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From: R0BERT
On: 9/25/12
From: robert
On: 7/27/10
kristine sorry about your furbaby luke 13 years is great glad you had him that long i know it hurts even now my prayer out to you
From: Nancy
On: 4/8/10
Your Luke looks so much like my "Beau." We lost Beau last June and there is still an incredible hole in my heart. I have had dogs all my life but absolutely NONE like him. He was a small pony but thought he was a puppy. He followed me everywhere. He comforted me, he challenged me, he kept me active. He went so suddenly....hardly a chance to say our goodbyes. I know he is whole again in Heaven but I guess I'm selfish and would like nothing better than to have him back. I just wanted to drop you a line to know that there is someone else out here that knows what grief feels like.....peace!!
From: Craig
On: 3/7/10
Kristine, I was so terribly missing my Weim Buddy when I stumbled across your memorial to Luke. I think I know how much you miss him when you say that life just seemed to make more sense when he was around - the same went for my baby boy Buddy. I had the privledge of being his dad for 13 1/2 years also and the day I held him and let him go to heaen will always be the worst day of my life. It's been a month short of a year now and I still have daily reminders of things about him that I miss - I'm sure that will go on for a long time. Weimaraners are such wonderful dogs, aren't they? Buddy too had more personality than most people (in fact I think he thought he was "people" just like the rest of us) and like Luke, everybody loved him the minute they met him. He too ate kleenix and drank out of the toilet bowl. He was bold, and just as loving as he was confident. I can barely wait to see him again in heaven. Thank you for the memories. ~Craig
From: Rodney Jeanis
On: 5/12/09
Just wanted to let you know, I had an exact of Luke and had to have him put to sleep last week, he would have been 10 in June. He was diagnosed with cancer and I tried everything to keep him but in the end I couldn't. I feel I lost all that I ever had, I seemed closer to him than my own son, who is 30. I guess that it was because he was beside me all the time and in the end, which he knew was near, would not let me out of his sight, which made it hard. I would like to get another but I don't know if I could take the heartache of giving up another. Maybe Cooper and Luke can find time to play together and think of how silly we must be, but I can't be any other way, sorry.
From: Claire
On: 12/29/07
What a full life you gave your boy! How fortunate you had each other for so many years. It makes the parting so difficult, having shared so much together, but I wish you peace as the years go by. Our Weim, Frieda, left us in 2001 and only recently have my tears been more joyful than sorrowful. They have a very special place in our hearts forever!
From: Jennifer
On: 9/10/07
I am so sorry for the loss of Luke. I am grieving the loss of my Weimie, Juno, who died about six weeks ago. It is so good to read about others who have had a weimie in their lives and that they all are so goofy and lovable. Take Care.
From: Susan
On: 11/6/06
I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Luke. I just lost my best friend, Nikki, (also a Weimaraner) who brightened my every day for 14 1/2 years. I'm filled with sorrow, but it gladdens me to know that she's whole again, smiling and running and playing in the rolling hills with all that are at the Rainbow Bridge.
From: Aunt Linda
On: 10/30/06
I hope Luke has met Stone, and they are running in the fields together.
From: Kelly, Bear and Murphy's Mom
On: 9/30/06
Good Morning, Luke! My horse, Bear, will find you and take you for a wonderous ride at the Bridge where anything is possible! Visit mommy and let her know you are happy and healthy. Hugs
From: Cheryl
On: 9/29/06
Good Morning Luke, and what a handsome boy you are. Welcome to the bridge. You have a very special job to do everyday, and that is to let your mom know just how much you love her. Smile down on her , and she will know it is you. My special guy Cy will be there to show you around, and introduce you to all the other fine residents of RB. So, now it's time to run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom
From: Amanda
On: 9/29/06
I'm so sorry about your loss of Luke. I know how hard it is, so I wish you comfort during your time of loss. God bless, you're in my prayers.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 9/29/06
Good morning Luke you sure are a handsome fellow, I am sure your mommy misses u bunches..send her a sign to let her know that u are ok...I will tell my Princess to look for Luke as she will be a good buddy to him til you get there one your mommy hang on to those precious memories u made here they will give u the smiles u need during your sad times to come.
From: Monica
On: 9/28/06
What a beautiful Weimaraner Luke was! I'm so sorry for your loss. He seems like he was so sweet.

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