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From: Andrell
On: 6/9/21
John: I'm simply stopping by to bring Shevy and Taylor a tasty treat in loving memory of two wonderful beings who shall never be forgotten.
From: Debbie Maddie, Old Girl And Buddy's mom
On: 3/24/14
Hello beautiful Shevy and Taylor, I can see from your dad's words that he is very sad that you two had to leave. Like myself it does bring some comfort in knowing our babies are there in heaven together. I hope you both can find my six that are there and you each climb high to the tips of the bright and shining stars to send us a sign from heaven to let us know that you are with us always just inside our hearts as we continue our journeys on this side.
From: robert
On: 7/18/10
john sorry about taylor i know shevy is with taylor at the bridge waiting on you
From: John
On: 6/16/09
Taylor - I miss you very much, and I am so heartbroken. I can only keep hoping and praying that you are now with Shevy, and both of you are happy and well. I hope one day, that there really is a rainbow, and that we will re-unite and celebrate. Taylor, you became a major part of my soul and life, as you earned "The Girl Dog" and "Daddy's Girl Dog" over the years. When Shevy left us, you were right here by my side, and we grew even more attached. Shevy, you know I miss you, even though 6 years have passed. Please remember me, and both of you take care of one another. Shevy, please welcome Taylor into "Doggie Heaven" forever, and take care of her. Love John, Forever
From: tom dellacorte and angela
On: 6/15/09
John, take solace in knowing you two gave her LOVE, and she passed with you by her side, more can't be asked.
From: Dawn and Michael
On: 6/14/09
John I know this is a difficult time right now. Take comfort in knowing that she was welcomed into heaven by the best dogs that we were lucky to share our lives with. Dusty, Shevy, Misty, Kristi, Muffin and Shelden. I'm sure they are all together romping around.
From: Anthony
On: 6/14/09
We were sad to hear about Taylor's passing. She was a very happy dog and I am sure it was because of I the love and care you gave to her over the years.
From: Pam
On: 6/14/09
If you have ever been lucky enough to have a special dog in your life, then you now there is a place called Doggie Heaven. It never gets easier no matter how many dogs you say goodbye to. I hope Taylor meets my Wylie boy becaue not one day goes by that wonder if he misses us or is alone in doggie heaven. I look forward to the day that I can be reunited with them. Rest in Peace can go home now. Say hello to Wylie for the Chase family.
From: Samantha
On: 6/14/09
Uncle I am so sorry that Taylor is gone, I know how special she was to you. And when Shevy passed I remember how upset Taylor was. Now, they are reunited after 5 years and I realize how happy they must be, being together again in Doggy Heaven.
From: Janice
On: 6/14/09
I know this is a terrible time for you but Shevy and Tayla were so lucky to have you take care of them and love them. Taytay is back with her friend Shevy - I am glad she had him waiting for her.
From: Rose LaRocca
On: 6/14/09
Taylor has been reunited with her friend. It is tough for those of us left with only memories of the ones we love. I can only hope that Shevy and Taylor find my Geneva and become a family.
From: Paul LaRocca
On: 6/14/09
This is a time the journey seems longer
From: Shannon
On: 6/14/09
The Shevman and Girl dog will always be missed and in our hearts. May they rest in peace, they had the best life!!
From: Elaine
On: 6/14/09
Taylor has gone to doggie heaven to play with Shevy. Good friends reunited.
From: Chris
On: 3/9/07
Shevy, may all your days over the bridge be filled with warm sunshine, while in the company of all your new found friends!

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