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From: Your Mommy
On: 12/13/19
My beloved fur baby, Three difficult years waking up and not seeing you at the bottom of the bed just waiting for me to get up, or waiting in the bathroom as I get ready, miss watching you wait for me to mix some chicken in your food, since chicken it was your ultimate favorite. I miss you so very much! I miss you being side by side right next to me. I just MISS YOU MIJO!! But I'm holding on to those precious memories keeping you present in spirit always. My Sweet Loving Mijo there never a moment that you aren't present in our thoughts and in our lives. The bond of the love we shared is too strong to ever be broken, you were such a specially little dog that it was easy for people to love you!! Rest in peace my fur baby....until we meet again...You will never be forgotten!!!! Love always your mommy
From: Your mommy
On: 12/13/18
My precious Mijo. Happy birthday my baby today it’s been two years since You departed from us to go to doggy heaven. Even though I know you’re in a better place. It still feels like you left me yesterday, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you, or remember the beautiful memories you left me with, Till this day my tears rolls down my face with a raw pain in my heart because I miss you so much. These 2 years have been filled with many difficult experiences that have been very hard. But the most hardest thing has been not having you by my side, through it all you were always right along with me, with your unconditional love. You always sensed when something was wrong. Holding and hugging you was the best security blanket I can ever have or wish for. I know how You always wait for me to put the Christmas skirt under the tree to lay on it. So I got you a tree, but don’t have a skirt. Just your things n stocking.I will carry you with me till I see you again 🐾😘 ❤️😢
From: Mijo’s Mommy
On: 12/13/17
Mijo today makes one year that I lost you? That I no longer have you by my side. The pain of losing you is still there Till this day I’m still trying to adapt with you not being here, But there’s not a moment that goes by that you’re on my mind and in my presence, you left me with so many loving memories of you all over, for sure the christmas tree will never be the same without you under the tree. You were my gift every day as I woke up you were right there next to me always, Mijo I will love you forever!! RIP.. My precious fur baby, 🐾 Mama misses you so very much!!💔
From: Nora(Big Sister)
On: 12/13/17
To Mijo(my little brother) in Heaven...It's been a full year you've been gone and DEFINITELY have been missed.There not a time in are social gatherings that your not mention.You are GREATLY missed by EVERYONE.WE LOVE YOU LITTLE BROTHER
On: 12/12/17
From: Madeline
On: 7/13/17
So it's been 7 months today since you've departed from my side, I still feel you next to me, I know you're in a safe place running around with all the friends you've made, You were the sunshine ☀️ of my life and will always be!! I miss you so very much my precious fur baby, love you forever Mijo.....you will never be forgotten! I put up some treats and gifts for you with all my love your mama
From: Your mommy Madeline
On: 4/13/17
My Precious fur baby another month without you...how I miss you so very much, Thou I know you're in a happy place with the rest of your friends, I can't help missing you like the first day you departed, you were my companion I'd hug you and you comfort me,you would looked at me with that those big brown eyes..you always knew when something was wrong, I thank God for those precious years we had together, my precious fur baby.... You will always be in my mind and in my heart every day of my life as long as I live...💔 🐾 Love you forever Mijo🐾
From: pam
On: 2/21/17
Dear Magdelina, you have my sympathy on the loss of your dear Mijo. God bless you.
From: Mijo's mom (Madeline)
On: 2/13/17
🐾My Beloved Mijo 🐾 Mijo it's been two months since you departed from me, there's not a moment in my day that I don't feel your presence. Every where I look I see you my precious fur baby. I miss you so very much. This weekend it snowed, I could see you playing in the snow the way you enjoyed running around and then would come in the house with a snowballs of ice on each paw, I'd pick you up in my arm like a baby and go melt the icesnowballs from your paws, then dry your paw to keep you warm, there was nothing Your mama wouldn't do for you. You were such a lovable little dog. You gave me so much love and happiness your presence was so comforting, you were like a little person with your expressions and actions, we always teases about you talking to us one day, because you were so smart. We were all very proud of you. You left me with ten years of memories that's mine to keep and as much as I miss you baby, I know you're no longer suffering, So Rest In Peace my Beloved Fur Baby
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 2/6/17
Magdalena..Mijo is a beautiful boy.....a beautiful tribute for a great friend.It is never easy to lose a furry young or old and I have lost both.For whatever reason they are always taken from us too soon while leaving their forever pawprints within us. He is now healthy and playing with Oreo,Ralph and Eva while waiting for us to join them on the Bridge, they are gone from our site but never forgotten. I can send you my babies site if you wish to visit..take care..
From: Carol (Murphy's Mom)
On: 1/28/17
Magdelina, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Magdelina. The love you have in your heart is a mirror reflection of how Mijo feels for you. Even though he shed his fur suit and has transitioned over, he is still with you. You will probably see him in your dreams, or even smell or hear him. I hope Mijo meets my Murphy who is also at the Rainbow Bridge so they can run and play together.
From: Rose (Paisley's mom)
On: 1/27/17
Dear Magdelina, my condolences on the sudden passing of Mijo, who brought so much love and happiness to you. His pictures portray a baby who was well loved by all. Sending thoughts of peace and comfort to you during this time of deep sorrow. Blessings, Rose
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 1/27/17
I'm sorry for your loss.
From: Tessa
On: 1/27/17
Magdelina, I am sorry for the passing of your dear Mijo. What beautiful photos you have of him to keep his visual memory alive in your heart always - a heart which is his forever! Losing Mijo has indeed meant losing a large part of you. This is a very painful spiritual/emotional `amputation` - needing as much care and validation as any physical operation. It takes time to heal - as it does the loss of a limb or other vital part of your body. The wound itself is caused by loss of the unconditional love which your beloved Mijo has blessed you with every day of his life. It is the price of love you now pay for your loss of his physical presence in this life. I feel for you as you pass through this tunnel of grief. I promise you there is light at the end - and healing. Along the way you will find support from friends who understand your deep loss because they have suffered as you are hurting now. I can tell you the pain does get better but only in stages. May God`s healing touch be yours!
From: Susan Harrill
On: 1/25/17
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Mijo. Please find comfort in knowing that Mijo is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. On January 11, 2013, I lost my faithful friend Hannah who was a beautiful blue tick hound dog. On August 2, 2013 another one of my beautiful cats, Sammi, a black and white tabby, went to Rainbows Bridge. April 9, 2014, Maci, my English Bulldog passed over to Rainbows Bridge. Maci and Hannah were best friends. I am sure that Mijo and my babies have all become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: http://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/Spook002/resident.HTM Take Care, Susan
From: Debbie
On: 1/25/17
I know no words can really sooth the loss of your beloved Mijo. My prayers go out to you. He was a beautiful boy and I know he must have brought a lot of joy to your life. He will be waiting for you by the Rainbow Bridge. My deepest condolences, Debbie
From: Regina - Bailey's Mom
On: 1/25/17
I am so sorry for your loss of Mijo. My heart goes out to you as I know you are struggling so with the loss of your precious baby. Your world has lost a very special baby, family member and friend, but the heavens have welcomed home a very special soul. Earth’s loss is heaven’s gain. I know you had a special relationship with Mijo that will always be a part of you. I pray that my sweet little girl, Bailey, found Mijo and they have become friends. May the precious love you shared with Mijo continue to warm your heart and I hope you find peace and comfort knowing that your love will bind you together forever. Peace and blessings to you. My precious Bailey left our world December 5th, 2013 and we miss her so. Please visit my Bailey at http://RainbowsBridge.com/residents/BAILE364/Resident.htm
From: Lula- Mom of Angel Duran
On: 1/25/17
So sorry for the loss of your baby. Prayers for you and your family Our furbabies are always with us whether here on Earth or up in Heaven, always watching over us. Their uncondtional love for us does not stop just because their body does, no more pain or suffering for them but their love for us is as strong as ever, just as our love for them is. Soon you will all be together again and going over the rainbow together, which is where your lives’ really begin
From: susieintucson
On: 1/25/17
Oh Magdelina, what a precious little pook your Mijo was! Your pictures are amazing; you can just see the love and devotion that was packed into that precious little body! That silky coat that looks so soft...that little face full of expression...it is no wonder why this is such a hard thing to go through. We miss their presence in our lives. Not having their physical body is so hard, and it takes a long time to get used to. He was so lucky to have had you...you were everything to him. Please join with all of us for the Monday Night Candle-Lighting services. There your Rainbow Bridge family will be with you, praying with and for you, and offering comfort. We know our animals are happy and healthy in spirit, and content to wait patiently until we can meet up with them to cross that beautiful bridge together; never to be separated again. Thank you for sharing your beautiful baby with us. You are in all of our prayers.
From: Chester's Dad
On: 1/25/17
Dear Magdelina, My prayers are with you on the passing of your precious Mijo. He was a beautiful boy and obviously deeply loved. You gave him a wonderful life and It is not easy losing our loving companions. I completely understand the pain and grief that you are experienced and you are not alone. Would like to share this poem read during Princess Diana's memorial. "Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." (Henry Van Dyke) Hope that the many memories of Mijo will continually provide you with comfort, he will forever live in your hearts and memories. If you would like, please feel free to visit my Baby's memorial. http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/CHEST037/Resident.htm. Sending love and light, Nelson

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