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From: Marykay Alexander
On: 6/3/19
Thank you for sharing your babies with me. Be sure Oreo is having fun playing with all the fur babies Scruffy & Whisper will find them and give them a nose bump of love.
From: Nikki
On: 5/15/19
What a beautiful tribute to your babies. I hope meiko is up there with them and they are showing him the ropes. Your babies sounded like wonderful animals. Hope you continue your amazing strength. Thank you for reaching out to us and meiko. It has been 1 month and a week since he left us. We haven’t gotten another one yet. Maybe someday
From: Sharlene (Sweetie's mom)
On: 5/14/19
Dear Kathy, I am sorry about your Oreo. The memories you shared show so much love you both had for each other. May they continue to comfort your heart. -Sharlene
From: Kim Osgood
On: 5/14/19
He sounded like a handful and a amazing dogs.
From: Cari
On: 4/23/19
Kathy, I’m so sorry Oreo is no longer in your life. I know how difficult bereavement is and my thoughts are with you. May memories of her bring you emotional comfort. Oreo will always be a part of you. Cari
From: Denise Sam (Sammy)'s and Mimi's mommy
On: 4/16/19
Hi Oreo, what a beautiful girl you are! You are lucky to have such a loving mommy. I hope that you have met my boy Sammy, who we just lost this past January and my little kitty girl Mimi. I hope that all of you are enjoying running and playing and using your beautiful angel wings.
From: Linda
On: 4/2/19
I loved reading the stories about your Oreo, he was one special pup and he lived a long happy life because of your care and love. Leaving a bone chew, because you can never have enough bone chews lying around.
From: Terrie L Balmer
On: 3/21/19
Ooooh she definitely had the Marley look indeed. I bet she's digging up a lot of roses at the Rainbow Bridge, but that's okay, they'll spring back into from almost immediately. My sincere condolences to you Kathy on missing Oreo so much. It's only after they're gone we find that we'd give anything to have them creating all of the lovable mischief that they did while they were with us. However, Oreo will live forever in your heart and will always be special.
From: Nancy
On: 3/16/19
Oh, Oreo, you are a beautiful puppy dog. Send angel wishes to your mommy, who loves and misses you so. I hope Miss Winston has found you, and you are playing in the meadows.
From: Debbie Princess, Kaizer and Maddie's mom
On: 3/12/19
Hello there handsome Oreo, I just wanted to stop in for a visit. Your mom was so kind to visit my babies here. My oh my what a beautiful boy you are. I am sure you have met up with all my babies, I have a black lab there too , his name is Kaizer. I hope you and all the babies are enjoying a day filled with lazy sunshine in the meadows of heaven. Don't forget baby to stop by the night sky and send your mom a bright and shining night star to let her know you are with her always just inside her heart.
From: Patsy Klaus
On: 3/12/19
You are a beautiful precious dog and clearly you are very much loved. I am glad that you were able to live for as long as you did with your medical condition.
From: Denise Sam (Sammy)'s mommy
On: 2/20/19
Hi Kathy. I found your Oreo's memorial. You had signed my Sammy's memorial. What a cutie pie Oreo is. I'm sure you miss her very much. I hope my Sammy has met her and is enjoying playing in the meadows over the rainbow bridge and I'm sure they are waiting for us to be with them once again. God bless
From: Kristen
On: 2/11/19
Thank you for inviting me to visit your fur babies...you wrote a very touching tribute for Oreo. It is apparent that you gave her a very good life and shared many happy memories together...I am so sorry for your loss. At least our fur babies are happy together now playing in the meadows over the Rainbow Bridge...
From: Theresa Olliney
On: 1/20/19
What a beautiful sweet angel. So sorry for your loss. Hugs.
From: Stephanie L Draper
On: 1/14/19
Kathy... I love the pictures of your Oreo. His little black and gray face remind me so much of my Dakota's gray face and it makes me just ache for her all the more. Thank you again for signing her guestbook and sending comforting words to me. I pray her and all of your babies are enjoying Heaven together. I miss her terribly and can't wait to hold her again. I'm sure you feel the same. Thank you so much again!
From: vicky
On: 1/1/19
Oreo, Please take care of Watson as he will be new to the Rainbow Bridge. Also, I know you know this already, but your mom loves you so much and she misses you everyday. You were her little fighter and you gave her strength when she had to go to the doctor too. I know I can count on your to take care of my little Watson. I have always worried about him and even now as he's there at the Rainbow Bridge, I continue to worry if he's ok-- but I know he is, because you were raised with so much love like Watson and you guys are going to share that with each other and all the other little furbabies. So thank you. <3 Dear Kathy, I was able to find your site through the search so I hope you don't mind me messaging you But thank you for your heartfelt words. I am so sorry that you have lost so many babies, Oreo, Ralph, & Eva-- I can't imagine how painful it must be; but I know the love from your babies will be keeping you strong, just like your beautiful message has for me. much <3
From: Dedra keller
On: 12/25/18
I’m so glad that Chelsea Cat is with you! Merry Christmas little one,
From: Melissa
On: 11/29/18
What a beautiful girl! Oreo, your family clearly misses you and loves you so much. Your memorial is wonderful.
From: Jackie
On: 11/27/18
Hi Oreo, You were one loved baby. All the things I read about you soo sweet. I'm sure your helping Holly and playing together. Give her kisses from me. Jackie
From: Sharon Stewart
On: 8/10/18
Oreo...such a beautiful baby....I hope Oreo and our Maggie are playing happily.

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