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From: Daddy
On: 1/26/19
Gunther and Casey have crossed over the bridge to be with you. I'm sure you are all playing together, having your best friends back together again. I love you Penny & and I miss you and your brothers dearly.
From: Daddy
On: 10/15/18
I Miss you my little girl. You are always in my thoughts... You're brother Gunther passed over the bridge last week... I'm sure you are both having fun together chasing Grisly around. Love You Penny!
From: daddy
On: 10/15/14
I miss you little one... I love you so much...
On: 10/14/13
From: deborah hess
On: 3/28/13
I am sorry for your lose prayers goes out you and your family..your pet is just like a part of your family and it hurts really bad one passes..lots of prayers
From: Grace Kave
On: 3/25/13
Pete you have my deepest condolence. I know how much it hurts to lose someome you love so much. I lost two of my babies. One was 18 years old and the other one was 15 years old. They took a piece of my heart with them,
From: Your little friends
On: 10/15/12
Your four leg'r brothers and sisters miss you and give you their love: Gunther, Casey, Louie, Grisly, Sweet Pea, Tigger... And don't forget your little bird friends that miss you too: Max and Scooter.
On: 10/14/12
From: Crystal Taylor
On: 1/11/12
So sorry to hear of your baby's loss..but you will be together again ..forever..&she will be with you!
From: robert
On: 8/2/10
pete sorry about penny she is a pretty oe at that
From: Vi Sitero
On: 11/16/06
Dear Pete, I finally found this site to let you know what you already know that I am so sorry about dear little Penny. She would not have lived so long without your wonderful help and caring. She is in doggie heaven now probably trying to keep up with running with "Tramp". I love you and grieve for your grief. Mom
From: cheryl
On: 11/3/06
hi I'm sorry about penny. I lost my yorkie last year at 14 yrs and it still hurts when I think of her. I'm glad my little mandie has someone to play with in heaven. I'm sure they're getting in trouble together!!! take care
From: Pressy's Family
On: 10/31/06
Your Penny is a pretty little girl. We know that our Pressy has asked her to be a playmate. They are both together now in the forever sunshine of the meadow smiling down on us. We know that you miss your special Penny terribly as we miss our Pressy but we have beautiful memories that help us at this sad time. We are sorry for your loss and share your grief. They know that we loved them dearly and will continue to love them forever. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Pressy's Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy
From: Lisa
On: 10/31/06
Hey Pete, I am so sorry you lost Penny, but she was a lucky lady. I doubt any dog had such good care. She lived so long, due to the love and time you gave her. From the day you found her, she was treated as a queen. How many can look back on their life and know someone loved them so much and treated them so well their entire time here. Not many, but penny can, due to you!!!! Love Ya!!!! Your Sister Lisa
From: Cheryl
On: 10/27/06
Good Morning Penny, and what a pretty girl you are. Welcome to the bridge. You now have a very special job to do everyday, and that is to let your daddy know just how much you love him. But for now, run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: Madeline
On: 10/27/06
Iam So sorry About your Dog!
From: Amanda
On: 10/27/06
I'm so sorry for your loss of Penny. I'm sure she's every bit as precious in Heaven, where she is waiting to see you again someday. God bless you during this hard time, may you find peace and comfort in the memories until the day you are together again.
From: Bob Klooster
On: 10/26/06
Pete, I'm so sorry. Penny must have been a great little buddy. I pray that sometime soon your wonderful memories will overtake the sorrow.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 10/26/06
Hello beautiful Penny you look just like a doggy I had when I was a little girl and her name was Penny too, look for my Princess she is at the bridge she will be a good buddy to you til your daddy joins you one day.
From: Robin Taranto
On: 10/26/06
Dear Pete, Thank you so much honey for the privilege to have met and helped you out with babysitting Ms. Penny. It was truly an honor. She was so special to you and I can see why, a little girl, a little daughter in a doggie suit with a special soul. She loved her daddy so much and will miss you until you meet her again in heaven. Much love to you Pete, Robin

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