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From: alexandra blissett
On: 5/8/24
I cried when I first heard of him in the 1990s' and reading about his death has me so sorrowfull.
From: Andrew Troutman
On: 1/25/24
I am here again, as I will be every January 25, to remember Marjan. I also lit a candle for him. He deserves it. Hail, MARJAN!
From: Andrew Troutman
On: 1/25/23
As I wrote last year, I remember Marjan every January 25th with a candle memorial in my home and in my heart. Much respect to MARJAN the Great!
From: Susanne
On: 12/7/22
Noble lion stealth and grace emblem of stealth emblem of grace Cherished and treasured endangered and rare noble lion who once lived where bombs were flying and rockets too all of that misery is now through Rest in peace noble Marjan rest in peace and play at rainbow bridge you deserve it may you one day be reunited with your pride and all you loved. RIP Marjan
From: Andrew Troutman
On: 1/25/22
1/25/2022 It is the 20th anniversary of Marjan`s death. Every year on January 25th I light a candle and remember him. I may be the only one thinking about him but perhaps one is enough? MARJAN the Great!
From: Tina M White
On: 2/8/21
My deepest sympathy. All animals are precious!
From: Irene
On: 7/27/20
I have been following this. It is so heartbreaking. I am so sorry for your loss. I send you hugs and prayers. Thank you for all that you do. RIP beautiful one. 💔
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 11/6/19
Clare/Martha...condolenses to the most majestic animal who ever lived. May he now be happy and free...take care...
From: Carolyn Everidge
On: 5/6/19
Marjan is adored!
From: Marie Carter
On: 8/9/17
Marjan, you are so beautiful and your story touched my heart! Humans don't understand that their war and cruelty towards one another also affect the innocent creatures they share the planet with. Please watch over my dear Raven and play gently with her. There are no grenades and no war, no pain where you are now, just love and happiness. People should take note of your story and think twice before they act out in anger towards each other, for they never know how it might hurt someone else. Take care, dear fellow! 🦁
From: Lorraine Jackson
On: 3/17/17
Dear Marjan, You are an awesome handsome lion. You obviously touched many lives! Please watch over Clare and Martha who love you very much. Lorraine
From: Laura Willey-LeRoy
On: 1/25/16
Never Forgotten
From: Kim Sharpe
On: 1/25/16
God Bless, beautiful one! You will never be forgotten.
From: Nancy
On: 7/31/15
Clare and Martha, I care about Marjan, all animals lives matter! I hope he knows now, how many people know his name, story, and love him. Thank you.
From: Debbie Belinda Sue, Princess & Kaizer's mom
On: 2/17/14
Care & Martha, what a testament to your hearts and the love you have for all these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart to know that these wonderful creatures who were meant to enjoy their lives in God's creation have been so cruelly caged. And all your kitties,my goodness how rich your lives has got to have been to have all that unconditional love. May your hearts be filled with beautiful memories of all those you have lost and your home be filled with many blessings for the love you continue to share.
On: 1/27/14
From: Doris Draper
On: 1/27/14
May you all rest in peace for all the suffering that was done and may people open their hearts and minds to stopping this cruel behavior.
From: Kim
On: 1/25/14
Run free, fine one! You are a majestic beauty that we will never forget. Your life is now one of peace & happiness, Marjan!
From: Ann and Alan
On: 1/25/14
Still a candle of hope burning brightly in a sad world.
From: Natalie
On: 8/28/13
Love & peace

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