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From: Sarin
On: 3/7/24
Beautiful tribute and site .Shoo, I'm touched ny your friendship with Sally. It is amazing love. You and Sally are the testimony that love never ends. Until then Shoo, hop happily in the beautiful place , Rainbow Bridge ❤
From: Roberta
On: 6/10/23
Hi Shoo Fly, what a handsome & special bunny you are! I can tell you are dearly loved & missed by Sally. The gift of love & companionship you gave one another is so special & forged a bond never to be broken. You will meet again one day at the Bridge in a glorious reunion, never to be separated again!! Roberta, LiLi & Tori
From: Cyril & Laura Stocker
On: 5/31/23
Shoo-Fly's memorial is beautiful beyond words, and I do remember visiting a while back! Can;t fight back tears just reading your wonderful relationship. Such a marvelous website! I know Shoo-FLy has already met Pandora, Bigfoot, Doc and Miko! Looking forward to meeting Shoo-Fly when we get to the other side! Peace, love and condolences Sally, and God bless you!!! Cyril & Laura Stocker
From: Natalie
On: 5/17/23
What a lovely tribute. Thank you for the kind words.
From: Francesco & Donna
On: 2/24/23
Dear Sally, No one could have anything or anyone more than you with Shoo!!!! What a dear sweat being. Beautiful face and an air of a real beautiful presence. All of our fury friends are like presents we don’t get to keep forever in this life. Anyone can see the bond you two had. I’m so happy thinking of Shoo and Capone whooping it up at the Rainbow Bridge ❤️Actually, Capone really liked rabbits!!! Please accept our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to you and your whole family Sally. We will all meet one day again. Remember, All of our fury family are now our personal guardian Angels❤️❤️❤️ Sincerely, Francesco & Donna
From: William & JoAnne Felmer
On: 2/3/23
The website for Shoo Fly was so beautiful. I am so sorry you lost him. You are a very talented writer! The website brought tears to my eyes. God Bless you for friending him, he came to you for a reason. God Bless,
From: Cathy
On: 12/23/22
Sally, Shoo-Fly’s memorial website and Rainbow Bridge memorial touched my heart deeply. I can see my Zoey and Shoo-Fly together because Zoey was fascinated with bunnies when she saw them. What a special year with Shoo-Fly and he knew how loved he was. I am so sorry it didn’t last longer, but what a beautiful year for both of you. Cathy
From: Mike and Patti
On: 12/14/22
Sally. So sorry for your loss. Time has past over the years but time spent and the love you had for Shoo-Fly will never end in fact it feels like yesterday. we're sure Shoo-Fly and our Bob are playing maybe Shoo-Fly will show Bob Shoo-Fly Land that special place of yours. Thank you for sharing Shoo-Fly you have our deepest sympathy.
From: Jill Meredith Bergene
On: 12/8/22
Sally Shoo's memorial is so beautiful and so timeless. He was sent to be your friend, your familiar and to give you love. That was indeed magical. I'm so sorry for your loss, I know your heart broke that day. Your love will always be there for him as his love for you will stay in your heart. Your inspiring poem and songs hilight the bonds we make with the furry one. I bet Paco and Shoo are playing chase now across the Rainbow Bridge. When a magical connection like yours happens, it is a sign of being touched by God. May you always remember that Magic.
From: Kat Simmons
On: 9/17/22
What a lovely tribute to your forever friend. A chance meeting that grew into a love story that has endured. They are never really gone, just out of our sight. May your memories fill your heart with the love you had a continue to share. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Shoo. Kat
From: Lori
On: 5/11/22
Such a beautiful memorial you have for Shoo Fly a beautiful baby. The bond you had will never go away. Thank you for visiting my babys memorial.
From: Juli
On: 5/8/22
What a beautiful memorial you have for your little Shoo. And thank you for visiting and signing my guestbook for my Checkers. Time, short or long, the loss never quite mends. Our pain is as deep as our love. My they all be together over the bridge!
From: Graham
On: 1/19/22
Thank you Sally for your kind words regarding our beautiful little Poppy...what a special mate-ship that you shared with your precious little Shoo-fly...i hope that Poppy finds your Shoo-fly & become best friends within the beautiful Rainbow Bridge.xx
From: Brenda
On: 1/10/22
Thank you for your kind words about my precious Greenly. What a beautiful little friend you had and what an amazing story. Shoo Fly will forever be in your heart and waiting for you at the bridge one day just as my Greenly is in my heart and will be waiting for me. I hope he and Greenly are good friends and are playing together all the time. God bless.
From: Helen
On: 12/12/21
I truly appreciate your compassion Sally for the loss of my precious Mishka. What an amazing site and a wonderful tribute you have created to honour your much loved beautiful and adorable Shoo-Fly! The beautiful poems and music are so comforting! Thank you for sharing your precious memories and lovely photos. Helen
From: Susan Mandel
On: 10/6/21
Sally, Thank you for your comforting words. God bless you.
From: Elaine Plowman
On: 9/15/21
Your writing is beautiful and filled with the love you have for Shoo. He was very lucky to have you for his friend.
From: audrey frank
On: 8/27/21
So loved and cherished and missed.
From: Linda Colon
On: 8/22/21
I also think about Shoo quite often, especially lately since we had an entire bunny family living in our backyard, complete with newborns.... Hugs to you, Sally.
From: Candi Wolfe
On: 8/10/21
Sally, Yours is a beautiful story and journey with Shoo! I am sorry that you miss little Shoo. I know how hard it can be. It's even more magical, to me, when wildlife chooses to befriend a person. You took great care of Shoo after he chose you as his friend! I hope you know how special that is. <3 <3 Candi

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