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On: 11/14/17
From: pam
On: 1/8/17
Dear Dale and Kay, you have my sympathy on the loss of your dear Sadie. God bless you.
From: Carol-Carshion's mom
On: 12/28/16
Dale/Kay, I'm so sorry for your loss.❤️Sadie is at peace and is now an angel in heaven. I recently loss my beloved Carshion and I understand the void we feel after losing our beloved pets. Sadie & Carshion are our fur-angels in rainbow meadows, still being loyal & waiting for us at rainbow bridge. For Beautiful Sadie, Rest in peace, your family created a loving memorial for you here at Rainbow Bridge and they miss you very much. Let them know that your love, bond & memory lives on for eternity. Take sweet care until we all meet beyond the clouds. I left a pointsetta plant as a symbol that your spirit continues to flower during this holiday season and beyond. From Carshion's mom. Feel free to visit my beloved Carshion's memorial at
From: Carrie
On: 12/13/16
I'm sorry. Dogs hold a special place in our hearts and it is hard when they pass away.
From: Nick Gordon
On: 12/13/16
she was such the sweetest dog. she will be missed very much.
From: Donna Becker
On: 12/12/16
Dale and Kay.. what a beautiful tribute to your sweet baby girl. I am in tears. Thank you for sharing her with us. This must be one of the saddest times ever for you, but please never feel guilty or bad for your decision. We have all made that decision, questioned it and then after many tears realized it was the very best way to show our love for our best friend. But still, its never easy to say good bye. I am keeping you close to my heart during this sad time of loss. Godspeed sweet Sadie.. what a GOOD girl you are!
From: Debbie
On: 12/11/16
I know no words can really sooth the loss of your beloved Sadie. My prayers go out to you. She was a beautiful girl and I know she must have brought a lot of joy to your lives. She will be waiting for you by the Rainbow Bridge. My deepest condolences, Debbie
From: Rose (Paisley's' mom)
On: 12/10/16
Dear Dale & Kay, my condolences on Sadie's passing. I feel for your loss as I know the deep heartache you must feel right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
From: Tessa
On: 12/9/16
Dale & Kay, I am sorry for the sad passing of your beautiful Sadie - such a lovely photo of her! None of us can avoid illness or old age - both mortal conditions. Painful as it must have been for you to make the hardest decision of all you did what was right as parents for your girl, sparing her continued suffering when there was no hope of a cure. I know how hard it is to have to carry this through after 10 years of a loving relationship with your precious fur-child - who loved everyone and was such a joy to you - caring, loving and special. Such bonds of love can never be broken in this life or the next - where a loving Creator God now looks after her in Heaven. But her spirit will remain with you always - because you are her parents. Your hearts are broken - but those of us at Rainbow Bridge who have also suffered loss of a beloved fur-child are glad to support you through the initial pain of grief - which we fully understand. It will heal - with time, tears - and care of friends.
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 12/8/16
I'm sorry for your loss.
From: Ann
On: 12/8/16
May the special memories of your beloved fur-angel, Sadie, be of comfort in your grief. Such a beautiful, precious girl!
From: Susan Harrill
On: 12/8/16
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Sadie. Please find comfort in knowing that Sadie is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. On January 11, 2013, I lost my faithful friend Hannah who was a beautiful blue tick hound dog. On August 2, 2013 another one of my beautiful cats, Sammi, a black and white tabby, went to Rainbows Bridge. April 9, 2014, Maci, my English Bulldog passed over to Rainbows Bridge. Maci and Hannah were best friends. I am sure that Sadie and my babies have all become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Andrell
On: 12/8/16
Dale and Kay- Sadie aka Mater Goat's tribute revealed a resilience to adapt to loving arms and hearts and filled her life not once, but twice, before journeying to Rainbow Bridge. It was such an act of kindness and selflessness to end her suffering and most likely, (she) left smidgens of courage and strength to help you manage the stillness and sadness you must be feeling. I am so deeply sorry. In keeping with your daily ritual of leaving that special window slightly opened, may this continuous bring you comfort and peace.
From: Chester's Dad
On: 12/8/16
Dear Dale and Kay, My prayers are with you on the passing of your precious Sadie. She was a beautiful girl and obviously deeply loved. You gave her a wonderful life and It is not easy losing our loving companions. I completely understand the pain and grief that you are experiencing and you are not alone. Would like to share this poem read during Princess Diana's memorial. "Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." (Henry Van Dyke) Hope that the many memories of Sadie will continually provide you with comfort, she will forever live in your heart and memories. If you would like, please feel free to visit my Baby's memorial. Sending love and light, Nelson
From: Mom of Angel Duran
On: 12/8/16
So sorry for the loss, of your furbaby, it is always hard to lose a good friend. May your days of pain and adjustment be short, and your memories of your baby bring you peace and love. No more pain or suffering for our furbabies, only sunshine and lots of new friends. Soon you will all be together again and going over the rainbow together, which is where your lives’ really begin
From: Toni
On: 12/8/16
Sadie "Mater Goat" I am sorry for your loss. Dale and Kay love you and miss you very much. My Perseus went to Rainbow Bridge when he was 14. There are no more aches or pains. No rain only sunshine. Running and playing all day with the other furbabies. One day we will join them for all eternity at Rainbow Bridge. .
From: sher
On: 12/8/16
hi i am so verysorry for your lossmyprayers are withyouGodBlessyou
From: Carol (Murphy's Mom)
On: 12/8/16
Dale and Kay, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Sadie. It was destiny that brought you together with Sadie, and you were able to love and bond with each other. May you remember all the wonderful memories you had of your little angel until you meet again.
From: Clare and Martha
On: 12/7/16
Dear Sadie, you are truly beautiful. Please go to the Bridge and send your precious love down the Rainbow straight into the hearts of your mom and dad who miss you so much, and they will send their love right back to you on angels' wings. Dear Dale and Kay, your world has lost a very special furperson, family member and friend, and heaven has welcomed Home a very special soul. Sadie is now your very own angel, watching over and for you, just as Tashi, Katy and BG are watching over us, until you meet again and cross the Bridge together. May her sweet love continually nuzzle your hearts until then, and may you find comfort in knowing that the silver thread of love that binds you heart to heart with Sadie will never be broken. Many blessings and much peace, Clare and Martha...Please visit our Tashi at
From: Rosalind Kotlar
On: 12/7/16
For sweet Sadie, I know that during your lifetime you gave Dale and Kay much joy. Now I am wishing for you lots and lots of happiness playing in the meadows beyond the Rainbow Bridge. From looking at your photo and reading what your family wrote for and about you it is obvious that you came from a very warm and loving home. Sadie I have a wonderful playmate for you. His name is Pedro and he is adorable just like you. I know you two will be very good friends. For Dale and Kay, I just visited your Sadie's Rainbows Bridge residency and wanted to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious furangel. I am sure if asked, Sadie would have said that every day spent with you was a blessing. Having lost my little dog Pedro I can understand how you must be feeling and how much you must miss Sadie. Wishing you both all the very best always, Rosalind (Pedro's Mom)

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