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From: Sarah (Susie's Mom)
On: 12/30/20
I miss our sweet Susie so much, even all these years later! Reading the posts from Jason and I years ago and looking at her beautiful pictures warms my heart. It's hard to even write this - I keep having to wipe tears from my eyes! She was such a good dog, and thinking about all of my fond memories of her is comforting. I had foegotten, for examole, about her love of the imfamous grass roll! Also, I remember how, shortly after we adopted Joshua, we laughed at his awkward attempt to do his own version or the grass is jerky and ailly and not at all like Susie, LOL! Joshy is doing great at the grand old age of 13, although he's showing down and losing some hearing these days. He still lives to chase the cats around the house, though! I like thinking that Susie is his personal guardian angel, keeping him safe for many, many years of love and adventures. I'm sure she's keeping an eye on Jason's spunky Lola, too! Love, Sarah
From: Debbie
On: 12/30/20
Dear Susie inspired so much love in her brief time with us Susie is always with us in our hearts Thank you to your Daddy for keeping this memorial. Always with love from Granny
From: Granny
On: 1/29/19
Amazing love for this little Susie! Because of sweet Susie, Jason now has a corgi pup, crazy Lola!! And of course there is Joshy, shared with Jason & Sarah. I know Susie is smiling down at her Mama & Papa. It's a special love to always keep Susie in out hearts. And thank her for enriching our lives. Thank you for keeping this alive!
From: Granny
On: 12/25/15
Merry Christmas, sweet Susie. Your family love and miss you always. Thank you for being Joshy's guardian angel, and watching over your family. You brought so much love and joy for such a short time; but I know it was all for a purpose. You helped your Mommy & Daddy love unconditionally and share that special unbreakable bond.
From: Karen
On: 11/23/13
"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed furangel, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember how your baby’s paw prints touched your life, be the ones that bloom in your heart this Holiday Season. My prayer for all of us this blessed season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us during the Holidays. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it the most....And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved Susie bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your baby-angel would want for you this year...God bless, and best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty, DJ, Patches, and Momma’s mom)
From: granny & pipsy
On: 11/10/13
Almost the 5th anniversary since losing little Susie's physical being. Susie, we feel you are still watching over the family that loves & thinks of you always. Bless you little Susie Q and thank you!
From: Granny
On: 10/14/13
Just thinking about you, Susie. My friend Carol's kitty, Mehaw just left to join the rainbow residents. We are glad our Susie was here with us, and still feel she watches over her family.
On: 11/17/12
From: Granny
On: 8/31/12
I referred someone that just lost their 2nd dog to an illness because he & his partner need some comfort. It warms my heart to see Susie's memorial. She will always be alive in the hearts of those of us that love her. And I know Susie watches over her family that gave her the happiest days of her life. Aloha nui Los always, our Susie!
From: Shannnon Longhurst
On: 5/6/11
I came to your page when searching about what happens when you put a dog to sleep, because my little corgi, Jabba, will be crossing over the bridge tomorrow. He would have been 4 in July; we got him in September of 2007. Reading your entries makes me cry, but it makes me hopeful that Jabba will have some good friends when he arrives. I know Susie Q is happy and healthy, and Jabba soon will be, too! Mommy, daddy, and Queen B, though, will be very sad for a long time...I am glad another dog has brightened your life, and Susie would be happy to know you are happy!
From: Lisa
On: 8/1/10
I can relate to your experiences with Susie, and I am sorry that you had such a short time together. My precious Fergie came to me from corgi rescue suffering from kidney damage. Her previous family gave her up because they couldn't deal with the vet bills. We had 18 wonderful months together before she crossed the Bridge on Aug. 5, 2004. I still miss my wonderful girl, and I always will. She played fetch by rolling her ball back to me with her nose! I now share my home with a wonderful Cardigan boy named Dakota. May all of your wonderful memories of Susie sustain you until you meet again on the other side of the Bridge.
From: Granny & Pipsy
On: 11/17/09
The first anniversary of a passing is a momentous occassion. You have survived and thrived, and gotten to a point that you may have thought wasn't possible, just one year ago tomorrow. Without Susie, there would be no Joshua in your lives. You would not have known the capacity you have to love a pet as your family. There is no spiritual end to a life that has left a family that loves and remembers. Sending you, Jason, Sarah, Joshua, Ginger, and Milo much love and comfort on Susie's anniversary. She is ALWAYS part of our family! (And I DO believe she was watching over and helping out on that infamous snowy night when Joshua was almost lost!) I selected a chicken sandwich, because it was close to the McNuggets I bought to share with her. I love you all! Granny & Pipsy
From: Susan Harrill
On: 3/8/09
I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss of Susie. Please find comfort in knowing that Susie is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. I am sure that Susie and Spooky have become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Leonora
On: 3/7/09
I came across your page on and I sit here crying for your loss. I'm sure Susie was grateful to have such wonderful 2-legged parents like you all. Its soo hard to miss them. I am happy you have a new addition in Joshua. Best wishes and happy thoughts for your family and little Susie where ever she may be.
From: Roberta HollyBerry's Mommy
On: 3/4/09
Dear Jason and Susie I am sorry for your loss, Jason. Susie what a beautiful girl you are! You mom and dad loved you so much..I will bet, you are a "daddy's girl" Susie. I should know, I was one,too. I hope that you have met my HollyBerry..she has always been a mommas' girl. Give her a kiss for me, would you? Rest In Peace baby girl Susie and HollyBerry Until we meet again on the Rainbows Bridge HollyBerry's Mommy
From: Ms Tonya
On: 1/20/09
Oh hello little girl, I just had to come. Little Corgis, so much like Mesha Gail. She too had the best disposition, and she too passed from kidney failure. Your story so hits home with me darling. And the love drops flow. You are family, so smart, Corgis are so smart. You know our every word. I would love to talk to your daddy and share stories. You were taken too soon the both of you. You are beautiful and I shall always love a Corgis. Oh yes you are #1 in our life. I know in my heart Mesha is with you as the two of you are the same only different colors. You love your Dad and mom and grandma. You are our children. That great love will never pass. It is forever and always. I give you a soccor ball, as Mesha love to play soccor. Kisses coming up to you sweethart. xoxoxoxo Love from Ms. Tonya
From: Claire (Meggiesmom)
On: 1/19/09
Susie, sweetheart, you are such a cutie. I know how wonderful and loving you are from what your Mommy & Daddy shared with us at your residency. I am sorry you had such a short time here on earth, but God knew you were suffering, so He called you Home to him. It is wonderful that you are well now, as you can play and run just like you did when you were a baby. Mommy & Daddy really need a sign from you, just to know how you are doing. Please send them a very nice sign, honey. Jason & Sarah, Susie will be with you forever. She is so grateful for having you 2 as her parents. She is not gone, only physically. Her heart and spirit, will be with you forever. She is not jealous of Joshua, she is the ONE who sent him to you. She loves you both so much, she wanted to make you happy, as you have so much love to give. She also knows how great you were to her, so she sent Joshua. God Bless her. She is a darling. Please know she is in a better place.
From: Kayla
On: 1/14/09
Jason and Sarah- oh, my, GOODNESS! what a cutie! she looks like the perfect dog to cuddle with.i know what its like to lose a pet after such a short is very hard, but my thoughts are with you.
From: Sharon Outlaw and Sadies Mom
On: 1/13/09
Sweet beautiful Susie I read about you from your family and wanted to stop in. What a little sweetie you are -i love all your pictures. I am sure you have settled in to your new home R.B. where the sun shines always-many beautiful flowers and many friends to play with. Much love to you!
From: Gabby,Little Man's and Shakka's Mummy
On: 12/24/08
Hello dear Little Susie,just wanted to pop by and say hi and wish you a Happy Christmas up at the Bridge.I know its your 1st one and you will be having so much fun,but try and spare one minute to send your Daddy and Mummy a sign of Rainbow love because I know they will be missing you.We are just about ready to unleash our Christmas Video and you look stunning in it x Leaving you lots of love and fairy kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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