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From: Mary & Andy
On: 11/4/23
Hi Sienna - the beautiful! Babe, hoping you had a fantastic Halloween. Stepdad knows you loved this time of year and puppy, let's face it - the photos of you in your witches outfit - are simply 'the best'. A beautiful puppy in a beautiful costume - Stepdad's 'pin-up girl'. Love you sweet angel Sienna, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 10/11/23
Hi beautiful Sienna! Babe, of all stepdad's Cavalier Angels, you are still the pin=up girl. Stepdad has never seen an ugly Cavalier, but without doubt, his Sienna has always been one of the 'special' pups, that face s just sooo pretty. But so classy, too. A bit like the puppy equivalent of a Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. A true 'beauty' in every sense of the word. Love you and miss you, sweet angel Sienna, you lit up our lives. Stepmom & stepdad
From: Mom
On: 10/10/23
My precious girl Sienna, Mom is stopping by to make sure you know how much I love and miss you every single day. It's been 19 months since I looked into your beautiful eyes and kissed you soft face. Our last day will always be etched in my mind. I also wanted to change the season from summer to fall for you since it was one of your favorite. You were always excited to see Mom bag those falling leaves and romp in them as I did so. My girl soon the snow will arrive and as the beautiful flakes take shape I will see you, Santino and Cisco in everyone. All three of you babies loved playing in the snow and eating the flakes as they fell. Those memories will remain with me forever. They were the best years of my life.. I miss you all so much, Mr. Louie and Benji Boy too. Love you all forever and ever.
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 9/4/23
Hi Beautiful Sienna, stepdad's pin-up girl and 'fridge monitor'! Babe, stepdad knows that you have one of the best ;overseeing eye' that any fridge sneak (like stepdad) could ever wish for. Sometimes, late at night, when he's sneaking a midnight snack, he's sure he heard you say - tut-tut! But luckily, stepdad knows how to bribe Cavaliers, so you always let me go - with just a warning! That's why we get along so well! But Babe, it is still hard to accept that you are at Rainbow, it just never seemed 'right', such a pretty gal, should have been able to live - forever! But sweet puppy, we know that you know how much you are loved - and missed. our Mom still thinks of you - a lot! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, you lit up the lives of all those who knew, or knew of you! Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 8/5/23
Hi beautiful Sienna! Stepdad here - trying to be a bit more prompt, this month! Babe, stepdad got your message - your photo on the fridge - gave him a 'stern' look and stepdad said - uh-oh, I have forgotten my Sienna again. So puupy, stepdad came right to fix it up. We love yiour photo album, but we love some of the pics your Mom sent, ages ago with you and Santino, dressed for halloween. Babe, your witches hat - is the best ever, it really suits your beautiful face. Did stepdad ever tell you he still thinks you are one of the prettiest Cavaliers - ever? But, I think you already knew that. In your younger days, you were stepdad's 'snowbabe', you just loved that snow. Babe, it is still so hard to believe that you went to Rainbow Bridge, you seemed such a permanent part of our - and your Mom's lives. Rest peacefully sweet Angel Sienna, you brought light, love and Joy into the hearts of all those who knew you. Love, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 7/30/23
Hi beaitiful Sienna! Stepdad has been apologizing to all his Cavalier Buddies, after a 'bad' month of flu! I know you will forgive me - you have the most wonderful and gentle nature, stepdad is sure you won't hold a grudge against him! Babe, stepdad think,s he spots a new pic in your photo album - #4. Your Mom is very good at updating yours (and your brothers) pics - something stepdad has been going to do - for ages. One day, babe, one day .. Rest peacefully sweet Angel Sienna, you brought a shining star to all those who knew you and also to those who knew of you. Such a beautiful puupy girl! Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 6/5/23
Hi beautiful Sienna. Just been through your photo album again and stepdad still loves your witches hat, just too cute. In one pic, we noticed you wearing a pirate hat - is that you brother Cisco's old hat? But puppy, you both look so cute in it! Babe, stepdad has brought you some chicken salami - our boyz used to love it, so we're figuring that you will, too. You might have to clean your teeth before takjing to Benji & Louie - otherwise they will know that stepdad has been talking to 'other' cavaliers, and you know that's simply 'not allowed'! Rest peacefully sweet Angel Sienna, you were, and still are, a light to our lives and you are sorely missed. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mom
On: 5/15/23
Happy Birthday in heaven, my precious girl. Mom did not forget you yesterday on your actual birthday. I posted your beautiful face on face book and it being Mother's Day it was a difficult day. Mom was missing all the Mother's in my life that are no longer with us, Grandma Rose, Mom, Aunt Dee and Aunt Ro and so many others. I think of YOU, Tino and Cisco everyday, not a day goes by that I don't miss you all. Mom just placed three garden stones out front, one for each of you beautiful pups. I want the world to see how special you all were and still are in my heart and memory. I hope you had a celebration with your brothers, Louie, Benji and all your special friends. Mom promises when she crosses over the bridge, we will have a BIG celebration and be together always. All my love, hugs and kisses to you today, tomorrow and always. Till we hug again, MOM
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 5/2/23
Hi to our most beautiful pin-up puppy! Babe, just went through your photo album and just love those pics with your witches hat - puppy, that is such a good costume. Of course, it was so good of your Mom to let you borrow her hat, but puppy, that's what 'girl=power' is all about, right? But you were always such a party girl and your Mom has sent us many photos of you amd Santino celebrating your birthdays. Made stepdad jealous - he never got food as good as that. But then puppy, you do have the word 'King' in your name, so I guess stepdad had better bot say too much - otherwise you might check his lineage! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, you were the light of your Mom's life and now, a bright star in heaven. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andy
On: 4/1/23
Hi my beautiful pin-up girl, Sienna! Babe, stepdad just reAd his last message to you - and spotted a terrible typing mistake. Lucky, stepdad knows you well enough so we can have a good laugh. I know that you know dtepdad would never intentionally send his Angel Babe, something like that, But Babe, into your second year at Rainbow Bridge, Puppy, how time flies. Stepdad thinks that he needs to make a new 'fridge photo' as there are so many Cav Buddies, it;s hard to keep track of you all. But little Angel, rest assured that you have always been one of stepdad's favorites and every time stepdad has a snack, it is always under your gaze. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, you will always be one of God's brightest stars and puppy, you did light up our lives. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andy
On: 3/14/23
Hi beautiful Sienna. Babe, it's one year since you went to Rainbow Bridge - and our lives have not been the same since. When your Mom told us that you had gone - a year ago, if was as if the sun had been snuffed out and beautiful Girl, it's still hard to think about you, without our eyes getting teary. Of course, you have been one of stepdad's 'fridge Angels' for many years, but being at Rainbow doesn't change any of that. Every time stepdad goes to the fridge - he has to do it under the watchfuk eyes of a whole team of Cavaliers - Sienna, Cisco, Santino, Benji, Louie, Sebastian and Gabby. Stepdad would love to be able to share with all of you - and he does talk to you all - every day! Missing you, our beautiful pin-up girl! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, you truly were the light of our lives. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 3/2/23
Hi beautiful Sienna, stepdad's gorgeous pin-up girl! Babe, it is still so awful to look at your angelic face and think that you are no longer with us and the pain that was left in the wake of your departure I think you know that stepdad thinks you are the cutest 'dress-up' girl - in the whole wide world. Some of those costumes your Mom put on you were amazing - especially your 'witch' outfit. Of course Santino was very cute, too - but only you were 'beautiful' - as only a gracious Lady could be. You had that 'regal' look - that is part of your heritage. Rest peacefully sweet Angel Sienna, your little face still brings joy to our hearts. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mom
On: 3/1/23
My precious Sienna Bella, with a broken heart I remember one year ago today Mom had to say goodbye to my forever angel. I can remember minute by minute our last moments together, I will never forget the feeling of kissing you for the last time. My girl, I know you were hanging on for me and I could not watch you struggle another day. After you lost Santino, you soul mate you were never the same. I know how much you loved and missed him and pray you are both together along with Cisco, Louie and Benji. Mom wants you to know a part of me crossed over that day with you. I love you forever and ever. Kiss my Tino and Cisco for me. Fly high baby and wait for Mom, one day I will surprise you. Hugs, love and Kisses.
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 2/2/23
Hi sweet puppy, Sienna. Just read your Mom's beautiful note to you and it is so sad to feel her pain. You were the 'apple of her eye' and she treasured every moment with you. And puppy, she was so right about your 'beauty'. Stepdad still thinks you were the 'cutest' Cav babe he has ever seen and has a couple of 'pin-up' pictures of you that are just so adorable. Lots of stepdads have 'playboy' pictures - this one has Sienna pictures. Sooo much nicer. We've brought you some nice cosmetics and we'll give you some gentle grooming - stepdad promises - no ear-pulls with that awful spiky brush. And then, we can just sit and enjoy each others company for a while. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, that gorgeous Angel face is forever imprinted in our hearts. Love you, stepmom & stepdad
From: Mom
On: 2/1/23
My precious Sienna Bella: Sweet girl, it's already 11 months without you in my life. Making the decision to let you go was one of the hardest things Mom ever had to do. I love you will all my heart and could not watch you struggle another day. You were so very strong and put up a long hard fight but after you lost your little brother Tino, the fight became harder and harder for you. I will always remember how much love we shared and the wonderful memories you and I made together. I hope you found forever peace with Tino and Cisco, Mom loves you forever and ever till we meet again. Your beautiful face is with me always. Love, hugs & puppy kisses. Mom
From: Mary & Andy
On: 1/2/23
Hi Beautiful Sienna! Stepmom & stepdad here to wish you a Happy New Year! Of course it would be much better if you were here with your Mom, we'd all be much happier knowing that your sweet Angel face was nearby. Babe, it it is almost 1 year since you went to Rainbow Bridge. Stepdad still remembers the shock of hearing that news, and, the tears we shed for you. Seems Father Time is working real hard to try and separate us from our puppies, but stepdad isn'y going to let him succeed! We love your photo album and in a couple of shots, you have an uncanny likeness to our Mr Louie. But of course, you were MUCH prettier! Love you sweet Angel Sienna, you were your Mom's precious gift from God. Stepmom & stepdad.
From: Mary & Andrew
On: 12/25/22
Ohhh, Sienna - the Beautiful! Puppy girl, we just read your Mom's note to you and it brought tears to our eyes, too. Even from afar, you were a part of our lives, too - you Mom always kept us up-to-date with lots of pictures of you, and we love you in the snow, too. In fact, stepdad has a folder on his pc - called 'SnowBabe' - just for pictures of you. Stepdad still thinks you were one of the prettiest Cavaliers - ever! You had alluring qualities - just like true movie stars of old. But, a Merry Christmas to you, sweet Angel Sienna. The world is a darker place without you. Love you, stepmom & steodad
From: Mom & Carina
On: 12/24/22
My Beautiful girl Sienna: It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that you are not here with me this Christmas season and I have to visit you at the rainbow bridge. Having you in my life for 12 1/2 years was the best gift anyone could wish for, you made everyday brighter, happier and full with love, I picture you in the snow, under the tree, digging into your christmas treats and toys. Christmas will never be the same without you by my side. I know Aunt Dee and Aunt Ro will watch out for you and give you the hands on love that I'm not able to give you right now. We will be able to hug and kiss once again, I promise. I hope you are with your two brothers, Santino, Cisco and the boyz Louie & Benji and are peaceful and happy this day and every day. Hopefully Santa will be good to you all, eat, play, love forever. Blessing from my heart & soul, Mom
From: Mom
On: 12/13/22
My precious girl Sienna, please forgive Mom for not visiting recently. As you are one of my special angels, you know how difficult it has been since saying goodbye to you. Every day is a struggle without you. I am back in Ct. temporarily but not in the beautiful home I shared with you and sweet Tino. The memories of both of you so happy and playful fills my heart with love that I will never know again. I do thank you for sending sweet Carina to me, she keeps Mom busy and on my toes. Christmas is just weeks away and I can't help thinking about the way it used to be, this will be my first Christmas without you in 12 years. I hope you, Tino, Louie and Benji are sharing your love for each other today and every day. I know Aunt Dee, Aunt Ro and Uncle Tony are with you. Remember, I love you with all my heart. I will visit you on Christmas. Love always, Mom
From: Mary & Andy
On: 12/1/22
Hi sweet Sienna, stepdad here to bring you and apple pie and we'll just sit together for a while and we'll chill out for a while. Our boyz used to enjoy that, we'd all just sit there and enjoy each others company. Stepdad just looked through some of your old pics and, from your younger days, we used to call you 'Snow Babe' because you used to love that snow in your yard at CT! It was such a magical place and stepdad always could see faces in those trees - it was a very 'spiritual' place. But such fun for a puppy! Your Mom lso sent us some pics, of a little baby Bambi deer that was hiding there. Such wonders of nature, and stepdad can imagine how all those things would have smelled for a little Cavalier nose. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Sienna, your beautiful face is imprinted on our hearts. Love, stepmom & stepdad

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