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From: Camille
On: 11/26/20
Good morning to you sweet Shoo-fly , Dropping by this early morning to send you all God’s Blessing on This THANKSGIVING Day. I wanted to let you know that your beautiful mommy is so kind and so thoughtful and Shoo I’m sure you know that but i wanted to tell you myself . Your Mom’s tribute to you ,well i have know words but to say it was so beautiful it capture my heart and brought tears to my face you have a special mom. Mommy visited my Star when she pass and joined you and her siblings at the Bridge her sentiments touched me deeply and so my sweet angel on this Thanksgiving day I’m Thankful for your Mom and all Star’s angel friends for welcoming my baby to the Bridge. Enjoy your day today and always remember how much your loved and remembered , Camille.❤️♥️🌈🙏🏼
From: Nick and Maria
On: 9/23/20
Wow thank you for coming by to meet Mia at her site. She never had a Bunny Friend and I'm sure she'll love Shoooooo!. What a sweet group of photos you shared and I can't imagine what waking up the next day would've been like. So sorry you went through that. We wish you and your fur baby be well!
From: Irene
On: 8/18/20
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the beautiful tribute. RIP precious one 💔
From: Sara
On: 7/31/20
Hi Sally, what a wonderful thoughtful tribute to Shoo Fly. These for babies come into her life for a reason and touch us so deeply, and when they’re gone it leaves such an incredible void. Thoughts are with you.
From: Eric
On: 7/10/20
Sally, Your love for your sweet Shoo-Fly bunny is very evident. Even the connection with a non-domesticated yet trusting animal can be strong and lasting. May your time with him give you happiness in the days to come. Eric
On: 7/8/20
So beautifully written. I could not help but cry as I read the memorial, the words that carry so much love and loss. Most of all is the absolute joy Shoo brought into Sally's life. I easily can identify with the bond Sally had with Shoo. Its a bond that spans time and space. Its forever.
From: Jacinta
On: 6/27/20
Dear Sally, Our furry kids are our sanctuary; they give us joy and love and teach us things. I am sorry for your loss of Shoo-Fly. And, I can't help but think that Sebastian will be making friends with her. He was such a Buddha dog. He loved everyone. He'll protect Shoo-fly, wherever they may be. Jacinta
From: Michael O'Leary
On: 6/7/20
Your ShooFly was and always will be a beautiful sweet bunny, who will) be waiting to welcome you to Heaven, and the best forever home there is, with lots of binkys and bunny kisses. You gave all your love and attention, to a wild bunny, that captured your heart, and showed you, that even wild bunnies, love attention and kindness also. I pray for the wild bunnies during the year, whether it's during a long hot summer, during times of rain, and storms, during the cold and wind, and during the snow. I always hope they're safe, warm and dry, and that no harm comes to them, that they live a long and happy life with many babies, and they have many many generations. Your ShooFly will always live in your heart, where he's placed his paw prints. I'm sure his little ones, will be sent to visit you, and give you a message of love from them, and that ShooFly has sent them to visit you, and give you the love and attention, that you were happy to give him also. I'm sure others are waiting,
From: Michael O'Leary
On: 6/7/20
Very beautifully done Sally. It's always difficult after losing our sweet bunny's. We want them to always be with us, and to always be happy and healthy. No matter how hard we try, there's nothing we can do. All we have left, is their sweet memories that we will hold in our hearts, for the rest of our lives. No matter how long they live, it's never long enough. Their sweet innocence has stolen our hearts, where they have placed their paw prints. We always look forward to having them visit us in our dreams, and to holding them, and getting kisses from them, as we give them all the kisses we can, and let them know how very happy we are to see them, but how sad we are, because we're not with them in Heaven. RIP now, you have your beautiful wings. You'll always be very dearloved and missed until, we're reunited with you, forever in Heaven. My heart has joined the thousand for my dear sweet friend stopped running today😢😭❤💔
From: Miriam
On: 5/31/20
Dear Sally, Your beautiful stories and poems about you and Shoo-Fly brought tears to my eyes. I guess it never stops hurting, but the love never dies. Since I couldn't find an apple tree, I hope you and Shoo will enjoy this gift of a citrus tree. Blessings - Miriam
From: Michelle Santora
On: 5/10/20
Your tribute to your handsome rabbit is so touching. It is quite clear that you loved your Shoo-Fly very much and continue to do so. It is sad that you had such a short time together. I can tell your heart still breaks from missing him even after so much time has passed!! It's amazing how these little furry beings are able to capture our heart entirely. I know I will still miss my Timber for as long as I live. We only had him for 3 years but I am confidant in knowing that those years were filled with nothing but love, playtime and kindness!! I hope he holds onto that until we are reunited. I cannot wait until I can hold him in my arms again and press my face into his fur!! I will keep Shoo-Fly in my thoughts and prayers and ask Timber to look for him. I know he would be very curious to see a rabbit up close! Sincerely, Timber's mom Michelle!
From: Amy McDaniel
On: 4/29/20
For sweet Shoo-Fly, I know that during your lifetime you gave Sally much joy. Now I am wishing for you lots and lots of happiness playing in the fields and hills at the Rainbow Bridge. From looking at your photo and reading what Sally has written for and about you it is obvious that you were very loved and special. Shoo-Fly, I have the most wonderful new friend for you, his name is Azland and he is a cat, he will love you and keep you safe and happy. I know you two will be very good friends. For Sally, I just visited your Shoo-Fly's Rainbows Bridge residency and wanted to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious Fur Angel. Wishing you all the very best always, Amy (Azland's mom).
From: Sara
On: 4/28/20
Such a beautiful tribute to your sweet Shoo-Fly. Visiting your website has helped to bring comfort, thank you for sharing. May your sweet bunny always watch over you and be with you in spirit, and may you find peace. Bless you.
From: Cyril Stocker
On: 4/10/20
A most happy Easter to you my friend Shoo-Fly!, and to you too Sally! I know you and your dear companions will have a great Easter! Please say "Happy Easter" to Doc and Bigfoot for us! Looking forward to meeting you on the other side! Cyril & Laura Cyril & Laura
From: Bobbee
On: 1/27/20
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loss. I know my Dakota will play gently with your baby, while they wait to be reunited with us again.
From: david
On: 12/14/19
What a beautiful, sad story of Shoo's memory you have. It begs the question, which hurts more? human passing & leaving a pet not knowing? or to love a pet til the end AND knowing. the Pain is a double edge sword, I believe. peace be with you david
From: Hannah
On: 12/14/19
Dear Sally and Shoo-Fly, your friendship has inspired and consoled me. I lost one of my best friends, Pig the rabbit, recently - and I miss her more than I can say. Visiting your website, reading your poems and stories, has given me a bigger perspective - one sorely needed. A friendship like yours never truly dies. I take comfort in knowing the same of me and Pig.
From: Cyril Stocker
On: 11/27/19
A most peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving to you Shoo-Fly, in your heavenly home! Looking forward to meeting you in the next life! I hope you have met Winnie, Bigfoot and Doc, our dearly departed fur babies! Cyril & Laura Stocker
From: Cheryl L Rhea
On: 10/24/19
Shoo sounds like you has an amazing life and were loved so much your mommy made a website about you to help others deal with their losses. Your one special angel and your mom is so lucky to have you watching over her
From: Debra
On: 10/17/19
How special you must be that a wild hare befriended and trusted you!

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