like a King of cats. I hope you are playing well with your little Sheba and you both can go to meet my beautiful Princess Shammah. She will love you both so much and give you sweet kisses every day. Run and play and have sweet dreams together at the Bridge. Soon your mommy and daddy will see you there and bring all their love to you. Rest in peace sweet Lion King! Shalom, Shammah's Mom Lynda
From: J.Murphy (Tarby's mom)
On: 5/29/07
No matter how long our babies are with us its never long enough, and no matter how long they're gone they're never far from our thoughts. Fly high Simba......soar on the wings of angels.!
From: Chris
On: 3/14/07
Simba, what a gorgeous kitty! May you be at peace over the bridge among all our fur babies - enjoy those warm sunny days!

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