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From: Daddy Curtis
On: 5/19/22
Sweet McKinsey, we lost your younger brother today, our hearts are breaking, can you please watch out for Charlie until we can all see each other again. Love you both
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 1/10/22
Hey Sweet Boy, was thinking about you today, miss you still after all this time. Love you my Angel
From: Daddy
On: 10/17/21
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy, so sorry we missed it this year, your Daddys are moving to a new house and things are a bit crazy. Love and miss you
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/31/20
Today it has been 9 years since you were taken from us, your Daddy’s still miss you every day Sweet Boy😢 Love you very much, have fun at the Bridge this Halloween. ❤️❤️❤️
From: Daddy
On: 10/11/20
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL Think of you every day, miss you still Love you, till we meet again❤️🎉🎂❤️
From: Daddy Jeff
On: 11/1/19
Hi Baby Boy.... You are thought of often... You were our First, and you were an amazing boy full of life and love till your last breath... We love you McKinsey and will see you again one day...
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/31/19
Hi my Angel Boy, I can’t believe it has already been 8 years since you went to the bridge😢 Daddy misses you and loves you very much.
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/11/19
Happy 22nd Birthday my Angel, miss you my sweet boy. Daddy loves you
From: Daddy
On: 7/16/19
Sweet Angel, Daddy has been thinking about you today, after all this time Thoughts of your last days still brings me to tears. I’m so sorry Baby, your Daddies didn’t realize you were so sick. I love you so much and miss you every day😢💔
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 4/30/19
Hey Little Man, caught myself thinking about you this morning, Daddy misses his sweet boy. Love you
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/11/18
Happy 21st Birthday Angel Boy! Daddy misses his sweet boy very much. Have fun today at the Bridge. Love you always
From: Daddy Curt
On: 7/16/18
Hey Baby Boy, was thinking about you today. Miss you so very much.
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/31/17
Sweet Boy, I can't believe you have been gone six years today. It seems like only yesterday that my heart was breaking when you left us to go to the Bridge. I miss you so very much, till we see each other again, I love you little man
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/16/17
Happy Birthday at the Bridge my sweet boy. Love you and miss you so very much.
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 7/19/17
Hello My Sweet Angel, I've been thinking about you recently. Wanted to tell you how much I miss my boy, Love you
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 11/1/16
My Sweet Boy, yesterday marked 5 years since you had to leave us for the Rainbow Bridge. Your Daddies miss you still, so very much. I love you my Angel
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 10/11/16
Happy Birthday my sweet Angel Boy! Hope you are having a great day at the Bridge. Your Daddies miss you so very much. Please put in a good word for your baby sister DottieMae, she is having her second surgery today. Love you McKinsey!
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 7/28/16
Baby Boy, Daddy has had a rough couple of days, really missing you so very much. I am so very sorry that we never realized that you were so very sick. I'm sorry that we fussed at you for going potty inside, we didn't know Baby. I'm so very sorry for leaving you alone at the vet while they fumbled around trying to figure out what was wrong. I love you my sweetness, I miss you so bad sometimes it hurts, I wish so very much that I could have you back. Enjoy your time at the bridge, Daddy will see you again one day. LOVE YOU McKinsey!
From: Daddy
On: 5/18/16
Hello My Sweet Angel, Was thinking about you on the drive to work this morning. Miss you so very much. I love you my sweet boy
From: Daddy Curtis
On: 2/10/16
Hey Baby Boy, I really miss you, my best friend, my Angel. Can't seem to get back to 100% without you. I hope you are at the Bridge, I so want to see you again someday. Daddy loves and misses you

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