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From: Bob D
On: 12/8/15
Jo so sorry to hear about Katie, I know how much you loved her you gave her the best life ever.She could never of had it better
From: Laurie McDermott Heiligstedt
On: 12/5/15
I'm so sorry but what a sweet way to remember Katie! I loved hearing all the stories about her from Mom and Dad. My thoughts are with you across the miles! Love, your cousin, Laurie
From: Judy McDermott
On: 12/1/15
Dear JoAnne, We loved Katie, too! But most of all I would watch her follow you around and saw how she loved you. You couldn't have done more for her nor loved her more. Love, from Aunt Judy & Uncle Mac.
From: Jeff Lowman
On: 12/1/15
Please accept my deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Joann
From: Allen Hall
On: 12/1/15
Round the corner there may wait A new road or secret gate Though I often pass them by A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the moon and east of the sun.
From: Janice G5
On: 12/1/15
How touching. What a wonderful way to remember Katie. Love, Aunt Jen

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