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From: Mom
On: 2/24/24
The last pup of the litter sure did turn into something special! A scrawny, anxious, wary little one became a beautiful, adventurous adult who loved ALL...human, canine, other critters! And you, Princess Sophie, were loved by all who knew you...especially by me. "Fur ever" your mom 💖🌸
From: Mom
On: 2/24/23
Almost fifteen years from so cute "Baby Sophie" to gorgeous "Princess Sophie"...that time went by too quickly and I wish I had stopped to just appreciate it and you more. I miss my sweet, good, gentle, playful, perfect girl...forever your momma dog
From: Mom
On: 2/24/22
I'm imagining a perfect Sophie day! After your breakfast you select one of your "babies"...the one you feel needs a good shaking. Now off to the groomer for a "day of beauty". It's a warm, sunny afternoon to enjoy a Frosty Paws! Then it's time for a nap before your dinner. Afterward, exploring the backyard and a game of "rope". You've been busy, it's night and this girl is ready to snooze. Your eyes are moving even though they're closed; all legs are in motion and I hear gentle yipping as you end the day running, playing, and chasing in your sweet Sophie dreams...!
From: Mom
On: 2/24/21
Hey Sophie Jo! Today is the eleven year anniversary since you went to the Rainbow Bridge to begin your new adventure. I hope that I was a worthy guardian of your heart and soul on this side, in this life...forever, your momma dog
From: Mom
On: 2/24/19
My sweet Sophie Jo...a girl who loved the chase! Missing you as always, but today is especially sad. I'll make it right again. Forever your momma dog...
From: Mom
On: 2/24/18
"Sophie's Story" is coming soon, I promise! Today I'm thinking of my cross-country travel buddy with a smile! I love you Sophie Jo...forever, your momma dog
From: Mom
On: 2/24/17
Sweet Sophie Jo...I am remembering the "great adventures" that I shared with my baby girl! You will forever be my Princess Sophie and I will forever be your momma dog!
From: Mom
On: 4/30/15
Sophie Jo Beezer...missing my precious girl on your birthday...forever, your momma dog!
From: Jennifer
On: 5/1/14
Happy birthday to my sweet Princess Sophie! Forever your momma dog...
From: Mom
On: 2/24/14
Sweet Sophie...I am remembering only funny and happy times today! You were never really a water dog until you thought you were being left behind on the dock at Big Bear. Panicked, running back & forth, with the kayak drifting shut your eyes, leaped out into that lake and swam so fast to get to me. It wasn't easy getting a 60 lb soaking wet golden retriever into that boat, but we did it...Sara watching and swimming through it all. She loved the water and you loved to run...I miss you, little girl. LONG MAY YOU RUN!
From: Mom
On: 2/24/13
Sweet Sophie...there is a "sarasophie moon" tonight. I am remembering our cross country adventures. And I chuckle when I think of how proud you were when you "stole" Sara's tennis ball! Every morning you would choose one of your "babies" to play with! These are just a few of a lot of happy memories...I miss you little girl and all of your "issues". Forever, your momma dog...
On: 2/23/13
From: Lyle
On: 1/15/13
Good morning SophieJo, Happy new year to you and hope you will have fun running and playing with all your friends at the bridge, all year long. If you see Dickster, say hello for me. We all miss your beautiful face here. Will see you one day soon.
From: Lisa-Rufus's Mom
On: 7/15/12
Dear Jennifer,first of all im so so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Sophie, and im sure my Rufus and your Sophie are playing along with Chopper and Sara,we are both from Banning and i feel your hurt may God bless you always Lisa
From: Jennifer
On: 4/30/12
Happy birthday Princess Sophie! Forever your momma dog.....
From: Mom
On: 2/24/12
Sweet Sophie Jo...I am thinking of you with a smile and a tear. Long may you run! Forever your momma dog...
From: Mom
On: 4/30/11
Happy birthday precious Sophie! You are always in my mind and forever in my heart. I love you...momma dog
From: Susan Harrill
On: 3/30/11
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Sophie. Please find comfort in knowing that Sophie is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. I am sure that Sophie and Spooky have become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Mom
On: 7/20/10
Sweet Sophie is 15 years ago this week that I brought you home. I will always remember your "moving" threw up in the car and you cried all night because you were so unhappy. You and Sara had a puppy fight instead of the happy reunion I imagined. The next morning you chewed up the first of several shoes. Happy "anniversary" Princess Sophie! I love you...forever, your momma dog.
From: robert
On: 5/26/10
jennifer you must be hurting three beautiful fur babys sophie chooper and sara. all so great i just do not know what to say to you but so sorry and my prayer out to you

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