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On: 2/22/23
Oreo seems like that once in a lifetime dog, that just no other dog can compete with. They steal your heart and you love them so much in a way that can never be duplicated. It’s the best!
From: Michele&Chris Taylor
On: 2/20/23
Hi Oreo,we are Bella Luna’s mom,dad,sister,your family were very kind when we had to let Bella Luna go to RainBow Bridge,they think of and miss you everyday,they really love you and would give anything to have one more day with you here,before they come to get you and your Furbaby family members all patiently waiting there for them.Be Blessed and play and enjoy.❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾💔
From: Micaela
On: 1/16/23
Awww, Oreo is so loved! Such a cutie, treasure all the memories.
From: Lynne
On: 1/14/23
Hi Kathy, I just visited Oreo's site and also the sites for your other furr children. People like you and I have so much love to give, but the price we pay with multiple furr children is the grief and the hole they leave on our hearts. Since moving to Kangaroo Island in 2016, I have lost a furr or feathered child every year. Jezebel in 2017, Heidi in 2018, Louie in 2019, Lilli in 2020, Lacey in 2021 and Topsy (my daughter, best friend and soul mate) in 2022. I still have Jack, Buzzy, Charli, Rufus, Pepe, Gizmo and Topsy's children who she sent to me 8 weeks after she went to the Bridge(long but amazing story how that happened) - Bonnie and Clyde. They call me Nanny and they slept on my bed with me for the first time last night. Amazing! I hope that I can have a year without grief in 2023. Take care Kathy and I sincerely appreciate your compassion. Love, Lynne
From: Marinor Berecz
On: 1/11/23
I’m so sorry for your loss. Oreo is a beautiful one. I’m sure she is very much missed.
From: Lorraine
On: 1/11/23
Oreo your such a beautiful dog and I see you are loved. I'm sure that you were very special to your family and you are Missed. You left many happy memories behind for them to always remember you by rest in peace sweet baby. You're in God's hands and good hands and you are without pain so may you run and play and enjoy your new friends until your mommy and your daddy gets there to get you. Tyson is up there with you maybe you can become good friends with him and be able to run and play with each other.🐾💙🐾
From: Cathy
On: 12/25/22
Sorry Oreo had to leave. Her story tells how special she was with all her digging and antics. Her loving personality shows in her face and what a wonderful long life she had with you.
From: Lynne
On: 12/22/22
Oreo, you are so loved! Don’t forget to send extra love to your mom on Christmas Eve! I hope you’ll enjoy the bone chew I left for you.
From: Mike & Patti
On: 12/12/22
Kathy, what a pretty girl we know she loved you very much and you her, giving hugs and prayers, I'll bet Tug and Oreo have been friends for some time, your family of fur baby's seem so much like ours in there ages and adventure's. god bless and just maybe we'll meet them all together.
From: Susanne
On: 12/8/22
I’m sorry for your loss. Remember the good times the good memories. When you are remembering it’s almost like time disappears and your with them again. Of course after the memory plays you feel sad but remembering the memories is worth it even so.
From: alan
On: 12/6/22
Beautiful words, handsome boy. I will visit the rest of your babies. Alan
From: Debra
On: 12/6/22
Dear Kathy, I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful, precious, handsome, loved, special, and dearly missed Oreo. Thank you for loving labs, we are a labrador family also. Labradors are so so special. I will keep you in thought and prayer.
From: Marlene Allen
On: 8/30/22
Oreo, I hope you and Tobiah are having fun together you are so loved and I can tell so special. Kathy you were blessed to have such a wonderful baby.
From: Marlene Allen
On: 8/30/22
Oreo, I hope you and Tobiah are having fun together you are so loved and I can tell so special. Kathy you were blessed to have such a wonderful baby.
From: Latifa
On: 8/26/22
Hello Kathy, Thank you for sending me the link to Oreos beautiful memorial. It’s good you had her for a long time but I know it’s never enough. I only had Meli for 3.5 years before he was hit by a car. I hope and pray God graces Us All with something better. Take care, Latifa
From: Darryl Middleton
On: 8/21/22
I am so sorry for the loss of your fur family. After reading your pages from Oreo, Ralph and Eva I cried obsessively because I know how much it hurt to lose one but you lost three and I pray that God gives you continued peace and comfort. Oreo touched my heart from the beginning of the memorial. He went through so much pain and I know he tried to hide a lot of it because he wanted to please you. Even though you had Ralph for a short period of time, he had a heart of Gold and the kindness of an angel. Eva was a strong fighter getting through all the injuries and still beat the odds by living 18 years. You are a strong person to have to dealt with these losses. I wish I had half the strength you had. I am in tears when I think Wishbone and wonder how I would get over these feelings, emotions and grief. How do you do it? I am praying however you do it that God continued to provided you with the comfort of knowing your 3 and my Wishbone are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us.
From: Lisa DiGiovanni
On: 8/20/22
Dear Kathy, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Oreo. What a special and beautiful pup. I hope Oreo is with my Tina, Athena and Mia at Rainbows Bridge. Your tribute is beautiful. Best, Lisa
From: Kristyn
On: 8/13/22
Oreo sounded like a beautiful and silly girl and definitely someone my Chief would like to play with. Hope they are living freely together at the bridge.
From: Victoria Oakleys Mom
On: 8/6/22
Thank you so much for signing Oakleys memorial. It was so kind of you. I know Oakley is romping around with your fur babies right now. OREO is a beautiful baby. As are your other babies too. This is so difficult for me. But I have to remember that we will be together again soon. I wish I could have met your babies. My Oakley was an amazing cat. He would wake me up to have a little piece of cookie every morning. So sweet. I miss him so very much. I wish you much happiness and hope you are finding you way without you babies that have passed. I am still trying to figure it out. Blessings to you and your family!
From: Erika
On: 7/31/22
So sorry for your losses of Oreo, Eva, and Ralph. They were beautiful animals.

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