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From: Bobbee
On: 1/27/20
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loss. I know my Dakota will play gently with your baby, while they wait to be reunited with us again.
From: david
On: 12/14/19
What a beautiful, sad story of Shoo's memory you have. It begs the question, which hurts more? human passing & leaving a pet not knowing? or to love a pet til the end AND knowing. the Pain is a double edge sword, I believe. peace be with you david
From: Hannah
On: 12/14/19
Dear Sally and Shoo-Fly, your friendship has inspired and consoled me. I lost one of my best friends, Pig the rabbit, recently - and I miss her more than I can say. Visiting your website, reading your poems and stories, has given me a bigger perspective - one sorely needed. A friendship like yours never truly dies. I take comfort in knowing the same of me and Pig.
From: Cyril Stocker
On: 11/27/19
A most peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving to you Shoo-Fly, in your heavenly home! Looking forward to meeting you in the next life! I hope you have met Winnie, Bigfoot and Doc, our dearly departed fur babies! Cyril & Laura Stocker
From: Cheryl L Rhea
On: 10/24/19
Shoo sounds like you has an amazing life and were loved so much your mommy made a website about you to help others deal with their losses. Your one special angel and your mom is so lucky to have you watching over her
From: Debra
On: 10/17/19
How special you must be that a wild hare befriended and trusted you!
From: Graham
On: 10/16/19
Thank You Sally i have just read your memorial for your beautiful Shoo-Fly So sad it brought tears to my eyes..i hope my Chilly & your Shoo-Fly have become good friends and are playing together in Rainbow Bridge. God Bless you Sally Chilly's Dad- Graham
From: Lauri
On: 9/26/19
Sally-it is evident in your memorial that you and Shoo shared a very special bond. I hope he is watching over you and waiting for you. God Bless lauri
From: Sherry
On: 9/10/19
Dear Sally, Sending you my deepest sympathy on your loss of Shoo-Fly. You have created an amazing tribute to him here and on his dedicated web page. Thank you for your support in visiting my fur angels Badger’s and Sebastian’s pages. The Rainbow Bridge is an amazing place. Leaving an angel for your loved one. Sincerely, Sherry
From: Melissa
On: 9/7/19
Dear Shoo, You have left the world, but your presence left a lifetime of love. Peace to you and all who loved you. Sincerely, Melissa and Ashley
From: Joyce johnson
On: 8/30/19
Beautiful memorial for a beautiful and loved little cotton tail bunny..
From: Martha
On: 7/30/19
My heart breaks for you. You had a very special relationship with Shoo. I know he’s watching over you. It’s so special that Shoos offspring came to see you. Treasure the moments that you and Shoo ate apples and watched the stars. When you see a very bright one - thats Shoo. You writing is beautiful. Calvin look for Shoo. You can both watch the stars together. You’re both our furry babies.
From: Cecelia
On: 7/6/19
What a beautiful memorial. Thanks for sharing and helping me through my time of grief. Hugs to you. Cecelia
From: Diego
On: 6/24/19
Such beautiful words. I am sure that Shoo-Fly and Heidi are playing together in the beautiful meadows of the other side of the rainbow Bridge. Playing together as small angels. Heidi loved A red rose. Heidi had a scent of a red rose. As a reminder of her visit she leaves a red rose. Heidi Has a Facebook group page where all are welcome to join. We all talk about out beloved fur angels who left us too soon. Thank you for visiting Heidi's residency.
From: Cindy crawford
On: 6/18/19
From: Pam Evon
On: 6/15/19
the poem you wrote put a lump in my throat. It was beautiful. RIP dear Shoo-fly
From: Diana Weinstock
On: 6/14/19
Such a beautiful tribute to Shoo-Fly, a very special bunny. Both of you had such a strong loving bond . So sad to lose such a good friend. Diana
From: Cyril & Laura Stocker
On: 6/14/19
Such a beautiful bunny! We can share your pain and grief. We too had two bunnies (Bigfoot and Doc), and just lost our cat Winnie! Wonderful companions, just as Shoo-Fly was. May they all play together in God's eternal home, until we can all be reunited. The peace of God be with Shoo-Fly and with you, Cyril & Laura Stocker
From: Marcy
On: 5/30/19
what a wonderful tribute. Shoo i can see how much your mom loved you. You were a special bunny. May you rest in peace sweetie. Sally im sorry for your loss. I wish more people were askind and caring to wildlife as you. Shoo was so lucky. Bless you.
From: Claudia Prockish
On: 5/13/19
My deepest szmpathz for zour loss. Your poems are verz wonderful and verz inspireing. Thank zou for your warming words for my Johnny Walker. When I feel better I will write a poem for him as well-

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