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From: Jim
On: 9/24/23
I didn't see an entry for this year. Got me worried.
From: Jim
On: 3/13/23
Littleman, I don't always comment but I always visit each night when I visit Jamie. are a much loved kitty, your Dad always remembers you! Jim and the girls
From: Pat
On: 10/10/22
Hi, my little man. I am sorry I am so late visiting you this time. I have been unable to get to the computer because of a fall I suffered back in the summer. You don't know how one quick little action can disable you. But I am getting better now and am able to get around. Just because I wasn't at the computer doesn't mean I was not thinking of you and your dad. Visit him in his dreams, as I know he loves and misses you so. Have a good time with all of my sweet babies that are there with you. Until we all can be together again, be happy and watch over your dad.
From: Pat
On: 9/15/21
Littleman, I know I am a day early, but I don't get on the computer everyday like I used to. But I want you to know I am thinking about you and your Dad. He still misses you every day. As we get older, the ones we have lost draw closer to us because it will be less time until we are together again. I hope you are having a good time playing with all my babies at the Bridge. Just have a good time, but always remember how much your Dad loves you and be sure to look down and keep a watch for him when his time comes to be with you so you can run and jump in his arms and show him where to go and what to do so you can be together again for ever. Tell my babies I said hi and remind them how much I love them. Your Dad's Eternal friend.
From: david
On: 1/23/20
the Littleman with the BIG feet! I mustve read your memorial pages a dozen times now, and to my dismay, have neglected to sign your guestbook. My sincerest apologies for the oversight. I would like to think that 1 day you will come crashing thru the cat door looking for you can of Tuna, and Jack. But, the odds arent so too good. SOooo... lets hope that you are enjoying your tuna at the bridge. I would ask that you save the water in the can , and perhaps share it with my Gonzo, who loved the water, but, would NOT eat the tuna. Tuna was huMAN food, and Gonzo never wanted anything to do with huMAN food, just the water. (weird, huh?) Let your Jack hear your comforting purrs in the wind, and your gentle huggs in the rain. Disappearing in the rain never to be seen again is a sad departure, as there is no closure for your Jack , who is waiting for a sign from you. Please comfort the sad heart. Godspeed, and i hope youve found comfort and peace david
From: Rick McLaren
On: 12/24/19
Dear Littleman, have a wonderful Christmas and don't forget to pop by and give your old man a purr and kitty head bump. (Not too hard though :-) ) I hope you get lots of treats, and know that you are always loved and missed. Love Rick xoxo
From: Rick
On: 12/17/19
Hi Littleman, I wonder how life is up at the bridge. I hope it's all fun and games. I don't get online much theses days but I do think of you often, and your dad, my dear Yankee mate, Jack. He could probably do with a visit from you, even if just to watch over him. I love the old boy. Big tough changes sometimes take a bit of getting used to. But it all works out in the end. I did so look forward to spending the night in the blue room but when I finally do get there, even a tent will suffice. Memories can make us what we are, stronger, wiser and more appreciative. But we can always carry them in our hearts, and no-one can take them away. Your Aussie mate, Rick xoxo
From: Rick
On: 12/25/18
Dear Littleman, I hope you are taking care of Jack and keeping an eye on him. I don't want him overdoing things. I hope his Mom is ok. I bet it's cold over there, unlike here at the moment. Look after the other kitties and keep everyone safe. Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Love Rick from downunder xoxo
From: Pat Thomas
On: 9/16/18
Littleman, I am happy to have known you and your dad all these years. I know today is going to be very hard for him, so stay close to him and in some way let him know you are there and that you are happy and waiting to meet him at the Bridge when the time comes. I am sure you and Peppy and Poppy are great friends by now and you probably already know that three more of mine are now with you. I hope you all are so very happy and that you love Kelsey, too. Stay close to your dad today. He will need to know you are there. Love, Pat
From: jim
On: 9/16/18
Littleman; Your memory still lives in your Dad's heart, everything he's written shows he remembers you and all those who he kindly cared for. Blessings to you and to all who have joined you. Keep an eye out for Jamie if you get a chance, she's been gone from me too long. Jim and the girls
On: 4/19/18
Littleman was a beautiful cat. It sounds like each of your cats was very unique and special in their own way. I'm so sorry for your losses over the years. Unfortunately, it is the price we pay to love our pets and to be loved unconditionally in return. I very much understand the heartache you feel from the loss of your cats. I often feel like I will never be the same again. I am also getting old (56 in September) and am finding it more difficult to rebound from my grief. God Bless you for all the rescue work that you do. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
From: Rick
On: 2/26/18
Hi there Littleman, It's been a while since I last wrote to you. It hasn't been from lack of wanting to. I've just been sick and financial stuff has been crappy. I hope your dad is well. I miss my mate Jack. Please tell him I think of him always and will write soon. Stay out of trouble, young man :-) Love Rick
From: Little Man
On: 2/24/18
I am so glad we have our soul mates forever. Little Man lives on forever.
From: Roberta
On: 1/27/18
Hi Littleman, Just wanted to say how handsome you are. The picture that your Daddy put on your memorial is fabulous!!! I am sure you are hanging out with Tori(my beloved kitty), Bean(Rick's beloved kitty) and all of your other kitty siblings that have been a part of your Daddy Jack's life. It's obvious by what he has written about you that you are loved and missed so much!!! One glorious day we will all be reunited!! Until then, make sure you visit Jack and give him lots of kitty kisses!! With love, Roberta xoxo
From: Debbie Princess, Kaizer and Maddie's mom
On: 11/4/17
Hello there Littleman, I was just visiting some of my babies here at the bridge and came across you. Your dad has written you a beautiful story of love. I hope you have been able to send him a very special sign from above to let him know you are with him always just inside his heart. To Jack...May the love you feel for your precious Littleman sustain your heart until the day comes when you are once again reunited with him in heaven.
From: Sandra
On: 1/3/17
Hi Jack, so sorry to see you are suffering more from loss of a sweet baby. I also have been crushed the past 18 months by the loss of the three I had for a long time. It never ends I guess, so sorry for your many losses. Hugs
From: Jim (Jamie's Dad)
On: 11/28/16
I'm so sorry to read about Angel. After 30 years I can't imagine how hard it is to be without kitties. My heart goes out to you, and all those who have said goodbye over the years. eyes are wet as heck right now. We might not know each other, but you've written so well of your entire family that I always check to see how they are. Again, I am SO sad for you. Jim
From: Lindsay Henninger
On: 9/26/16
I'm so sorry for all your loss. I read through every message and my heart breaks for you. You will be with them all again! I had to say goodbye to my Little Girl on 9/10/16. She was a beautiful orange long hair; my first baby. I feel she left a hole in my heart, just like Littleman did yours. We had such a special connection, that I fear my heart will ache for it forever. At least I know I'm not the only one. <3
From: Pat
On: 9/20/16
Littleman, my heart is heavy today for your dad. Not only is he still watching and wondering where you went, but he is grieving for little Charlie who, we pray, is now safely with you and all the precious little souls that are there at the Bridge with you. Our only hope is that all of you are together, along with Peppy and Poppy, and that you are happy and healthy and full of love and sunshine and that you all keep an eye on your dad and me until we can be with you all again. Just know you are still loved and have a large part of our hearts with you forever.
From: Rick (Bean's Daddy)
On: 6/12/16
Hi Littleman, Just saying 'Hi!' to you and your Dad. I hope you, Beany and your mates, haven't been up to too much mischief. I hope your old man is ok. Please keep an eye on him for me. Oh, and tell him, I'm saving my pennies as fast as a kitty laps milk from a saucer. Either here or there, we'll have that pint. Oh and tell your Dad, I've almost finished my novel. It's set in the US. It's called 'Blue Sense'. Take care mate, love Rick

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