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From: Drew Dobbins
On: 5/7/20
My thoughts and prayers 🙏 are with you. You see, I too lost my Pepper on 11/01/16. He was a Black Lab Black Chow mix. He was the sweetest and most loving best friend I've ever had. I miss him daily. Good luck and God Bless. Drew
From: Kendra Walters
On: 3/17/18
Libby, nothing can replace the love we share with our beloved pets. I believe their purpose is to touch peoples lives and show us how to love. It sounds like your Pepper did just that. I just lost my baby girl February 20th. She was 16 years old. She was with me though every breakup,every tear, and the hardest part of life my parents divorce. Her name was also Pepper Ann. They are more than dogs they are people they are family. Much love from one dog momma to another.
From: Lauren
On: 1/22/14
Libby, my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved Pepper. Your words about your baby truly express your deep love and soul bond. I am sure you miss her terribly despite all of the years that have passed. I lost my sweet dog, Chili, in April and know I will miss her until the end of time. My thoughts are with you in the hope that you find comfort and peace in your special memories of your baby. Sincerely, Lauren If you’d like to visit Chili’s memorial, please go to:
From: Heather
On: 10/15/13
Dear Libby I am really sorry that you lost Pepper. Love Heather
On: 8/15/13
On: 8/15/12
From: Karla Brannon
On: 8/25/10
Hi Libby, I used to live in Chattanooga. I had to put down my furbaby Sam 2 weeks ago. That was the hardest thing to do in my life. I cry all the time, I miss him so much. I feel your grief because I am grieving too. They are in a good place and we will see them again.
From: robert
On: 7/3/10
libby such a beautiful furbaby is pepper sorry about your loss of such a great looking one
From: Mary (K-la's mom)
On: 4/8/08
Pepper, what a beautiful angel you are here in heaven and on earth. You were always by your moms side, so always send her signs to let her know you are always with her. You have many, many happy memories from here on earth. Take time out to share them with my K-la for she is very young and didn't get much time. Libby, thank you for letting me meet your sweet Pepper. I know you still love and miss her. God Bless...
From: charlie: calebs daddy
On: 11/4/07
My gosh Pepper, what a beautiful, beautiful girl you are, and such a great mommy memory picture just for your Libby. Pepper, we humans have a saying here that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul,and we furbaby parents can say the same for you--you were definitely saying to mommy with love--"here i am mommy,so hurry up and take my picture, its' especially for you"--and your mommy will know Pepper, that all her beloved memories of you never needed to be taken, but are etched in heart and memory forever. You know Pepper, we have many friends that we can get Forever Friend cards from, but when it came to losing you and losing my own furbaby Caleb,those words are now Forever Love--as that is how it was "unconditionally", and reciprocated just as easily as taking a breath.How could we not have loved you as we did?and because of that love, allows us to write to you this way.Your mom knows this--her Forever Love is you,so rest well little one.
From: Puppy's Mommy Flo
On: 11/2/07
Hi Pepper, I have to say Libby, that I have seen many, many, puppies while here at the brige and in life..But your angel Pepper is one of the cutest I have ever seen..I know that she left paw~prints all over you heart. That you miss her as much today as when she went to the bridge..The kind of love you shared never ever goes away..It is a furever love. Sweet Pepper I know that you were at the bridge to greet my Bear Bear and Puppy..Run fast, play hard, and sleep sweet little angel until you and Mommy are together again.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 7/28/07
Hello Pepper what a beautiful love story between you and your mom, I was just visiting some of the babies who have been at the bridge for awhile and wanted to stop in to say hello to you, and to tell each of you precious souls that you are being thought of each and everyday in some very special way. Rest with the angels.

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