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From: Joe Money
On: 4/10/20
I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my sweet 15 year old Buster 3 weeks ago. I was just on hear looking at memorials so I can do one for him. I can tell you were a great parent & your fur babies were lucky to have you.
From: Mama
On: 7/1/18
My dearest girls; please pray for your brother Vinny- he has declined tremendously and we almost sent him to you today, but he has rallied a little bit. I will never be ready to let him go but I know I must when the time comes💔 he will be 13 in August and I am grateful that I have been his mom for all these years. When I do send him to you, please take him and show him around; make him comfortable, give him all your love- and most importantly let him know his mama will love him and miss him forever. I love you my sweet girls
From: At last, soemone who comes to the heart of it all
On: 8/12/15
At last, soemone who comes to the heart of it all
From: Mama
On: 7/25/13
My sweet baby girls mama has been thinking of you alot lately. I love the three of you so much. Wait for me my babies- we will be together again one day. All my love and hugs
From: Janina
On: 12/24/12
Dear Shelley, today I lost my sweet baby girl Maya. She left without me! But also she leaves her sister Mindi. I don't know what Mindi will do without her best friend. Though I know Maya will be met by the Judge and Zeus and Missy and our Lord, as you know, that comfort doesn't really take away the pain of the loss we feel today and for the years to come. Your area caught my eye because your girls were all M's too and even though the years are passing by, you still come here to wish them love and remember them. And it sounds like your sweet babies still come to visit you too in dreams. Well, this is the part that's comforting; to know that others wait to meet their baby doggies in Heaven too. God bless you and may our precious doggies meet over the rainbow bridge till we come calling for them.
From: R0BERT
On: 10/7/12
From: John
On: 5/14/12
I know how you feel Shelley. Had a cat for 18 years and was the best cat ever. He had to be put to sleep because he was old and his organs were shutting down. I think of him every day. I have 1/2 his ashes on my mantle and my ex-wife has the other half. Remember you have the memories of all the good times. Take care sweetie. Hugs!
From: Shelley
On: 4/16/12
My dear babies....Mama misses you so much. I love you all and know we will meet again someday....
From: Ashley
On: 10/8/10
My name is ashley and I just read your story. It warmed my heart knowing how loved and adored your babies were. I wish u all the best and just know they are with us everyday as our angels watching over us and protecting us.
From: robert
On: 7/30/10
dear little furbabys maddie,molly & macy you are resting in heavens rainbow bridge just made for gods loveing creatures other than man.its a stop off place until shelly come to finshed the trip with you.
From: Rebekkah Anne
On: 9/23/09
Maddie, Molly and Macy, Enjoy heaven! Please finf Ziggy Marley and give her a hug from Mommy and her family! Thank you!
From: Cathy Curry
On: 3/25/09
What sweet babies! You must miss them terribly. I hope my Kiwi will meet up with them and enjoy their romp in heaven together. Prayers and wishes, Cathy Curry ps: If you have a chance you can visit Kiwi at
From: Albert Gill
On: 6/19/08
I am very sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. When my Beloved Buster died, I cried myself to sleep every night for a long time. He was my very best friend, and the only thing that ever lived that loved me enough to fight for me. I now feel that my time is near too, and I look forward to being reunited with him.
From: Judy (Max's mommy)
On: 10/5/07
Maddie, Molly and Macy. You all are so beautiful and your Mommy loves you so. Shelley, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet babies. You are right, we will see them again some sweet day. GBU, and GB all the precious animals everywhere. Visit my Max if you would like.
From: Deborah and Hugh
On: 10/9/06
We hope your days are filled with wonderful memories.
From: Amanda
On: 10/8/06
Your angels are so precious. They are in Heaven now waiting to see you again someday. May you find comfort in the memories until then. God bless.
From: Cheyl
On: 10/8/06
Good Morning Maddie, Molly, and Macy, and what beautiful girls you are. My special guy Cy will be there to show you around the bridge, as he always did have an eye for the ladies. You now have a very special job to do everyday, and that is to let your mom know just how much you love her. Smile down from the rainbow, and she will know it is you. Now, run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 10/8/06
Good morning girls you sure are pretty ladies, I am sure that you are having a ball at RB, look for my Princess she will be a good buddy for you, as she came from a big doggy family.
From: Kelly, Bear and Murphy's Mom
On: 10/8/06
Good Morning, Maddie, Molly and Macy! My horse, Bear, will find all of you and take you for a wonderful ride at the Bridge. Visit mommy and let her know you are all happy and healthy. Hugs

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