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From: Mama
On: 4/30/21
Hi my sweet Sis. I came to visit Koda's page to wish Chloe a very Happy first anniversary in Heaven but couldn't not say hi to you too my very sweet girl. I miss you all so much. But, I'm so so glad every day that all 3 of my girls are together in Heaven with Jesus, and that my two sweet boys Cairo and Paris are there together as well. If you all can't be with me, you are with each other playing and enjoying eternity in the most wonderful home you could ever ever have. I can't wait until the day I see you all again and we all pile into one big hug. Be a good girl until that day my sweet. I love you. Love Mama
From: Mama
On: 3/5/21
Shish.... Hi my sweet girl. I came to visit Koda boop and wanted to come say hi to you too. I miss you girls so much. I can't believe you've been gone so long. Some days it feels like yesterday that I had to let you go. I just hate my life without you girls. I told my therapist the other day that the happiest time of my life was a short time in 2012. D had left and it was just you two and the kitties with me. You and Koda would snuggle up with me in bed, one on each side and oh my...the contentment I felt. It was like, as long as you two are here no matter what else happens, I'm fine. And now everything is just empty. I thank the Lord I have the kids and Julius who lights up my life in ways I didn't think it could, but once I'm alone again I miss you guys more than I could ever express. I love you so much Sicily Bo Bicily. I will hold you again soon. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 12/6/20
Hi my's been too long since Mama came and said hi. As you know today is the day Koda came to join you two years ago. I know you two are so so happy to be together and I know you have taken Chloe under your wing as well. Because that is just the kind of girl you were. Such a mama girl. Such a lover and a sweet soul. I can't believe how long you've been gone. I miss you girls so much. I can't wait to be there to see you all. I remember the days that you and Koda and the kitties were all here in the house with me and now you are all up there. Well soon it will be all of us plus Chloe and someday Charlie too. I honestly can't wait. I will hold you all and kiss you all and we will enjoy eternity together with Jesus. What a day that will be. I love you my Shish. Have a very Merry Christmas and be a good girl. I love you. Run like the wind. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 8/25/20
Hi my Shish.... 2 days ago on the 23rd it was exactly 7 years since you've been gone. Sorry I missed writing. Sunday I had company and couldn't and yesterday work was crazy and I couldn't get a moment to write. But I couldn't wait another day to come remember you. 7 years my love. How is that even possible? I miss you still....all these years later. I know you are so happy and you are content. You have your sister, my Dakota back with you for all eternity, you now have my little Chloe who you never met while you were here but who you are now protecting because you were always such the greatest little mama. And the kitty boys Paris and Cairo as well. My little fur family. I miss you all so much. I can't wait to hold you all again someday. Enjoy your wonderful wonderful life in Heaven with Jesus and I will see you and hug you all soon. Love you so much my Sicily Bo Bicily. Love, Mama
From: mama
On: 7/23/20
Hey sweet Sis.... I was writing to your sisters and wanted to come say hi to you my love bug. Next month we are coming up on 7 years that you have been in Heaven. Longer in Heaven than you were here on the earth with me. I have been grieving so hard for Koda and Chloe lately that sometimes it seems like you are a fore thought in the back of my head and the guilt that comes like I'm forgetting you is almost to much to bare. I NEVER want to forget you so please forgive me my love. I still love you so much and can't wait to be together again. Please keep Koda and Chloe under your wing and love on them and play with them until I see you guys. If you could bop on over and say hi to Paris and Cairo as well and tell them I love them too I would love that. Oh what a day to be with you all again. Enjoy Heaven and time with the Lord my love. Mama will see you soon. Love you.
From: Mama
On: 6/8/20
Oh my shish. How could Mama forget your birthday. I'm so so sorry my sweet girl. 5/8/05. You would be 15 years old now if you were still here with me. If only love could have saved you. So much has happened and with Chloe coming to join you at the end of April I guess that's why I spaced your birthday. So sorry my Sis. I'm so glad you and Dakota and Chloe are all together. I'm so happy for that. My 3 girls all waiting for me. I just hate it and say to myself every day....I"m a dog mom without a dog. I feel so empty. But I just can't go there again. The pain is too great. I will just hang with Savannah and wait for the day I can hug your three again in Heaven. Be good girls and Mama will see you very soon. Love you so much my sweet girl. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 4/10/20
Hi my sweet Shish. I was just writing to your sister and wanted to come say hi to you my sweet little caring loving girl. I just know you are taking care of Koda and you two are enjoying being together again after so long apart. It's the only way I can get through each day without you two. Knowing you both are so sweet and so unique little souls that there is no way you just don't exist anymore. I will not let my mind go there on my worst days. I just won't. You two are alive in Heaven. Your sweet spirits are running and playing and breathing freely with Jesus and you will never hurt again. I will see you guys soon. I will. And I will hug you and never let you go again. My Sicily bo Bicily. Be good my sweet girl. Enjoy Easter with the Savior and be on the lookout for your mama. I can't wait to be with you two again. I love you so much. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 2/5/20
Hi My Sis....I just went and changed your page for Valentine's Day and wrote to your sister, so I wanted to come here and say hi to you too. I sure miss you girls so much. It has been all regret and broken-ness over losing Koda boo. I know she's there with you and I'm SO glad you two are together again and having so much fun. I just can't believe some days that you are both gone from this earthly life. And gone from me. Some days when I let my mind go there, to the place of knowing I will NEVER hug you guys again I just feel this wave of almost sickness wash over me. I can't even let my mind lay there too long. I have to trick it into thinking you're coming back. I know I will someday hug you two again. I'm just sad right now. So sad. Please take care of each other and know I love you two so much. And I miss you and my heart is broken and I can't wait until I see you again and be whole. Be good my Shish. Love you so much. Mama
From: mama
On: 1/2/20
My sweet Shish. Another Christmas for you in Heaven. I'm so glad you have Koda to share it with now. And of course the kitties too. I miss you all so much. I'm having such a hard time letting go of your sister. When you left I cracked and with her leaving now, I'm completely broken. My two girls. My life and heart. Gone. Broken and will never heal. Wait for me Sis. Tell Koda I love her so much and I love you too my Sicily Bo Bicily. I can't wait to see you girls again soon and enjoy Christmases together again in Heaven. Be good love. Love you so much. Mama
From: Mama
On: 12/6/19
12/6/19 My Sis. As you know, it's the 1 year anniversary of your sweet sister Koda joining you in Heaven. I miss you both so much today. I'm having such a hard time with you both gone. I always told you before that I lost a piece of my heart when you left and when I lost Dakota the second piece went with her. It is now broken. I'm broken. I'm so thankful I have Chloe and she needs me so much. And I will take care of her and love on her until the day she joins you two. But, you and Koda were my heart. I really don't have anything left to give and when Chloe is gone...well, I will just be numb. I know I won't have any more dogs. It's just too painful. I can't wait for the day I can come be with you both. So until then, enjoy your time together. Run and play and breathe freely and worship the Lord. I will be with you both again soon. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 8/23/19
Oh my Shish. 6 years today. 6 long years that you've been in Heaven. I can't believe you've been gone that long. You have now been in Heaven for as long as you were here with me on this earth. So hard to fathom. I'm missing you and Koda both so much today. Let's face it. I'm a wreck every day. Especially now with you both gone. Just so empty without my girls. But, I'm SO happy that you two are together up there now. I only want the best for you two and there is nothing better than breathing freely and being out of pain and being with Jesus and each other for all of eternity. I long for the day I will join you two and your kitty brothers and all the other animals from my past and all the others that I hope to spend my time with in God's wonderful kingdom. But, you two, you and Koda, my special girls. I just can't wait to hold and kiss you and never let you go again. Be good my sweet Sis until we are together again. Love you so much my Sicily Bo Bicily. Love, Mama
From: Lauren
On: 8/17/19
Hi Sicily. I was just visiting my sweet Chili and was thinking about you. I'm hoping you and Dakota are having a wonderful, peaceful summer up there in Heaven. Take care of each other and give my sweet girl a kiss for me. I'm sure you visit your mommy regularly, which I know she appreciates. Take care of yourselves! Love Lauren
From: Mama
On: 6/19/19
Hi My Shish, I can't believe that in 2 short months you will have been in heaven for 6 years. I still miss you very much but have gotten WAY better at knowing I did the right thing for you in letting you go to Jesus to stop the pain of that cancer. Yes, I still wish I would have known earlier and have been more proactive, but I also know it had progressed and me letting you go ended the pain and it was doing to your body. I think I've come to this realization because of losing Koda. Now the regret and brokeness is directed at her loss. Because I swore I would exhaust all options with her so I didn't feel as much regret as I did with you. And I feel like I didn't so I'm a shell of myself again. I'm just praying in time, that I will once again someday realize I did the right thing for Koda as well. Just not there yet. I ache for her and I pray you two know how much I love you both and can't wait for us all to be together again. I love you both so much. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 5/22/19
Hi Shish.... I have been missing your sister so so much lately and had to come here just to see how I was feeling about losing you when it was the same time frame as it's been with Koda. It's only been 5 and a half months since she left and I'm so distraught and hating myself for doing EXACTLY what I said I wouldn't do after the mistakes I made with you. It's ripping me apart and after reading everything I wrote to you, I can tell I was in the same place at the same time with you. I just wish every day I had heeded my own words and done more for her. I am devastated with you both gone and my part in it. I love you two so much and I just pray you both forgive me and know I love you so much. I can't wait to hold you both and kiss you and never let you go again. Run like the wind my sweet sis. Take care of your sister and tell her I love her so much too. Be good baby. Mama will see you soon. I love you to the moon and back. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 5/7/19
5/7/19 Happy 14th Birthday tomorrow my Sis! I can't even believe it. How wonderful would it have been to have you with me to celebrate your 14th birthday. In August on the anniversary of you going to heaven it will be 6 years that you've been gone. The same amount of time I actually had with you. So weird to think of that. It still seems like just yesterday when I had both you and Koda boop. I miss you both so much. I am so glad she gets to spend her birthday with you my love. Run with the wind and sing song my Sis and hopefully some day soon we will celebrate your birthdays together. I can't wait to see you both. I love you my root root girl. Enjoy your day my sweet love. Mama loves you!
From: Joan Hayes
On: 4/19/19
Hi Stephanie, What a beautiful story, you saved Kodas mum and gave her a wonderful life, one which she would have never had without you. what a shame she didn't remember Koda was her baby, but sounds like she loved him anyway after she warmed to him. Sounds like she was a real little character. Im sorry she had allergies, so did Jasper. Its very sad to hear she got cancer. How lovely to have had some nice dreams of her. sending hugs your way xo
From: Mama
On: 4/18/19
Hi Shish.... Another Easter in Heaven is coming up for you on Sunday. I'm so happy that you get to spend this one with Koda as well. I miss you both terribly and can't wait for the day to spend it with you two and of course in the presence of Jesus. The Savior. The reason we are even able to be together again for all of eternity. I can't wait for the day. I love you my sweet root root. I miss you both so bad I hurt most days. Physically ache. Please don't forget me you two. I can't wait to hold and kiss you again. My sweet Sicily bo Bicily. Enjoy this wonderful holiday and I will see you soon. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 4/2/19
Hi my Sweet Sis.... Just wanted to come say hi and tell you I was thinking about you. I just wrote another long letter to you sister as I'm still such a devastated mess missing her. My body just aches. I literally hurt everywhere. I think I'm getting sick again which doesn't help but gosh having you two gone is unbearable lately. And with Chloe being sick...gosh. Soon it will just be me and Savannah and it doesn't seem possible. I never thought I would see the day all my babies were gone. I ache to be there with you all. Someday soon my love. Be with Koda...worship the Lord and know I think of you all every second. I can't wait to hug and kiss you again. Love you my sweet girl. To the moon. Love, Mama
From: Mama
On: 2/20/19
Hi my Shish...I'm so sorry I haven't been here to say hi much lately. I've been so distraught since I let your sister go that I haven't been able to concentrate on much more than that. I never thought I could be in more despair than how I was when I lost you but if it's possible, I'm even more. Way more. I don't know if I will ever be better now until I can see you both. I long for that day. I won't be whole again until that happens. I'm so lost now I can barely function. I do still have Chloe and she needs me so much since she's sick too but when she's gone I just want to go too and be with you all. I love you my sweets. I'm so glad you two have each other again. It gives me some comfort to know you two are together and happy in the arms of Jesus. Only way I can go on is to know that. Be good sister and tell Koda I love her so much and I'm so sorry to you both for everything and can't wait to hold you both again and never let you go. Love you so much. Mama
From: Mama
On: 1/23/19
Hi my Sis...I've been writing to your sister so much the last few weeks that I haven't been here to talk to you and I wanted to come say hi to you and tell you I love you. I hope you and Koda are enjoying being together again. I miss you both so much but am comforted knowing you are with each other and playing together and cuddling together like you used to. It gives me peace to see you in my minds eye with each other. I can't wait to get there and have you both run to me and we will all be together again. What a glorious day that will be. In Heaven with Jesus. No more sorrow, no more pain. I'm so ready. I'm so sad all the time now. I miss Dakota with every fiber of my being just like when you first left me. My heart is completely shattered now with the two of you gone. It was barely hanging on when you left. Koda kept me whole. I'm now broken. But I will see you two soon. Be good girls. I love you both. Love, Mama

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