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From: Mom & Dad
On: 1/29/23
Mr Louie, our beautiful old puppy. Babe, it is still so hard for Dad to write to you at Rainbow, it always triggers such remorse, Dad just looked at some of the photos, taken just one month before you died. Ohh, puppy, you looked so unwell. Babe, we didn't want you to suffer, even though we knew you were happy to 'tough it out', but Dr Stephen had told us just how awful it would have been for you, when your little heart completely failed and Puppy, that was more than we could bear. Dad saw that look on your face, right at the last minute, when you realzed what was going on and Babe, Dad has to live with that look of betrayal for the rest of his life. I hope you can forgive me, Puppy. Dad still cherishes the memories of our time together, you were such a special babe, Dad's little engineer and sooo clever. Babe, just to hold you once again is Dad's secret dream. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/28/22
Our beautiful 'Old Man'! Babe, another Christmas, another anniversary and in a couple of days, another year - all gone - and all without you and Benji. What did we do to deserve this? But puppy, you know you left an indelible mark on your Mom & Dad. Father time keeps trying to erase you, but Dad is so resisting that! It was just so awful on Christmas morning, no puppies to run and rip the present under the tree to shreds. Mom used to do a 'Dickens' video of you and Benji on the bed - 'twas the night before Christmas and not even a puppy was stirring'. Ohhh, the fun days. All gone. Puppy, we know you are at peace at the Rainbow Bridge, but it would be much, much better if you were here with us. Just to see that old, familiar smile again But babe, that's what Dad has lots of photos for, you are never far from our thoughts. Love you sweet Angel, Louie, you were our precious gift from Gad. Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/25/22
Our beautiful old Puppy, yet another Christmas without you. We had some visitors for xmas lunch today and they mentioned that last time they were here, we had two puppies. Dad pointed out that this is our 7th Christmas without you and they were amazed that so much time has gone by. But Puppy, that's how it is for Mom & Dad - it still seems just like yesterday that you were an active part of ou Christmas festival. But Puppy, you know that we're never gonna forget you. Merry Christmas, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 11/29/22
Our beautiful old puppy! Babe, how we miss you. So many things about you still flash through our minds - every day. Dad still wishes you wre here - to deal with those pesky magpies. Dad knows that you didn't tolerate any intruders and that's where the line in your poem came from - and when you spoke, the bids took wing! But babe, remember that time when we went hiking through the old train tunnel? You were having so much fun, you were literally 'smiling' and that couple we met on the other side said - that's one happy dog! Babe, your smile was legendary and we still get a chuckle from looking at your photos. Dad knows how lucky we are to actually have decent pic - you were very clever - and liked to 'look away' whenever there was a camera. But, Dad was able to catch you out - sometimes! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God and your sweet little face is burned into our heart forever. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 11/2/22
Happy Birthday to our beautiful 'Old Man'! Babe, you would have been 20 today Oh puppy, so many good times we had together and we're so grateful for that and our memories of you and Benji, up at the beach house are some of the best ever. Dad still remembers that time, when we were having lunch by the sea, and that birdie can strolling around the corner to where we were sitting. You and Benji looked at each other and even Dad heard the thought message - let's get him! Lucky Dad hd you both on a leash - that poor birdie got such a fright. So did MOm & Dad, but we knew that you weren't 'naughty boyz', the birdie was intruding on your space! Too funny! Love you Mr Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Always on our mind. Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 10/29/22
Our beautiful Mr Louie, father time keeps flipping those calendar pages over - faster and faster. It's 87 months today (of course Dad is still counting!), but babe, most of it all seems just like yesterday. I guess that's because you are in our thoughts many times, each day and Mom has kept you both surrounded with beautiful, fresh hippeastrums from the garden that you loved so much. The deep red ones and the double-white are the last to flower, so I guess Mom will find something new to adorn your shrine. Dad found some pics from back at the old place, and even there, you used to do garden patrols, plus, you had that secret spot behind the hedge where you would disappear for around 5 minutes and then, suddenly, come racing out. We never kne what went on in there. It was your little secret. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you forever, Mom & Dad
From: Dad
On: 10/4/22
Hi my beautiful Mr Louie. Dad was just looking at some old pics of you'n Benji. Puppy man, Dad still misses you so much and he dreams of the day when we are all together again, as one happy family. Mom has lots of new spring flowers, Dad remembers how you used to patrol the garden and smell all the beautiful flowers. Love you my Angel Pup. Sad Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 9/29/22
Our beautiful Mr Louie, one of the lights of our lives! Puppy man, Dad has just watched some of the videos of you and Benji, up at the beach house, You both had such looks of joy on your little faces and Mom & Dad never knew what you were digging for, but you sure were intent on finding it. We guessed it was a crab or fish that had burrowed down, but you were so determined to get it! Dad still remembers the time you unearthed rock and you wanted to bring it back home with you, but it was so big and heavy, so Mom carried it for you - and you were so happy. We still have that rock, puppy. We never knew what made it so special, but it was and you were so possessive of it. Mom has it tucked away inside 'blue bear' and one day, it will be buried along with us - and our boy's ashes. Till them, Babe, we are the 'keepers of the rock'. Oh Puppy man, we miss you so much! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from Gad. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 8/29/22
Hi my beautiful old puppy! Babe, 6 years and one month - Dad's still counting Dad still remembers all the things that were 'you' - the fun we used to have with Mr Laser-beam. Dad would make it creep up the wall, over the roof and down the wall on the other side and across the floor to where you were pretending to be asleep. Dad could see your little eyes tracking tht red dot and when it got to your paws - you'd make a grab at it. But puppy, of course, you could never catch it. I guess that Dad was a 'meanie', but you had so much fun. Ah, puppy man, Dad could have any of those times with you - all over again. It's still so hard to put into words what you meant to us, you really were a true friend and you always listened so attentively. Dad could explain nuclear physics to you and you'd nod your head in agreement and you'd listen to every last word. Puppy, you were simply 'the best', and that's why we still miss you like crazy. Love you sweet Angel Louie, the love of our life. Mom & Dad
From: Aunt Meal meal
On: 8/29/22
Good morning my handsome Louie, Stopping by on this early morning to give you lots of hugs and kisses and to let you know how very loved you are and missed…. Sorry I’m late but my mommy passed away and my Louie your aunt is still a mess so when you meet give her licks for me ,now she is with you ,Benji and all my angel babies my mom loved them so . I’m sure you had much fun on your Bridge anniversary with plenty of treats ,your aunt will give you a yummy treat to enjoy this morning ,you my love have a fun day and always remember your mom and dad oh don’t forget me love you forever ,all Gods blessing my Louie ,your aunt Meal meal ♥️♥️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌈🌈🌈💋💋💋♥️
From: Mom & Dad
On: 7/29/22
Hi my beautiful old Puppy, Mr Louie. Babe, 6 years ago today our lives were shattered when we had to say goodbye to you. Puppy, today is the day that Dad really 'lets go' and drags out all your old memorabilia. I've just been talking to 'Monkey' and he and Benji's 'long doggy' now have a spot in Dad's office. Dad still recalls how you used to sleep, under the desk, right by Dad's feet - and I often reached down and patted you, especially if you wre snoring real loud. Dad also got out your lock of hair that he took before you died, it is still so special to me. Dad found some old pics of you, back at the old house, with your yellow frisbee - the one that you had trained Dad so well to run after all the time. Dad knows that 'fetching things' is way below a Cavalier's station, after all, you DO have 'King' in your nae! Thank you my special Angel, Louie, for being such a perfect Puppy, you were our precious gift from God. Love, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 6/29/22
Hi my beautiful old puppy! Babe, Dad just realized that you would have been 20, next birthday. If only you could have lasted that long. Puppy, Dad still see's your ghostly outline laying on your favorite sofa in the coffee room. Dad still remember how he'd come and snuggle you while you were sleeping, and you'd do a little 'jiggle' to get comfy - and just snooze on while Dad gave you a head and belly-rub, all the time showing that lovely 'smile' which said - hey, I'm one very contented Cavalier! Babe, we did try to make your life so happy We did see you fly over, last week - it was a beautiful sight, but we don't get any more passes until 7 July. Of course we will be looking for you. We had an early morning rainbow, this morning. We always know it is a message from our babes. If only we could sneak across to spend some time with you! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 5/29/22
Hi Mr Louie, our beautiful old puppy. Babe, Dad always reads your story, every visit - even though he wrote it. It's still meaningful to recall just how your passing left us feeling. Of course we still miss you - and Benji and we've never missed lighting your candle every night, Dad is still amazed at your technical expertise and we're sure you were an engineer in a past life. Puppy, we've had beautiful clear skies for the last week - but no ISS. We haven't seen you fly obver, for ages - hopefully, one day soon! Dad is working on a new set of photos for your Rainbow page, to show off your more handsome side. Dad wishes he had a video of how you used to give him a kiss. At first, you'd say - I don't do that, but when pressured, you'd finally turn and give Dad the most delightful little 'peck'. Puppy, you were so gorgeous! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God and our hearts are empty with out you. Love you, Babe, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 4/29/22
Our dear, sweet Mr Louie, it's hard to imagine that you have been gone nearly 6 years. We still have lots of photos of you and Benji, set around the house and Dad still has memory sessions with your photos on his computer. Lots of videos, too. It is so amazing to actually hear your voice as well as seeing you move. We had such great times together and actually shared so many experiences. We had out garden beds re-done recently and Dad remember how you had to go meet the man doing the edging, only to find that he wasn't too happy to meet you! Dad can still see that look on your sweet little face - what? Someone DOESN'T want to know me? Babe, just so many stories all waiting to be told, you were the vest puppy ever! Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God, Loe you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 3/29/22
Hi my beautiful 'Old Dog'! Another month has flown past and puppy man, you have some more friends with you at Rainbow. Sweet Sienna and little Jessica. So many babes that Dad has to keep track of. Dad has been waiting for ages to see my little sky pilot, but we have had so much cloud. But Dd still remember the last pass, it was so beautiful - with Mom & Dad out in the yard, holding your candle aloft and calling your name (Benji;s too!) Dad knows you can see us because somehow you seem to put the brakes on and your ISS seems to stop in space, for a moment. Babe, if only you could leap out and parachute back to us. We miss you so much, my little buddy. Dad still see's you, snoozing on your favorite chair. He always had to keep watch on you in case you ever wanted to get down, we didn't want you to hurt your little legs. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Aunt Ginny
On: 3/27/22
Dearest Louie: Aunt Ginny wants to apologize for not visiting in such a long time. I still love you and Benji and think of you both all the time. Unfortunately, life has changed so much since you had to leave. I can't believe it's almost six years already. I remember you boyz at the top of your staircase looking down at Dad, on the beach, on vacations and of course Christmas mornings the joy watching you boyz upwrap your gifts. I felt your Mom and Dad's heartbreak when loosing you and now I have to face it all again loosing my beautiful girl Sienna. I hope she is with you, Benji and her sweet brother Santino. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you all always. Aunt Ginny xoxo
From: Mom & Dad
On: 3/7/22
Hi my beautiful puppy, Dad is here to tell you that Aunt Ginny's Sienna is on her way to Rainbow Bridge. She has been one of Dad's 'fridge angels' who sit atop the fridge and watch Dad every time he takes something out. For a long time, she has been the only 'real' puppy in that set of photos. Now, she is an 'Angel Pup', too. Please make her feel welcome and make sure she gets to find Cisco and Santino, her brothers. Just so, so sad. Love you my precious pup. Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 2/28/22
Our beautiful Mr Louie. Babe, it's 67 months today since you left us. So near yet so far. Puppy man, Dad still remember the fun we had when you were a tiny little babe. Sooo cute, with those naturally 'bobbed' ears that baby cavs have. You were just soo cheeky, but, you were so gorgeous and cute that who could ever growl at you? You'd just stare back with those big brown eyes and look so angelic - who me? Babe, Dad's sorry he had to come visit you a day early - there is no '29th' of Feb, this year, so we decided better to be early rather than late. We know you will understand. Puppy, we wish you were here with us - we have a magpie that is very noisy - we have called him 'squawky' and he never shuts up and he knows you Mom & Dad can't catch him. Dad knows you would fix him - quick smart! Dad found his old laser, last week - remember the fun we used to have with that? Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Love you, Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 1/29/22
Our beautiful Mr Louie. Puppy, it's 66 months since you left us. Such a long time, but babe, for Mom & Dad, you haven't really gone. We still have yours and Benji's pictures all around the place. But baba, it's definitely not the same as having you here for real! A few minutes ago, Dad went by your favorite chair. You used to sleep there and Dad would come by and rub your neck and shoulders and you'd give a little 'jump' to jiggle yourself into a comfy position. Dad knew that he'd 'hit the spot' for you. Ohh, puppy, just to be able to do that again, to feel those gorgeous ears again, to see your beautiful smile again. Babe, poor old Dad knows it won't happen, but no-one is ever gonna stop me from hoping it will. Dad still misses your technical expertise, they way y9u used to get involved in what Dad was doing - and how you would 'study' things. That's why we think you were an engineer in a past life. Love you, sweet Angel Louie, you were our precious gift from God. Mom & Dad
From: Mom & Dad
On: 12/29/21
Dear Mr Louie, our beautiful 'Old Man'. Puppy, it's 65 months since you left us and babe, we've never missed lighting your candle at night. Dad always looks into your eyes, on your photo - and Benji's, too and tells you how much we still love you both. And then, every morning, Mom turns your little candle off. Puppy, we've just had some big works done around the house and bebe, you would have loved it. There were tractors and big concrete machines - you would have been able to bark your head off. Puppy, Dad knows you were an engineer, you were always so interested in anything mechanical. Dad could see you 'working things out' when you used to studiously inspect things. You were just so clever, your Dad was in awe of your capabilities. Dad just read your story again, and now is howling - all over again. My little Buddy, you were the light of our lives. Rest peacefully, sweet Angel Louie you were our precious gift from God. Love you so, Mom & Dad

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