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From: Karen
On: 10/10/21
I read the saga of all your fur children as I just lost my boy Ozzie and had to read about another OZZIE🙏💙. Bless you for being such a caring pet mama to all. They are happy at the Rainbow Bridge - I just know how lonely it is down here for all us pet mamas.
From: R0BERT
On: 8/16/12
From: craig D Anderson
On: 12/19/10
I just wanted to say I am so sorry for your loss! I lost my sheltie, Shadow on 12-3-10. He was my best friend! They are the best breed of dogs! Mine was so protective of me! he was always there for me! Take care, Craig
From: robert
On: 7/5/10
sue my prayer out to you over the loss of such a pretty furdoggie as ozzie
From: Sharyn
On: 7/30/09
Good morning beautiful furangels. I heard a little bird talking about Zack's 4 year marker yesterday and even though I am late I wanted to let you know besure to try to get a sign across to your Mom. You know we Moms still think of our furangels everyday and the love is always within us. Unitil we can all meet again. Love always sweet Angels.
From: Chlois
On: 7/29/09
Just thinking of you today. It is a bad day for both of us as Stormi would have turned 4 years old today...You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless Chlois and furfamily
From: Monica
On: 7/29/09
Hi there precious Zack! I wanted to stop and visit you on your 4 year anniversary at Rainbow bridge.You are so beautiful and I just know that my little Lucy has fallen in love with you and you have become the best of friends. God bless you sweetheart! Thank you Sue for remembering my little girl in Ozzie's prayer basket all these years. You'll never know what it means to me. God bless you too, my friend!
From: Susie Squillions
On: 7/29/09
Hi Ozzie! A little someone dropped by for a visit to remind me that today is Zak's 4 year marker, so I hope you can get a message to him for me. Please let him know that here in our house, we are all remembering him and thinking of your Sue Mom today. Be sure to visit Sue and let her know that you and Zak are always with her, no more than a whisper away as long as she lives. Please say hello to Bingo, Buddy, and all my other Bridge Kids for me, OK? Have a beautiful and silly celebration for Zak today.
From: Jeri Fowler-Smith
On: 7/29/09
Hi Zack & Ozzie. Just wanted to send you belly rubs and kisses on your 4 year marker. Sue, I'm sending you good wishes today as I know our angels are always with us every step of the way. Hugs, Jeri
From: Maria - Ralphie's Mom
On: 7/29/09
Precious Zak, I'm thinking of you today, the 4th year marker of your journey to Rainbow Bridge, and I want you to know I'm celebrating your life and sending you bellyrubs and kisses on butterfly wings. Sue, hugs on this marker, I hope your memories are sweet and that you will get a special visit from Zak and all our Bridge angels. Love & hugs.
From: Zara
On: 7/29/09
Dear Zack and Ozzie, firstly I want to say that you are beautiful, just like my Zak was if he had not been clipped. I know today is your bridge day Zack and I want you to know that you are loved by so many and missed so much by your mom here on earth. If you can please stop by and send her a sign today so that she can feel your love all around her. Sue, thank you for sharing your fur kids with us, your babies are really handsome and I am sure they are loved and well respected at the bridge. I send you my love today and ask you to let the memories flow and remember the wonderful years you had with your furries with pride. We are all with you today and thank you for remembering our fur kids each and every day in Ozzie's prayer basket. May you be blessed with a long and happy life with all your fur kids and may the reunion be the most joyous in all the world. Love you Zack and sue x
From: beverly durham
On: 7/29/09
morning ozzie and zack just wanted to stop by and say your mommy loves and miss's you..zack today is your rainbow day,so if you can stop by and see mama..i hope you both are friends with my two up there..you all go play and run now have fun and send mama a sign,just to let her know your doing fine zack..luv bev
From: misty
On: 7/29/09
Remembering you today Ozzie and Zack. Knowing that your together warms our hearts. Many peacful memories Sue, Jacy's mom
From: Faye
On: 7/29/09
Good Morning Zack...4 years ago today You joined Mom Ozzie in the meadow at Rainbow's Bridge..A sad day for your Mom Sue...I know it was a joyous reunion for the 2 of you and that you are now healthy and together forever..Today as your Mom remembers you take a minute to send her a special Zack sign down the rainbow slide..She is very special and has helped so many people to heal with her prayer ceremonies...You are a special boy and will always loved by many and you are always with your Mom in her heart and memories forever...Sue I will never forget our meeting a year ago..A day of tears and many smiles...My thoughts and prayers are with you..Love to you and your fur kids...Faye
From: Maryalice
On: 6/20/08
Oh Ozzie ... what a beautiful picture of you and Zack!!! What wonderful words your mom has written for you. And the prayer ceremony idea is fantastic. I will be writing to you.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 6/17/08
Hello Ozzie I was just visiting some of my Princess's friends who have been at the bridge for a while and came across you, I just wanted to stop in for a minute to say hello and to tell you and each of you precious souls that you are loved and thought of each and everyday in some very special way no matter how long you have been gone to the bridge. Sending you wishes for a beautiful day in heaven today.
From: Faye_D-Max's Mom
On: 5/22/08
Hi Ozzie, Zack, and Merlin..As another Memorial Day holiday approaches my thoughts go back to Memorial Day 2005 when your special Mom included my one eyed wonder D-Max in the candle ceremony..His first one and so special when you helped him send me the rainbow that night...I am so thankful for that night that started my healing....You are all loved by me and so many others who have been included in the ceremony...
From: Ruby , Chuckys mom
On: 10/22/07
What a beautiful love story your mom has shared with us about you Ozzie. You are one very special furbaby.Run and play dear Ozzie, smile down to your mom and send her a sign full of love.
From: Maria - Ralphie's Mom
On: 10/15/07
Dear Ozzie ... forgive me for never signing your guestbook before - I'm so ashamed myself and I hope Ralphie will give you a very special Yorkie kiss in my name. Please tell your Mommy that she can always include Ralphie in her prayer basket and to pray for me also, because my heart's still broken. Are you having a good time with son close to you? I can see you both running in the meadow with your beautiful fur shining and flying in the wind ... chase butterflies and crickets and always take time to peek over the rainbow and watch over your Mommy - and let those special Sheltie kisses slide down the rainbow and straight into her heart. Love & bellyrubs coming your way, sweet Ozzie.
From: Faye
On: 8/19/06
Hi Ozzie & Zack...You are 2 very special friends to all of us here...Mom and Son...I have come to know you both through your Mom who remembers you and all of our babies with a special prayer ceremony that brings me such comfort..You should be so proud of her...When she looks up in the sky at night you are the 2 brightest stars shining just for her...Faye_D-Max's Mom & Midnight

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