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From: Andrell
On: 11/19/20
John and Debbie: Special moments in time with sweet Princess will be forever cherished...
From: Anna-Lena
On: 9/20/19
Dear Princess, although your time on earth was short, you gave so much love to your family that it will last forever. My mom says you are a dog, and I'm a cat, but I think we can be friends anyway! Let's play together on the green fields above the rainbow. Your friend Zorin, the Persian cat.
From: Mina Yindra
On: 2/2/18
What a beautiful story you tell. The depth of your love comes through and you are constantly remembering her where we all can! She will always live on this way-
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 1/15/18
Dear Princess, What a sad story little girl. I remember seeing other pictures of you and when I came to your memorial site my heart sank the moment I saw your picture and realized you crossed the bridge to be with the others. Even though you had a short life here, you were loved as much as a full life time. I know you know that. I am glad your mommy and daddy do the work they do. As you know, they are very special loving people and don't you think they make a great team!
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 11/29/17
Precious Princess... xoxoox Hello baby . Oh the holidays at he bridge are spectacular. I know your Thanksgiving was great and now we get ready for Christmas. I love you precious. Sending lots of hugs up to you. xoxox Ms. Tonya 11/29/17
From: Sissy (Usdi's Mom)
On: 9/20/16
Hello Princess, I've been thinking about you and your Mommy. She is a wonderful lady and brought us a very special little girl and her name is Baby Girl. She has brought so much joy to our lives and is spoiled rotten. I miss my little girl Usdi so much. It has been 10 years but it only seems like yesterday. I hope you and her are running thru the beautiful meadows together. I never got to meet you but you have a special place in my heart. Love to you and your Mommy...Sissy
On: 12/22/14
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 7/4/14
Hello beautiful darling, I send lots of love to you. Have fun today at the 4th of July parade and party at the Bridge. Love Ms. Tonya xoxoxoox
From: Kym
On: 2/21/14
I can't type, my eyes are filled with tears. I am reading all of your babies stories, one by one. I know that your heart is filled with love for all your children as is mine. I hope as spring nears for us all, our babies will be more visible in the signs they give us. The redbirds are out again and I know my Roscoe has come home to see me. God Bless you Debbie.
From: Kathy (Oreo/Ralph/Eva)
On: 1/18/14
John/Debbie...Princess is a beautiful girl. No matter how long they rare gone (young or old) we still miss them. Princess is very lucky to have you as her forever family...take care...
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/22/12
And there she is the beautiful precious Princess that she is. Hello sweetheart I have come to tell you I love you and wish you a Merry Christmas. Have fun Christmas Day opening all you presents baby. xoxoxo Love Ms. Tonya
On: 12/22/12
From: Gabriella
On: 2/13/12
So sorry to read about the short life of Princess. Such a cruel destiny and that bad person who hit her with the car and didn't stop to help her. It's so sad. But Princess is happy for all the love she got and may it be a big comfort for you.
From: Usdi's Mom
On: 12/25/11
Merry Christmas in heaven Princess! You and your Mommy will always have a special place in my heart. Debbie, I hope you and John have a wonderful blessed Christmas Day! Love & hugs
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/21/11
Darling Princess a year has gone by and I'm sorry I have not been here for your birthday or your anniversary days due to things I have no control over in my life with the loss of my own mommy. But I'm here now and I'm trying my best to continue with life and what it has left me. I miss you and you sweet Mommy at the Forum which will never be the same as all things change but I will forever remember where I met you and your Mommy and how it came about and it was for the great love that we have for you and all the others that helped us through. We found a bit of piece there. Yet along our hearts still broke and that will never fade. I bring you Christmas love darling heart. Beautiful girl and as I look into your eyes I feel your spirit. I will be out back on Christmas Eve with Christmas candles lit for you and all the others, I will whisper to you as you glow from your star above to you and all the others Christmas love. Merry Christmas sweet love. xox Ms Tonya Kit Kat & Cotton
On: 12/16/11
From: Clare and Martha
On: 7/7/11
Princess, we know that you and Kaizer and Maddie welcomed Old Girl home with you. Please surround your mommy and daddy with all the love in your hearts and let them know that you are with them always. John and Debbie, the silver thread of love that binds you heart to heart with Old Girl, Kaizer, Maddie and Princess will never be broken. They will be at the Bridge one day in God's time to take you home with them forever. Blessings and peace, Clare and Martha
From: Zara
On: 12/27/09
Happy Christmas beautiful Princess. I wish you all the love in the world, health and body renewed and angels to guide you and keep you safe in Heaven. Your mom is right, you were too young to leave this world but God needed you for something really special and so He carried you home. You are a very special and beautiful angel now. Debbie, Princess may not have grown old with you but she lefy you just as much love in your heart when she left you on her new journey. She is so much like my Zak and so very special to me. Zara xx
From: Sandy (Jake & Codee's mom)
On: 12/22/09
MERRY CHRISTMAS, sweet Princess! Just wanted to stop in and visit a precious girl during this holiday and also a marker for your fourth anniversary in Heaven. You had a brother and sister join you recently and I am sure you were excited about that, but you know in your heart that leaves empty holes in mommy and daddy's hearts. You all need to get together and send down as many kisses on the breeze as you can, so they know you are all alive and healthy, and that you miss them because their hearts are aching for their precious babies! Send them lots of love baby! Their holiday won't be the same without any of you. Also, please find my little Codee too. He can use all the friends he can get as he is pretty new to Heaven. Look for him and his big brother Jake, the two white Eskies with curly tails and pointy ears, K baby? Sweet dreams, precious girl! Play hard and rest well!
From: Denise Haskell
On: 9/26/09
Hi beautiful girl, I found out your sister Maddie has joined you and Kaizer. Please round everyone up and send hugs and kisses down to your mommy. She misses you all so much. I know you know how special your mommy is for helping all the babies here on earth. We all love her like you do. How lucky you are to have her! If you see Winston, tell him I love and miss him so much and to find Maddie to welcome her. I know he would fall in love with her for he is a golden too! I will visit her and Kaizer when their residences are finished. Big hugs and kisses around. Love, Denise, Winston's mommy

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