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From: Paisley's Mom
On: 9/2/19
Just stopping in by to leave you a treat. Have fun Scooter and visit George in his dreams, he misses his bud.
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 3/6/18
Scooter, Happy Birthday, here's a cake for you to share with Corona. Don't forget to visit George, he misses you both. Tell my Paisley that I love her too.
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 7/20/17
George..Scooter is a beautiful boy..may he bring you the brightest of days and the shiniest of stars until you meet again on the Bridge..take care..
From: Andrell
On: 7/8/17
George: For every joy that passes something beautiful remains; may Scooter's memories live forever in your heart. Gone but never ever forgotten. Love does not die.
From: Rosalind Kotlar
On: 7/5/17
For George, I just visited your precious furangel Scooter's Rainbows Bridge residency. From reading all your wrote for and about Scooter it is obvious that he came from a very special home. It is wonderful that you took so many photos and included them on his page. I am sure by this time Scooter and Corona have met and are now running and playing in the meadows beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Sending you a huge Rainbow hug, God Bless Rosalind (Pedro's Mom).
From: Rose (Paisleys mom)
On: 5/10/17
Hi Scooter, hope you are enjoying running and playing with all your friends. I told George about the movie, the Secret Life of Pets and how Pops reminded me of you. I know your legs are nice and strong again and you are just having all kinds of fun at RB. You're a Good Boy, Scooter, now run and play!
From: Rose
On: 3/31/17
Hi Scooter, hope you enjoyed your birthday cake with all your fur-friends. George misses you, so make sure you visit him in his dreams. Now run and play!
From: George Feschenko
On: 3/1/17
Happy Birthday Scooter today is you Birthday and mine too have a piece of Birthday Cake you are invited to the Doggie Birthday Party and mine too
From: Rose
On: 12/2/16
Hi George, thought I would hang a stocking for Scooter full of doggie treats. Blessings, Rose
From: Noah
On: 11/4/16
I love the picture of your furbabies all crowded on that chair and love Scooters little hot rod wheeler i'm sure he scoots around pretty good.....
From: Noah
On: 11/4/16
What a wonderful suprise George adding my beloved Scooter to your furbaby family. Thank You i'm sure my Scooter is already made friends and is leg rubbing on your furbaby as i type this....
From: Noah
On: 11/4/16
My deepest condolences to you.....Your heart is so full of love i hope your furbaby Scooter has welcomed my Scooter on the Rainbow Bridge....I firmly believe our little ones will meet us when our time is done and walk us across the Rainbow Bridge.....
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 5/11/16
George, I light this special candle to commemorate your Scooter. I know he was very special to you and his memory will live on forever in your heart and spirit. Blessings, Rose
From: Debra
On: 3/27/16
So very sorry for your loss!
From: Stan and Susan Urbanek
On: 3/13/16
George, We are sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets are truly family members. While we all have lost pets over the years, it is never easy. With love and tear, Susan and Stan U.
From: Barb Kifer
On: 3/13/16
Hi Scooter... You're a lucky pup to have had George for your Dad!
From: Shirley J. Baker
On: 3/13/16
I enjoyed reading the stories and the pictures. Very nice of you and god bless Scooter.
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 1/13/16
Dear George, I loved the stories you wrote of your Scooter. He sounded like an awesome buddy and he was very lucky to have you in his life. You sound like someone who has a big heart, that's why you're the "dog magnet", I laughed when I read that. There is no friend more loyal than our pets who love us unconditionally and are always by our sides when we need them most. Blessings, ~Rose~
From: Darlene Becker - Angels for Animals
On: 9/6/15
George... It was so nice talking to you today. I loved hearing about your pets and your beloved Scooter. You have a beautiful tribute here for him...he was so lucky to have you as you were lucky to have him. If only all dogs could have a life like he did....he was very blessed. It is so hard to lose a pet...a member of the family. I know we share the feelings as our pets are like children to us. God Bless you and give you peace to know that we will see our beloved pets again.
From: pam
On: 6/8/15
Dear George, you have my sympathy on the loss of your dear Scooter. God bless you.

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