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From: Katie
On: 11/5/17
Dear Jim im very sorry for your loss, I'm sure your fur babies are watching and protecting you. I'm sure they are looking forward meeting you again someday
On: 4/14/14
On: 4/14/13
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/30/12
Happy New Year NaHanna
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/23/12
Dear NaHanna, Here is a stocking for you to hang on Christmas Eve. Hope you have been a good doggie this year. :-) Merry Christmas...xoxoxox Gloria
From: Gloria and All the Family & Snickers
On: 12/1/12
Dear NaHanna, Its time to get ready for Christmas. Please join the family as they are having choir practice every night to get ready for the program at the lake on Christmas eve. Its always so nice. I am sending you your very own tree. Place it outside your door. Do know you are not forgotten. xoxox Gloria and ALL your RBB family
From: Gloria and All the Family
On: 11/20/12
Dear Nahanna, Please join the family for the Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday the 22nd. It will be by the Lake at 1 PM. We will be thinking of you here below.I am sending flowers for the table. xoxox Gloria
From: NaHanna
On: 6/18/12
Happy Fathers Day Daddy, I miss you. xoxoxoxox NaHanna
On: 4/15/12
From: Gloria and The Childers Kids
On: 4/13/12
Dear Hanna, In 2 days it will have been four years since you left your Daddy and pup buddies. In a way it seems so long ago, yet it also seems like only yesterday. Your Anniversary Home Coming Dinner will be Monday night. Its been four years now. :-( I know your daddy will never forget you nor will we. We hope you will join Jake and ALL of our family and friends as they go to YOUR Special Dinner. I have been told these dinners are very nice. It will be by the lake just after dark. So Hanna, from all of us here below, Remember you are not forgotten. Sincerely, Gloria and the Childers Kids. I am sending you a very special treat (Filet Mignon). Enjoy. :-) I will look at the bright sky Monday night and remember you.
From: Gloria and The Childers Kids
On: 12/30/11
Dear NaHanna, Do not forget to go to the lake tomorrow night. There will be a wonderful shooting star display for New Years Eve. I am sending blankets so you and your friends can sit and enjoy the night. There will also be a grand cook out. xoxoxo Gloria and the Childers kids.
From: Gloria and The Childers Kids
On: 12/21/11
Whoops .. I forgot the box
From: Gloria and The Childers Kids
On: 12/21/11
MERRY CHRISTMAS HANNA .... :-) Hope you will join my family for the Holiday events......This is a big box of Love from here below. Gloria and the Childers kids.
From: Gloria and The Childers Kids
On: 11/24/11
HAPPY THANKSGIVING Join our family and go to the Big dinner. OK? I am sending you a Filet Mignon in case you don't like Turkey. Gloria and the kids
From: Gloria
On: 10/5/11
NaHanna, You are invited to Mama Cats 6th Anniversary Homecoming dinner. I hope you can come. I am sending you a little toy she and Little Karapu can play with during the winter. They will like that. Thank you so much. Don't be late, Gloria xoxoxox
From: Gloria
On: 9/29/11
Hanna, Don't forget to go to Cinders Homecoming Dinner tomorrow night. This will be her 3rd anniversary. I am sending you a new brush so you will look Beautiful for your outing. xoxox Gloria
From: Gloria
On: 8/29/11
NaHanna, I just wanted to stop by and see if you and the group would be sure to check the gate for many newcomers. There was a BIG hurricane on the east coast. So far 24 people have died. I heard last night, on the news, that there were some dogs that drowned as they were left in the basements of their homes. Seems the owners left and did not take their pets. I also worry about the wild ponies who were left on the outer bank islands of North Carolina. There was so much flooding in many states, and only you will know the total number of animals that perished. Please wait for them all as I am sure there were many homeless cats and dogs who had NO homes. Wait for them all and let them all know someone morns their loss. I will send a big box of little blankets so you can pass out one to each new arrival. Thank you. I did hear fm your Dad and there was flooding in your town. Check in on them. Gloria
From: tina fitzgerald
On: 6/10/11
so sorry to read about NaHanna i had to let my baby of twelve years bonnie i had to let her go,she fought hard but we lost the fight 6-4-11,life for me at times is just a fog trying to go from day to day,the pain is over whelming
From: Gloria
On: 2/25/11
Dear Hanna, I better remind your Daddy to take down your Christmas tree. Its almost spring. Its been a bad winter down here and its probably not done being really cold yet. Taks care and enjoy the long mild days there beyond the Bridge. I am sending you a big fresh apple pie to enjoy and share with your friends. :-) Gloria
From: Gloria
On: 1/2/11
Dear NaHanna, Oh my. I see your Dad mentioned me in a note last year. I am here. Just busy with all the pets. I too have a new dog, JACK. He thought he should live HERE, so what was I to do. He gets up to earliy each day. :-( I hope you have found our Family and will help Jake make sure no one ever picks on sweet Cricket again. Don't mind the Tiger and Elephant that belong to our family. They are wonderful friends. Do know, even with Midnight, Starr and Zuss you will always hold the most special place in your Dads heart. You can go all the places he goes, if only in his heart..Don't forget to look down on him now and then and let him know he is not forgotten. You are welcome to join our family. They do go to the Bridge each night to welcome the new arrivals. There are many who arrive who had no family and were abused. They take special care of them. You and my family were lucky to have a good home. Take care and enjoy your new forever life. Sincerely, Gloria & all. Sending snack.

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