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From: Becky
On: 10/7/18
Murphy, what a beautiful soul. Carol, your thoughts and feelings on the loss of Murphy are so inspiring and more helpful than you will ever know, thank you so much for sharing.
From: Theresa Polemeni
On: 9/21/18
Murphy was and is loved by anyone who knew him. I will always ❤️ him. Cassie is an intercal part of our family. I can only imagine how you are feeling.
From: Ellen
On: 7/21/18
I love your stories of Murphy and clearly feel your beloved connection....what love you shared...amazing bond, gentle soul.
From: Peggy
On: 3/14/18
We miss you so much Murphy
From: Gary & Brenda
On: 2/26/18
Hi Carol Thank you so much for your kind words its only been four weeks today when we lost our max and three weeks this Friday when our sweet Cinders left us .. I know we will never forget these blessed gifts that God has put with us for a time .. We will be with them and all of our human family and friends someday.. Again thank you for visiting Cinders .. visit our Max when you can Brenda and Gary
From: charlene pfeifer
On: 2/18/18
Carol i saw murphy Angel had a Heart mumer her self her got up to a 4 but Algel died from bad Arthrits So I know it hurs us when we lose our babbys there like familey to us
From: Catherine
On: 2/8/18
Dear Carol Firstly I am so sorry for the very late reply. You see, a couple of weeks after setting up Toffee's Rainbow Bridge page, I stopped looking at it - I just found it too painful. But now a year has passed, I decided to look again, and I find looking at his page is now a great comfort, not painful like it was. Thank you for your lovely message. It means a lot to me and my family. I have looked at your dear Murphy's memorial page. He seems like such a sweet dog, with one leg shorter than the others! I'm sure now he is on the Rainbow Bridge, his short leg doesn't bother him at all and he can run as fast as he likes.I'm sure he and Toffee get on great together :) Love Catherine and family x
From: Tori
On: 1/6/18
Sorry for your loss.
From: Susan W
On: 12/18/17
Dear Carol and Ross, What a special boy Murphy was,and what special people you are to have done so much for him. I am sure you were meant to find each other. I can see him running after the squirrels and not catching them and at the recycling center. You gave each other so much joy. Murphy, I'm so glad your Mom signed my Hobbs Guest Book so I could get to know you. I hope you've met my Hobbs by now and you are both running and playing while you wait for us at the Bridge. We miss you, but you will always be with us in spirit and in our hearts, no matter how difficult some days are, until we meet again one day.
From: Pammie Halpin
On: 11/27/17
Dear Carol and Ross; you are so lucky that Murphy still fills you life's with happiness...his visits must mean so much to you...What a sweet boy he is! I am so glad that his spirit continues to watch over you both and love you even from across the Rainbow Bridge. I tell so many folks that their loved one is just a dream away, and yet I wait and wait for my sweet Bob Barker to come to me...tomorrow is just 3 months, and the wound is still fresh and painful. I am so glad that Murphy and you have such a connection with each must be wonderful... My pups and I are sending you very – very special loving thoughts, prayers, positive energy, and petitioning the Universe to ease your heart pain and give you peace in the knowledge that you will see your little one again one day and that for now your sweet Murphy is but a dream away…. kindest regards, pammie, Vienna & Little Max
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 11/26/17
To Murphy, I am sorry it has taken me so long to visit you. Your mommy visited my Baby Bee when she crossed the bridge in Oct. I hope you both have found each other and are good friends. I miss Bee so much. Give her a tight hug for me. To Carol, I am trying to figure out this site. I have been reading others stories, writing condolences (started with the "A"'s and only going back as far as 2017), in honor of Bee, support for me, and visiting Bee. I just realized that not all of the condolences are linked to my email today when I was visiting my Bee. I am so sorry that I missed you and your Murphy. Know that I will be thinking of you and your sweet Murphy now.
From: Jessica Fivecoat
On: 11/26/17
Hi Murphy. I just met your mom and I visited your rainbowsbridge site. Your mom and I have alot in common. My little baby boy Kasey left for heaven 3 weeks ago. I hope you've met him. I know you 2 will be the best of friends and great company until your mommy's come up there to be reunited with you. If you haven't met him yet please go find him and keep him company and tell him mommy loves and misses him so bad. Send your mommy more signs your still here with her. Please ask Kasey to send me a sign he's made it to heaven ok and so I know he's still here with me. I hope you and Kasey had a wonderful Thanksgiving up there with all the trimmings. I bet it's always perfect weather up there. It's been getting colder here everyday. Enjoy the sunshine and keep watching for your mommy.
From: Irene hudobenko
On: 11/12/17
I am so sorry for your loss. I cried when I read your beautiful memories of Murphy. I send you hugs and prayers. Maybe our babies will find each other and become good friends.
From: Donny
On: 11/12/17
Hi Carol, Thanks so much for those kind words! What a great way to start my Saturday morning here in Edgewood WA. I guarantee you Stella & Murphy will become buddies for sure! Stella never disliked anyone. I hope you are coping well with your loss of Murphy. After reading your memorial and your last entry that was very comforting to hear. Stella's memorial tells the grief I'm dealing with because it's only been 12 days. I plan to write something special that Stella did for me soon. God Bless You, Murphy and your family & Friends, Donny
From: MK Jacobellis
On: 10/23/17
Hi Murphy! You are adorable. Keep on visiting Mom & Dad in their dreams and please tell my Chauncey he is more than welcome to come see me too. It makes us so happy to see you again. Nothing can take away the love. It never goes away. You will never be forgotten.
From: Anne Heuser
On: 10/19/17
A beautiful fur angel! So sorry but I wait for the day we all meet at the bridge. may Murphy and gumby become good friends. Annie
From: Leslie Simon (Auggie's daddy)
On: 8/20/17
Hi Carol. I decided to return your act of kindness and visit you angel, Murphy. What a beautiful boy, and what a lovely story, Yoi gave Murphy such a beautiful life, you should be so very proud of the life of love you gave him. Woknderful doggie mommy. Murphy, go find my Auggie, give him a kiss for me.🐾
From: Diane Cuccio
On: 8/15/17
Carol, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Murphy. What an adorable face! Many thanks you for your kind words about my Katie girl. It means a lot to me. Diane
On: 8/4/17
Dear Murphy, What a handsome boy you were. I was so touched and moved by the beautiful memorial your Mom & Dad dedicated to you. My eyes feared when I heard the song. You were so loved Murphy. You were full of joy. I enjoyed reading your jaunts at the recycling center with your Mom. I hope you meet my Welly at the Rainbow Bridge so you can be best friends. My boy is shy but I'm sure you'll help him not to be. Your Mom & Dad miss you so much as I miss my Welly so much. I look up into the heavens everyday and I know that my Welly is my little angel. You too are your Mom Carol and your Dad Ross' little angel. I pray you and Welly soar and frolick through the meadows being free, young and healthy. Take care Murphy and RIP pretty boy.
From: Karen
On: 7/29/17
Hi Murphy! Your mommy visited my Brady's site here and left a message. So I looked you up and there were more than a few Murphys but I found You. You look like such a sweet boy. I'm sure you brought lots of love and happiness to Carol and Ross. In fact, my first dog looked a lot like you. His name was Sparky and we lost him back in the late 90s but still love him too. Because of his love we were able to love our future dogs.

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