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From: Matt Zietlow
On: 7/16/19
Im sorry about your fur babies. I just had to put my buddy Magnum (mastiff/boxer mix I believe, he was a rescue) a couple days ago.
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 11/17/17
To Stormy, Hi there big girl. I know you got with your sisters and brothers by now and I know you have figured out your loving touch you will add. Yep, give your mommy and daddy and wet sign. Let them know that when the time is right that you will be the one waiting for them hiding behind the ivy bush. Don't forget to reassure them that Punkin and Tigger are with all of you. Run free like when you were a pup.
On: 5/12/12
From: robert
On: 8/16/10
what a pretty name ron and erine stormy blue sky and by the picture it fits hi,so sad whenm we lose one love one but when it unexpectedly like you and i had it so hard to belive that are dear family member has left us,but stormy blue sky is at peace like my two girls and no pain for them.are pain will always be with us but also there love will always be with us
From: Angela
On: 5/17/07
Pretty Miss Stormy Blue Sky!! You are a georgeous animal! Your mommy and daddy sure love and miss you. Maybe you can let them know that whenever it rains, they can know that in part that is you drooling on them again!!! Be well little one, (well large one) and have lots of fun. My Samantha Bear would love to meet you. She got there just 3 weeks ago, She's a pretty golden girl. Sleep well.
From: Vicky (Sasha Joy's mom)
On: 5/16/07
I am so sorry for your sudden loss. Stormy Blue Sky was such a beautiful girl and so is her name. I know so well the joy and pain of you bringing her back home today, as I recently faced such a day myself. May the years you shared together bring back many sweet memories of your baby girl to help you through this difficult time. Dear Stormy Blue Sky, you left this earth too soon and your family misses you so. Rest in peace dear precious girl - you'll always be loved and never forgotten.
From: Stef
On: 5/16/07
My thought and prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time. We will all be together again. Stef
From: Jill Murphy
On: 5/14/07
Stormy Blue, Welcome sweetie to the beautiful Rainbows Bridge. You are once again young, and healthy. Your mommy and daddy are so missing their baby girl right now, they are not sure how they are going to survive without you. Let them know soon that it was your time to go and you are waiting in heaven for them to join you someday. Ron and Erin, I am so very sorry for your loss of your precious Stormy Blue. What an adorable furbaby. Sometimes we do not understand why things happen the way they do we just have to adjust and try to go on. My Tarby was waiting at the bridge for your Stormy Blue and they are playing together today in the warmth of heaven. See Tarby-- matter how long our babies are with us its never long enough, and no matter how long they're gone they're never far from our thoughts. May her precious spirit live within your hearts forever.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 5/14/07
Good morning sweet Stormy welcome to Rainbows Bridge where you are now and forever healthy and youthful, I can tell by the love story that your mom is writing to you , that you are missed so much, send them a sign baby to let them know that you are still right there with them just inside their hearts, and that one day you will be together again forever and ever, take care baby.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 5/14/07
Stormy Blue - what a great lady you were and how much your family is missing you. Send them some kisses from the Rainbow to let them know that you are safe, happy, healthy and will have many fur friends to play with now. Let mom and dad know that God has appointed you to be the guardian, protector to watch over them until they are called to the Bridge to join you one day. I will tell my Brande to find you and play with you. To Ron & Erin - I send you my deepest condolences over the loss of Stormy Blue. I too lost my soulmate not long ago, see Brande - We know that God has promised we will be with our babies again one day. I leave this quote with you, "heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown
From: Liz&Calliope
On: 5/14/07
I would have waited in line with you to get covered in that drool too! Our sympathies to you on the loss of such a magnificent Stormy!!
From: Amanda
On: 5/14/07
Wishing you peace and comfort during this hard time, and until the day you see Stormy Blue Sky again. God bless, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
From: Nancy and Kit Family
On: 5/14/07
I am deeply sorry about the passing of your Stormy Blue. I know what a sad time it is for you. Please know I care. Lovingly,
From: Karen
On: 5/14/07
Stormy, your mommy misses you so much - show her a sign that you are okay. I'm so sorry for your loss Erin. I know well the raw grief you are feeling. I promise, it does get better and you will be able to think and remember Stormy without crying. My deepest sympathy to you all. ((hugs)) Karen
From: Mom
On: 5/13/07
She was such a sweet dog...I will miss seeing her on my trips to Georgia...she is in good company...with all her cousins..Prissy..Katlin Suzanne..Elsie and Punkin....
From: Mark and Kim Floyd
On: 5/13/07
I am so sorry to hear that Stormy died. I know you and Ron will miss her.

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