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From: Dana
On: 5/7/20
Jeanie, I came across your beautiful tribute when I was searching for other Goldens from Brooklyn who are no longer with us. I lost my Sparky on Sunday and I think he will be in good company with his Golden friends from NYC to play with.
From: jean Martino
On: 5/12/19
Miss you so much.
From: Jeanie
On: 12/17/17
I miss you still even after all these years. Losing you was the worst thing to ever happen to me. I can't wait to be reunited with you, and then I'm sure I will see my other family members too. Love Mommy
From: Jeanie
On: 10/10/17
I miss you still.....always mommy
From: Lula Duran- Angel Durans Mom
On: 5/5/16
Nicky Martino- Thinking about you today at Rainbow Bridge. Have fun till you and your family are together again. Jeanie so sorry for your loss but just remember you will all be together again at Rainbow Bridge to have the BEST time of your lives
From: Jeanie
On: 4/26/16
I love you Nicky, the pain never stops.
On: 5/11/14
From: Jeanie Martino
On: 12/30/13
Still miss you my baby...Love, Mommy
From: saga
On: 11/5/13
hi jeanie. omg your words are touching and so sweet. i am so sorry that nicky martino is no longer hanging out with you in the salon but rest assured that nicky is with you every day. i'm sure of it. hopefully the wonderful memories will help you during the hard time, i know they're helping me with syd being gone. i'm his aunty by the way. syd brought me the most special kind of love, one i've never known. i'm sure nicky brought the same to you. thank god we have our beautiful memories to hold on to. i light a candle every night for syd and it's healing to know that within the light, i can see him. at least we know that one day we'll all be together again. i'm going to smile so big when that day comes. i'm sending love n hugs to you and hopefully it'll bring a smile to your face knowing that nicky and syd are playing and running free and at peace.
From: Heather
On: 10/12/13
Dear Jeanie I am really sorry that you lost Nicky Martino. Love Heather
On: 5/11/13
On: 5/12/12
jeanie on this the 13th anniversary of your golden nicky martino passing i send you my condolences.IN NICKY NAME I SEND YOU A ROSE FOR MOTHERS DAY
From: Laura
On: 10/29/11
I know you still miss him terribly. Laura
From: Tori
On: 2/4/11
hello I was just wanting to say I am so sorry for the loss of a beautiful Golden Retriever i used to have a chihuahua and his name is Lucky I put him on this site too but it expired we couldn't pay for this website anymore so we don't have a page for him anymore well maybe Nicky and lucky will play together in Rainbow Bridge one day we will both find our dogs and get to love them when we go over the rainbow.
From: Janelle Treglia
On: 11/24/10
I read Nicky's story with tears in my eyes certainly because I feel the same way about our Sammie. I just visited his site for Thanksgiving. Know that they are all on Rainbow's Bridge waiting for us and I wanted to send a note to let you know others do think about the friends out there. Happy Thanksgiving!
From: robert
On: 7/3/10
jeanie so sorry about nicky martina my prayer out to you even if its been many years but seem like yesterday
From: Dayanara
On: 1/17/10
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I came across Nicky Martino's page and I really can feel the love you have for him. I just lost my cat today and became a guardian and can't believe how much relief I have to know I'm not alone in this. Your page brought tears to my eyes and I'm so happy that there are many wonderful people like you that appreciate the joy an animal brings. Thank you for helping me and again sorry for your loss. ~Dayanara~
From: Tanya
On: 5/27/08
Jeane- I am sooo sorry you lost your golden luv. I lost my sweet girl May 14, 2008. I am sooo lost without her. I know its been a few years since Golden Prince has gone to the Bridge....I hope he looks for Zoe and takes real good care of her. She likes her some handsome princes. :) He will be with u always, as Zoe is forever with me.
From: Lora
On: 4/4/08
Jeaney, I can feel your pain.....what a sweet message. Dogs are our best friends - Buster said so.
On: 1/27/08
i am so sorry about hte loss of your beautiful golden,i to had the most precious golden ever,his name is dusty and i know that your baby and mine are running,playing,free of pain,,it hurts so bad to lose them but they are happy, free of pain,and waiting for us at the bridge so that we can cross together,,know that they are with us constantly,watching over us ,and they are at our sides always,,,god bless you and your new family,we may get new babies ,but our hearts are with our best friends

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