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From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/17
Merry Christmas Little sweet Muffin. Santa is coming. Have a great time with all the others on this Christmas Eve baby. I send lots of love up to you. xoxoxoxo Ms.Tonya 12/24/2017
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/16
12/24/16 Merry Christmas sweetheart. The Angels are singing soft Christmas songs to you I can just hear them. I send you lots of love darling... xoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 4/5/15
Happy Easter precious baby 4/5/15... As you and all the others set in the presence of Jesus today surrounded by Angels being loved way more then can be imagined. Have fun at the big Easter Egg hunt today. I love you xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms Tonya
On: 12/31/14
Happy New Year at the Bridge Muffin Jan 1st 2015... have fun at the party tonight sweetheart. Sending lots of love up to you xoxoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/24/14
Hey precious little Muffin. I know you had fun at the Christmas party. Santa Clause is coming and is bringing you everything you like. I love you sweet baby, Merry Christmas xoxoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 11/27/14
Happy Thanksgiving precious love 11/27/14 I love you little one. Have fun at the feast today. xoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 7/4/14
Hey precious xoxox have fun today at the big 4th of July party at the Bridge. Sending lots of love up to you. XOXOXO Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/31/12
Happy New Year precious little one. Have fun tonight on this last day 12/31/12 of 2012 I love you honey xoxo Ms. Tonya
On: 12/26/12
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/19/12
12/19/12 Merry Christmas little one I remember how you all get ready for the big Christmas at the Bridge. May you have a good one sweetheart love hugs and lots of kisses. Ms. Tonya
From: Ms, Tonya
On: 7/4/12
July 4th 2012 Have fun today at the big cook out sweetheart, I love you xoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 4/7/12
Heyyyy precious have fun at the great Easter Egg hunt. The Easter Bunny is coming WEEEEEEE. Love you sweetheart xoxoxo Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 1/8/12
1/8/2012 Sunday Happy New Year sweetheart. We love you Little precious Muffin. Ms. Tonya Kit Kat and Cotton
On: 12/20/11
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 12/18/11
Oh sweet little Muffin xoxo here we are again another Christmas. All making Christmas decorations, having the Christmas parade, all so excited with the joy of it all. Then on Christmas Eve you will look down at your Mommy and send her some Christmas love. I will never forget how when and where you and your Mommy came into my life in 2005-2006 and there after. The beautifu Angels are, helping all of you. Giving you all the love as if you had always belonged to them. Even knowing this, we still hurt and cry for you because it is a love, a great love, and there is no other love like it. So on this Christmas I send you a piece of my heart and remember you can come visit me anytime, the door to my home is always open to you and all the others. Merry Christmas little one I send up to you lots of love and kisses. xoxoxoxox Ms. Tonya
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 11/24/11
Happy Thanksgiving sweet darling Muffin, hope you have a good time a the Thanksgiving feast at the Bridge. xoxox Love Ms. Tonya 11/24/2011
From: Ms. Tonya Kit Kat and Cotton
On: 12/16/10
Hello beautiful Muffin, I bring you Christmas Greetings darling, have fun making decorations and at the parties. Sprinkle Christmas Angel dust on your sweet mommy Debbie. I will be reading Twas The Night Before Christams to all of you at the Forum on Christmas Eve honey. Merry Christmas darling, love Ms. Tonya xoxoxoo
From: morgan brock
On: 10/3/10
i am so sorry for your loss. I have 2 blue russian cats myself and i understand and feel your pain. my 2 cats frankie and reece are the light of my life as well. take care and best wishes. morgan
From: robert
On: 7/28/10
the love you have for muffin s forever and she watching mommy and daddy
From: Ms. Tonya
On: 6/17/10
Hello little one, Gods precious creation. He made you special. I was on my way to see Misty her mommy is Sharyn, and she is now with her beautiful Misty as she left this world a few weeks ago and flew up to be with Misty forever. So I just passed by you on the way and had to stop. I love you little darling. I hope you and Mesha Gail are playing in the meadow, running under the rainbow. Kisses and hugs to you sweetheart. Love Ms. Tonya

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