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From: Andrell
On: 3/26/18
Cheryl Anne- Keith's selfie revealed a gentle, quiet and lap warming best friend who filled your days with endless purrs and love. To know he peacefully journeyed to Rainbow Bridge to reunite with his brother, Zipee, once freeing himself from relentless pain will truly help you on your own journey to healing your aching heart. With my deepest condolences in your time of need, I have left a special replica of your beautiful boy. Run free, together forever...
From: Pressy's Family
On: 3/26/18
Hello, handsome Keith, welcome to Paradise meadow by Rainbow Bridge. Mommy loves and misses you so...she made you a beautiful place and wrote loving words. We asked our Pressy to help your meadow fur family welcome you and be a playmate to chase colorful butterflies and trade kitty love headbumps. She'll show you Paradise meadow and teach you to send love signs on the wind so Mommy hears your meows and purrs and feels a soft touch of your kitty paw in gentle breezes. You're now another guardian star shining brightly until she comes to cross the Bridge together for all time. We ask she not be so sad but treasure memories of you and remember you're curled up beside your pawprints deep in her heart forever. Play meadow games with furangels but stop often to smile at Mommy so she feels the warmth of your love surround her and knows you miss her too and are with her. Soar among clouds with Zipee on silvery new angel wings to watch over Mommy always, beloved sweet baby boy. Pressy's Grandpa

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