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From: Mom
On: 3/18/21
My sweet little girl. So loved So missed.
From: Mom
On: 3/20/20
Molly I remembered the day I lost you. With this COVID 19 I have been so busy. I know you will watch out for me. Keep me safe Molly. Love you.
From: MOM
On: 3/18/19
My little girl. Oh how you are missed.
From: Mom
On: 2/19/19
Hi sweet girl. Love you. Just renewed your residency.
From: MOM
On: 3/18/18
Oh Molly, you are so missed. What a lovely girl you were. Will never forget you.
From: MOM
On: 3/4/18
Love you Molly. YOU continue to never be forgotten.
From: Mom
On: 3/18/17
Love you dear baby. Miss you.
From: Mom
On: 3/12/17
My Little Molly, Oh how I miss you. I look at your picture everyday. A tear still flows. Be at peace my little one. Hugs to you, Lexie, Casey, Luke and Nicholas.
From: Mom
On: 3/18/16
My little Molly, Miss you everyday. What a wonderful friend you were. Love you Molly
From: Mom
On: 2/21/16
Dearest Molly Girl I love you and miss you. Hope you had a great birthday. Miss you every day.
From: Mom
On: 8/7/15
Dear Dear Molly, Miss you so much. Think of you everyday. Be at peace.
From: Mom
On: 3/18/15
Can't believe how time passes. I remember the night you passed so clearly. What a wonderful part of my life you were. Love you and miss you.
From: Mom
On: 2/23/15
Happy Belated Birthday Dear Molly. Think of you so often. I have never forgotten you.
From: Mom
On: 7/14/14
Hi Molly Girl!! MIss you , love you.
From: BOB
On: 3/19/14
From: Mom
On: 3/15/14
Dear Molly, Miss you so much. Today is the anniversary of your Brother's death ( Casey) and little Jake. Today is also your Uncle Dave's birthday. Please Let Casey and Jake know I am thinking of them. Let Casey know what a great Dog he was. He is one of your namesakes.
From: MOM
On: 3/12/14
Hi Molly. Hope you are enjoying playing with Cody and are Duke. I can't believe they and grandpa are all gone. I am sure you like having them there. I miss all of you so much. Be another year since you have been done. I love you dear Molly Girl.
From: Mom
On: 1/24/14
Hi Molly. Hope you and Cody are having a great time. I miss you and I miss him too. He had a hard time and suffered so for 2 weeks. I had to let him go. Please let him know I love him.
From: Mommy
On: 1/17/14
Molly, Cody died this morning. I told him to run and find Duke and his Dad, you and Lexie. Please go find him and take care of him
From: Mom
On: 8/7/13
Hi Molly. Love you and miss you.

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