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From: Lindy
On: 8/24/21
Dear Linda; I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Puddy...Puddy is waiting at Rainbow Bridge with Bob and the others until you reunite again...I truly believe in Rainbow Bridge and that it is a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful place that God has created for our fur babies to wait for us until we reunite once again..be comforted that Puddy and the others are safe..if you ever need to talk I am here...Puddy no longer is by your side but forever in your hearts...sending prayers and gentle hugs to all
From: Rose
On: 3/19/17
Linda, I have a kitty named Scooter that looks a lot like Puddy. I guess that's why I mistook her for a he, lol. She was a beautiful kitty.
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 3/19/17
Linda, the love and friendship shared will never be forgotten. Puddy was a beautiful kitty, I know he is having a ball chasing little grasshoppers at Rainbow Bridge with my little Paisley. His pawprints are forever etched in your heart. Blessings, Rose
From: Nancy
On: 4/6/15
Hi Puddy! Your momma Linda loves and misses you very much. Such great memories of you she holds dearly, and what a beautiful little kitty you are! You can run free now, from fear and pain. You can once again do everything that you always did! We all have to believe that. My little boy Zaki is there with you since 1/29/15. I miss him and cry everyday. I too, have wonderful memories. But this is about YOU now. I hope you are safe, and maybe you can find Zaki. He is a little shy, but will make a great pal for you. He loves everyone. Stay happy little one. One day when the time comes, you can "head bump" your mom Linda again to your hearts content. Until then, keep purring and eat all the treats you want!
On: 5/16/10
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 8/26/07
Hello Puddy I was just visiting some of the babies who have been at the bridge for awhile and came across you, I just wanted you and each of the babies to know that they are loved no matter how long they have been gone from this earth, and that they are thought of each and everyday in some very special eay. Rest awhile with the angels baby.

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