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From: Nikki
On: 2/14/24
Happy Valentines Sadie. I can feel your love. I love you to the moon and back. Xoxo
From: Nikki
On: 1/2/24
I miss you Sadie. I Keep you close to my heart.♥️
From: Nikki
On: 12/24/23
Merry Christmas my sweet Sadie, I love you always and forever. Xoxo
From: Bre
On: 9/24/23
Hey Sadie we moved. We own a nice piece of land. Have a big back yard. Thinking of you. Love aunt Bre
From: Nikki
On: 9/16/23
Hi Sadie, I miss you, I will always keep you beside me slways. Love you my girl. 💛
From: Aunt Bre
On: 8/11/23
Miss you Sadie. Looking forward to fall and cooler weather. We are moving. Big changes. Thinking of you and zarian, Molly, ace, Hope, lucie and yelled boy. Love you
From: Sue Hicks
On: 12/26/22
Merry Christmas precious Sadie . I hope you have met my precious Daisy and you,Daisy and Rusty are great friends . Christmas is hard without you babies here. Your mom loves and misses you so much. Someday soon we all will be together again .
From: Bre
On: 12/25/22
Merry Christmas
From: Nikki
On: 12/22/22
Hi Sadie,I am loving you right now and missing you. You will slways be right beside me through my life. Merry Christmas my girl, all my love 💛
From: Aunt Breane
On: 11/24/22
We miss you Sadie. You were a sweet dog. We had Thanksgiving today. I was thinking about you, Zarian, Molly, Ace, Hope, Lucie. . Love you always
From: Nikki
On: 10/27/22
I love you Sadie.I will forever and I will kiss you again when I get to the bridge. All my love. 💛
From: Sue
On: 7/10/22
Hey sweet Sadie. Just visited Rusty as today is his birthday. You should go find him and have some birthday cake. I hope you both have become fast friends, but don't forget to keep an eye open for your mom and me as we will be there one day soon. Hugs and kissed to you.
From: Nikki
On: 7/3/22
Hi Sadie. I love you every minute of every day. Xoxo
From: Nikki
On: 4/18/22
Happy Easter Sadie. I love you so much. All my love.
From: Aunt Bre
On: 3/6/22
Sadie girl we miss you. Here is a bowl for food for you. Say hi to Zarian, Hope, Molly and Ace. Love you. Aunt Bre
From: Beverly Aloisio
On: 2/13/22
I love you Sadie. I have you with me always close to my heart. Forever and ever.
From: Nikki
On: 1/26/22
I miss you so bad today Sadie. I will always love you, more ever day. You are forever my girl. I love you so much. Your always beside me in life. Love you.
From: Nikki
On: 12/27/21
I miss you Sadie. I will always many tears and beautiful memories of you. You will forever be with me each and every day. Love you my girl.
From: Bre
On: 12/9/21
Miss you Sadie. I remember your character. Love Bre
From: Bre
On: 9/24/21
Sadie, I can't believe it's been 6 years. We miss and love you. Thinking of you. Love Bre

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