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From: R0BERT
On: 8/23/12
On: 8/28/11
From: Jane
On: 5/6/11
Hi, Remy, I am sure you are having fun with Dali, Max, Maddie, and all of your other furfriends there in the rainbow meadow. I leave a little treat for you, sweet Remy. Blessings to your Mom and Dad.
From: Kathy(Oreo/Ralph)
On: 5/4/11
Lynn & Richard..What a beautiful boy..our Oreo was a toy girl-she also had a hedgehog. Hopefully they have plenty to share up on the Bride..take care...
From: Susan Harrill
On: 5/4/11
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Remy. Please find comfort in knowing that Remy is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. I am sure that Remy and Spooky have become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Pat Lively
On: 11/20/10
My deepest sympathies to you and your family on your loss. I do know what it is like to lose a loved one, whether Human or one of our special, furry babies. Having lost quite a few of my own and doing dog rescue, it is never easy. From my house of 6 furr babies, to yours, we wish you the best. If you ever need to write please do so. I will be there for you. They never leave us, we just don't see them any more. Their spirit lives on.
From: Janelle Treglia
On: 10/5/10
Remy is a beautiful Golden and I hurt each moment to know he has passed, along with our Sammie. It is very hard over these past several weeks and it helps to visit others. Thank you for sharing Remy's story. Janelle
From: Charine
On: 9/7/10
Know that my heart is aching too. I lost my furbaby last Friday. Hugs, Charine
From: Eleanor
On: 9/5/10
Lynn and Richard, I just visited Remington, he was really beautiful. I know much you miss him and the void they leave in our lives and hearts. I lost my precious Amor 2 months ago, I still think of her and miss her every day. I hope that one day we will remember them with smiles and not tears, remembering all the love and joy they gave us so freely. Until then, take care, God bless, Eleanor
From: Theresa Anders
On: 9/3/10
Maddie Sorry about your loss remember the good times you are not alone I have been through this too. such a cute dog enclosing a gift.
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 9/1/10
I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved Remy. I lost my Ginger to lymphoma, I share in your grief.
From: Dena, Roxie's Mom
On: 9/1/10
I am sorry for your loss of sweet Remy and Dali and Max. May they all rest in peace.
From: Diane
On: 8/31/10
Hi Lynn & Richard, I am so sorry for the lost of your beautiful Remington (Remy). I lost my Zander July 2008, I know how sad & empty you must be feeling. please take comfort in knowing that we will one day be together again with our beautiful companions; also know that there love for us is forever, as is our love for them. If you get some free time I have attached Zander's link he loved everyone, and I know your baby will be happy and loved by all at Rainbow Bridge. With Love & Sympathy Diane
From: Debbie/Lillysmommy
On: 8/31/10
Baby Remy, I forgot to leave you a gift sweet boy. Remember to send those signs...butterflys are really good ones..So when Mommy and Daddy see a butterfly, they will know you sent it to let them know your happy..You will always watch over them. And remember when Mommy or Daddy cries, its holy water, it keeps all the flowers and grass blooming. Run free with all your new friends and siblings! Debbie/Lillysmommy
From: Debbie/Lillysmommy
On: 8/31/10
Cutie pie Remy,Welcome to Rainbow Bridge. I know you just love it there. Playing all day long, running free, lying in the sun, running thru the creek under the bridge. Playing fur baby games, and doing anything your little heart desires. Your Mommy and Daddy miss and love you very much. What a beautiful place she made for you. Be sure to send signs down to everyone, a butterfly, a soft breeze, and a dream. I will ask my Lilly to find you; She loves all fur babies! Play and run baby boy. Find your siblins. You now are Mommy and Daddy’s guardian angel, just as they were your angels while you were here. Dear Lynn and Richard, I am sorry for your loss(es). I know our babies don’t want us to be sad for them. If we can cherish the time we had while they were with us,until we meet forever, it makes it somewhat bearable. Please remember one day you will be together again. You have lost a beautiful friend and heaven has gained a lovely new soul. Many prayers to you. Debbie/Lillysmommy/Sonoma/ca
From: Madelon
On: 8/31/10
I know your heart is breaking. They say it gets better. Hope your loved one is smiling down on you easing your pain. Wishing you wet, sloppy kisses.
From: Doroty Lingenfelter
On: 8/31/10
I know the heartbreak you feel. Remy is a beautiful fur baby. You have my deepest sympathy.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 8/31/10
Remy - You are a handsome golden boy! You have left your family a lot of love. Send them some signs, kisses from the Rainbow to let them know that you are safe, happy, healthy and will have many friends. Let Lynn and Richard know that you have met up with Dali and Max and that God has appointed all of you to be their guardian, protectors to watch over them until they are called to the Bridge to join you one day. I will tell my Brande to find you and play with you. To Lynn and Richard - I send my heartfelt sympathy to you over the loss of Remy. I too lost my soulmate not long ago, see Brande at - We know that God has promised we will be with our babies again one day. I leave this quote with you, "heaven is the only place where all the dogs and cats you have ever loved will come running to meet you." Author Unknown
From: Sandy
On: 8/31/10
My sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved Remy. How sad that you have lost three of your loves in such a short period of time, must be they really wanted to stay together. I hope the memories you have give you comfort.
From: Clare and Martha
On: 8/31/10
Remington, you are so handsome! Please go to the Bridge and send your precious love down the Rainbow straight into the hearts of your mommy and daddy who miss you so much, and they will send their love right back to you on angels' wings. Lynn & Richard, your world has lost a very special furperson, family member and friend, and heaven has welcomed home a very special soul. Remy, along with your other precious ones, is now your very own angel, watching over and for you, just as BG is watching over us, until you meet again and cross the Bridge together. May his sweet love continually hug your hearts until then. Blessings & peace, Clare & Martha....Please visit our BG at

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