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From: Ray Fowler
On: 8/28/18
Dear Shona, I know how dearly you miss Mr Truman, I lost my dearest friend, tiny nearly three years ago. the pain still lingers, as I am sure it does with you. these beautiful creatures stay with us for life, their memories are forever with us. I am sure if Mr Truman could speak to you, he would say thankyou for giving me a wonderful life, and sharing our beautiful love. he will always love you, shona, as you will him.
From: carol green
On: 7/17/17
Dear Shona I know how you are feelingMr Truman was a beautiful brave boy. He will be in your heart forever. Such a wonderful mother he was lucky you came along to give him the best in life right to the snd. I have a love of especially black cat's Sending love from me by tuxedo Ticky and Voodoo 🐱 🐱 💟 💟 xxx
On: 7/15/17
From: pam
On: 10/9/16
Dear Shona, you have my sympathy on the loss of your beloved Mr. Truman. God bless you.
From: Ann
On: 7/27/16
My heart goes out to you in the loss of your beautiful, precious Mr. Truman - and I pray that the special memories of your beloved fur-angel will be of comfort in your grief.
From: matilda
On: 7/25/16
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 7/24/16
Shona..Mr Truman is a beautiful boy...a beautiful tribute for a great friend.It is never easy to lose a furry young or old and I have lost both.For whatever reason they are always taken from us too soon while leaving their forever pawprints within us. He is now healthy and playing with Oreo,Ralph and Eva while waiting for us to join them on the Bridge.I can send you my babies site if you wish to visit..take care..
From: Carol - Carshion's mom
On: 7/24/16
Dear Shona, I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy. Beloved Mr Truman is at peace and is now an angel in heaven smiling & watching from above. I recently loss my beloved Carshion and I understand the pain, grieve and void of losing your best friend. I hope Carshion has met Mr Truman by now. They are our fur Angels in rainbow meodows busy making new furry friends and waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. For Beautiful Mr Truman, Rest in peace, your mom created a loving memorial for you here at Rainbow Bridge and she misses you very much. Let her know that your love, bond & memories lives on. Take sweet care Mr Truman until we all meet beyond the clouds. From Carshion's mom. Feel free to visit my beloved Carshion's memorial at
From: Tessa
On: 7/19/16
Shona, The time we are privileged to have with our beloved pets in this life is always too short. As a cat-lover and former owner I feel for you at the sad passing of your very handsome Mr Truman. Clearly, he stayed with you for as long as he could - `battling against the odds` for 5 years - until his state of health dictated the time of his departure for the next life. I hope you have many more photos for remembrance of him. He has the most beautiful eyes: reminding me of one of my rescued cats I had for only 2 years who died of heart-failure! The bonds we formed in that short time are for ever. I`m so glad your Mr Truman had another chance at life and happiness. So many have to wait till they get to Heaven before they have time to give and receive love! Each beloved cat is a precious gift to us - leaving us heart-broken when their short life has to end. The love of a cat is unique and it is an honour when they choose to give us their devotion. He awaits you in Heaven - purring!
From: Janice Breen Burns
On: 7/18/16
Very glad Mr. Truman had a good life with a loving owner xx
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 7/18/16
Dear Shona, so sorry to hear of Mr. Truman's passing. I know he brought you much happiness in his lifetime. Be comforted knowing that your kindness helped to extend a life that he may not have had if you hadn't come along. My condolences, Rose.

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