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From: Monique Glynos
On: 1/15/18
Such a beautiful little bunny. I'm so sorry for your loss. These little furbabys have such a big impact on our hearts. Thank you for sharing your story of Shoo-Fly. I'm sure he has already met Gracie Mae and they are having a beautiful time together.
From: Jeffrey Burcham
On: 1/13/18
I cannot begin to express how wonderful this is and just how overwhelming sweet and lovely your relationship with this wonderful cottontail. I have always liked rabbits and bunnies, they are the epitome of sweet and kindness, right next to baby ducks. I am honored to have come here. God Bless you Sally.
From: Melissa Paull
On: 1/6/18
Hello Sally and Shoo-Fly, There are so many unexplainable things in this world. So many beautiful things like your brief but loving relationship with Shoo-Fly. This was something meant to be and so very precious. Your words are so true and genuine. Perhaps the relationships with our pets are so deep and meaningful because they are so pure. The basic and beautiful unconditional love, which comes so easily to these animals. Today Auggie's urn came back and the pain flooded me all over again. So deep and so sad. I know his soul has to be in a better place but I will protect his ashes for my lifetime. It's the only physical thing I have left. I just don't know how to replace the huge hole in my life. So deep and so sad.
From: Alan
On: 11/27/17
Thank you for your your kind words I read your poems they are really nice. Sorry to hear the passing of your Shoo-fly. We loved our peanut ever so much and when she was taken it hurt so much. We will never forget peanut as she such a beautiful cat and peanut was a part of our family we will always remember her special ways peanut showed her love towards us. We now know peanut is safe and well in rainbow bridge free from harm and we will one day meet up with her and our other cats never to be parted again. God bless Alan,Sharon,Daniel.
From: Irene Hudobenko
On: 10/22/17
Rip shoo. You were much loved by your mommy. I am so sorry for your loss. Reading what you wrote is so beautiful. Your words for your beloved shoo were so full of love. My heart is sad for you. Thoughts, hugs and prayers I send to you. You will see your beloved shoo again. Until then, he is in your heart. Once again, I am so sorry for your loss.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 10/16/17
Dearest Shoo-Fly, Your mommy still holds you close to her heart. She has even found me to comfort me in my loss. I have read your story and the beautiful poems that your mommy has wrote for you but also for others like me to find comfort in a great loss like you. Find my sweet Baby Bee and she will cuddle you during the fall and winter. Your mommy is thinking of you and worried about the leaves. Send her a bunny thump to let her know that the fur angels are taking care of the leaves for you. Enjoy all those wonderful apples at the bridge my furry friend.
From: Leslie Simon
On: 9/15/17
Hi Sally. What a beautiful website, and a beautiful year you and your beloved Shoo-Fly had together. I ws honored to visit. I will extend my sympathies, 17 years hasn't changed the depth of your loss. My Auggie liked rabbits, maybe they are playing at the bridge. with heartfelt gratitude for reaching out, Leslie Simon (Auggie's daddy)
From: Heather
On: 9/10/17
Hi Shoo Fly!!! Praying that Gandalf gets to have your friendship at Rainbow Bridge. He loved my cats and I'm sure he will love you. He is a beardie so needs to keep warm. Maybe you could cuddle with him until we see each other again! Lots of bunny love to you, Shoo! Heather and Gandalf
From: Debra - Sally Sue's mommy
On: 7/29/17
What an amazing and sweet story. So mystical and magical - this is how I feel about Sally Sue - just an amazing life changing relationship. I'm so grateful you and Shoo shared a sacred bond. Until we meet them again may you have peace knowing Shoo is always with you.
From: Sheena (Neina's Mama)
On: 7/29/17
Thank you for visiting my Neina’s page, Sally! I visited your memorial site for Shoo and his story touched my heart. The poem you wrote was beautiful, such a nice way to celebrate his life and show the amazing, special bond the two of you had! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of him and his offspring-what an adorable family?! I hope you feel comfort thinking of the wonderful times you had together, and knowing he is still watching over you every day. I hope your days are full of peace and happiness. –Sheena (Neina’s Mama)
From: Linda Jackson
On: 7/28/17
Shoo-Fly you are hopping around the beautiful meadows of Rainbow Bridge. While in this world you received and gave love. Sally gave you so much and in return you filled her life with joy and love. One very special Bunny. My little doggy girls are there with you and hope you have met. Sally has written such a beautiful story about you and her. Someday we will all be united with loved fur babies. Hop on Angel Shoo-Fly. Always in our hearts.
From: Karen
On: 7/27/17
It is true your treasure is where your heart is. What a special bunny Shoo is! Your tribute to him is so touching. Animals have a special way of touching our hearts and leaving their paw prints there to stay. Thank you for sharing.
From: Laura Brooks
On: 7/16/17
Dear Sally, I know for certain that your beautiful Shoo-Fly will meet you just as assuredly as my sweet companion cats will. I believe that in our lives we are graced with the love of special souls; as stead-fast as any human and in many cases, more loving. I have no doubt that Nilla and Shoo-Fly are playing games in the meadow and enjoying sitting in the grass together. And they know that one day we will join them.
From: Bert and Marti
On: 7/10/17
What a remarkable story! What a remarkable friend. Life remains a puzzle. And yes, as you suggested his site was comforting. Thank you.
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 7/8/17
Hi Sally, so sorry to read about Shoo We share your pain, having just lost our second cavalier pupp within 10 months of each other. The pain sure runs deep and, we are not really sure that we will ever get past it, our babes were just such an integral part of our lives, as it obviously was with you and Shoo. We wish we had a magic wand that we could wave and bring Shoo, Benji and Louie back to us, but it ain't gonna happen. So, all we can do is give you a big, warm Rainbow hug and we will praay for you and Shoo, along with our boys, at our shrine. Warmest regards, Mary & Andrew
From: Cindy Peters
On: 6/17/17
Oh my goodness I loved your website and will visit it again and again. I especially liked the poem called The Reunion. What a special bond you had with your bunny Shoo-Fly. If only I could write so elegantly as you do. Bless you!
From: Karen mastrandrea
On: 6/10/17
Sally . Thank you for sharing your beautiful website and the heartfelt stories of your loss. The love you had for shoo and all your thoughts put into poems and words are so cathartic. The poem about the euthanasia really did resonate as I struggle with having to put Lola to sleep. With love and gratitude. Karen
From: Beatriz Rock
On: 4/26/17
Beautiful memorial for your Shoo-Fly. Wish I can write like you coz' there's a lot I have to share about my baby. Thanks for sharing your site. Beatriz
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 3/27/17
Sally, Earlier today I wrote you a message at Shoo's memorial page. In that message I referred to Shoo as "Murphy". It was because I had just written a message to Carol, Murphy's mom. I'm sorry about the mix up. Just disregard Murphy and replace it with Shoo; my message is the same. Thank you, and I'm so sorry. Since my River left, I have been on this website daily, scanning the pages of the other pets who are now River's playmates at the Bridge, and writing messages to their loving guardians, hoping they, too, would visit River's memorial and know how beautiful a baby River was.
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 3/24/17
Sally, Thans for visiting River's memorial site, and for your comforting words. You have a very unique forever friend, Shoo the Rabbit. Not too many people adopt rabbits; mostly they're dogs and cats. I like the poem "Knowing". The words are exactly what I've been saying to River since she passed on 3 days ago. River battled a heart condition for 6 years due to heart worm; so I knew it was just a matter of time before she's called to Rainbow Bridge. But I never expected her departure would be 3 days ago on March 21. So for a long time, I had been giving special care and attention to River, knowing that at anytime she would go. If only I knew that day would be March 21, on that day I would have made it the most special day River—we'd do the things we enjoyed most, we'd go to the places where she used to romp, we'd go to the Park where her canine friends usually went for walks. All these things I failed to do because of not "Knowing". Sally, thank you once again.


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