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From: Kim
On: 1/3/24
Rest in peace keiki.
From: Thomas
On: 8/15/23
Your Keiki is such a darling.
From: Janis
On: 8/15/23
Prayers for your Keiki's passing.
From: Jim
On: 8/15/23
So sorry for your Keiki's passing
From: Heather
On: 9/8/13
Dear Hap and Dolores I am really sorry that you lost Keiki. Love Heather
On: 3/20/12
On: 7/6/10
From: Annette and Mickey
On: 10/14/07
To the Family of Hap and Delores. So terribly sorry to hear of this tragic news. May You find peace knowing that they both are united with their baby Keiki at the Bridge...In My thoughts and prayers. Annette and Mickey
From: Vicky - Sasha Joy & Alice's mom
On: 10/7/07
To the family and friends of Hap and Dolores Rogers, my heartfelt sympathy in your tragic loss of two very special people. I wish for you God's love and peace to help comfort you during this difficult time. To Keiki, your family is together again in a beautiful place of peace for all eternity.
From: Sandy (Jake's mom)
On: 9/28/07
Hello sweet Keiki, You have waited precious boy for your mommy and daddy and the time has come for you to be with them again. What a joy that must be! They will be missed here on earth, but what a joyous celebration in Heaven. My deepest condolences to the family of Hap and Dolores. They sound like such wonderful, caring, beautiful people and I am sure for those who knew them their lives will be forever changed. Know they are resting peacefully in the place they have only imagined before, with their precious furbaby! GOD BLESS~
From: Tracy (Bun~Bun's "Grammie")
On: 9/25/07
Beautiful Keiki, may you rest in eternal peace now with your Mom & Dad who have come to join you ~ To the family of Hap & Dolores, I am so very sorry for your loss. Peace to you & God Bless ~
From: Pressy's Family
On: 9/24/07
Hello, precious little Keiki. Pressy is with you to greet your Mommy and Daddy in the meadow by the Bridge. She will miss you as her playmate but know what a happy reunion you have with them and now it is your time to cross over the beautiful Rainbow Bridge with them happy now together in Heaven for all time. Goodbye now little Keiki...go in peace forever with Mommy and Daddy into the Lord's presence.
From: Tencia--Muchacha & Princess's Mom
On: 9/24/07
Precious Keiki,you are now united forever-what a joy to see your people parents, what licks,and head bumps. what love. God Bless you all. Heaven is a Beautiful place.
From: Annette....Lacy's Mom (Oklastar Sweetness)
On: 9/24/07
Lovely Keiki, what a joy it must have been to have been reunited with your Mommy & Daddy. It is so sad for those of us left here, but with faith alone, we rejoice at the joining of a family once again. We believe that all are very much alive, very much celebrating that life, now together with you and with the Lord Almighty. May you all visit those left behind with hearts broken in two, to let all know that you are all together and are all very much OK. God Bless you all! I'm so very very sorry!
From: Maria - Ralphie's Mom
On: 9/24/07
Precious Keiki ... the circle's complete now, your Mom and Dad have joined you and eternity has begun for your family ... what a reunion that must have been, Keiki ... I can just imagine how you ran to them when you saw them coming over the rainbow! Kisses and hugs on butterfly wings coming your way ... share them with your parents.
On: 9/24/07
My thoughts and prayers are with Hap and Dolores's family. They are now together forever in Gods peaceful place called the Rainbow Bridge.Love Shelly-
From: Lola's Mommy Catherine
On: 9/24/07
Sweet Keiki, Your mommy and daddy have joined you now and you all are happily reunited in heaven. They loved you so much and God chose for them to be with you for eternity. My deepest condolences to Hap and Dolores's family on your loss. May they have eternal peace with their beloved, Keiki. Sincerely, Catherine
From: Cheryl
On: 9/24/07
Hello Keiki, and welcome to the bridge. Your mom and dad are with you now. Life takes many strange twists and turns, and no one can explain it. But, you are all together now, and the hurt is no more. To the family of Hap and Delores, I am so sorry for your loss, and the memories of them will shine brightly in your hearts. Now Keiki, it is time to run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl AKA Mom to Cyrano and the entire crew.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 9/24/07
Hello dear sweet baby your mommy and daddy are coming to join you, meet them at the gates, precious one where you all will be reunited as a family with only wonderful good health and youth and love ahead of you, rest now baby for your family is once again complete. To Hap and Dolores's family, I send you my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your precious loved ones. It is hard to loose a loved one at anytime but especially in an accident, may you find some comfort in the love being sent to you all and the prayers of healing that are going up from this wonderful family here at Rainbows Bridge.
From: charlie and furbaby Caleb
On: 9/24/07
Sweet Keiki, Once more wrapped in the arms of those who so loved you. Now always together you,mom and dad will forever be. Just think how the brightest starlight in the Heavens will draw all eyes towards you.My caleb and many others will surround you always with friendship and love,as you will therefore keep watch over all of us. May you all Rest in Peace.

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