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From: Debbie Bud Jones, Princess and the 8 others' mom
On: 6/15/19
Hello there Joshua, I was just visiting some of my babies here at the bridge and came across your love story your humans have written for you here. I love the description your mama worte, " a glimpse from God". OH MY , how very true. You beautiful souls and I know this as I have 10 babies here at the bridge 8 of which came to us as some type of rescue. I know that you each are special gifts from God only on loan to us and that you are sent to bring pure joy and delight into our lives. I am sure even still your parents miss you very much sweet boy, so don't forget in all that play up there in heaven with all the others who have gone on before us, to stop every now and again to send your family a bright shiny star in the sky at night so they will know you are always with them just inside their hearts.
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 9/9/17
Joshua, I just dropped by to greet you Happy birthday! You're 26 years old today. Here's a birthday cake; I'm sorry you're not around to blow your candles.
From: Jeannie Ross
On: 7/18/17
To Joshua - Although many years have passed, your mama still feels your absence as if it were today. She senses your spirit and when she opens the door she still thinks for an instant that you are waiting there to greet her. You will never be forgotten. To Joyce, Thank you for your kind words. They described my feelings exactly. Bless you!
From: Michael Ottaviano
On: 5/14/17
Joshua, I want you to meet my friend Gizmo. He just entered the Rainbow Bridge 4/19/17. I think you will become very good friends. Joyce, thank you so much for the beautiful poem. Michael
From: Lito Ortiz
On: 4/22/17
Hi, Joshua. I just dropped because I noted that today is your 8th anniversary at Rainbow Bridge. Joshua, from where you are, I'm sure you can see and hear your mom, Joyce. You see her heart, so you know how much she's been missing you all these 8 years. Giver her a sign, Joshua; show her that you see her heart. Joshua, have you met my River yet? She's a female Beagle, and she's been there for a month now. Go find my River, play with her and keep her company, until the day that I will pick her up and cross the Rainbow Bridge with her. Don't forget your mom. Bye, Joshua.
From: Ana - Colombo's mom
On: 3/24/17
Hello Joyce, what a beautiful memorial and beautiful words that you write to your fur baby all the time, he is a very loved puppy, you -and him- were very lucky for having all that time to be together, and I know that he is very happy to know that you love him like always, but he must get sad when he knows that you suffer so much... Live your life to the fullest, for him, and do not feel guilty of having and loving another puppy, because I am sure that Joshua himself sent it to you, to give you happiness, now that he is in heaven, where I am sure he has become a very good friend with my Colombo... They are both happy and healthy, young again, always under the blessing of us... their mommies and daddies and God, of course, be strong, you are not alone.
From: Susan
On: 5/11/16
Thank you Joyce for reaching out to Bailey and ourselves. Joshua was a beautiful baby and still is... I'm so happy to know that they are all together in Heaven on this place we call the Rainbow Bridge. God Bless you all
From: Jerry, Cupcake's Dad
On: 2/8/16
Joyce & Harry, I am so sorry for your loss of Joshua. I can see from the many entries in his log, that you cared so deeply for him, and believe me he knows this. Don't loose sight of the fact we will all be together again someday. Jerry, Cupcake's Dad
From: Janet
On: 3/26/14
GOd bless you for loving and caring so very much for one of His most special angels! He is so handsome! I read a poem you wrote on another resident's site that led me to this one. I am glad you are caring for another angel now as your heart is too big not to. Please feel free to visit my Ms. Molly.
From: Vanessa Davidson
On: 9/11/13
Your little Joshua is sending the brightest star at night to light your way. He crossed the bridge and is in heaven now. He is young again with no pain. He does remember you and is waiting patiently. A year in time on earth is only a moment in heaven. Rev. Billy Graham said that heaven would not be heaven without our pets that we loved. God gave his breath of Life to all of his creation, therefore you can be assured that little Joshua is in paradise. You will be together again one day. May God Bless you and your family.
From: Lisa
On: 6/10/13
Joyce, Joshua sounds like such a sweet boy. I hope he and my little boy are playing at the bridge. Jato was only one year old when he went to the bridge so he and Joshua can be puppies together. I love that Joshua never stopped be puppyish :). The first line of the poem you left on Jato's page made me tear and smile since only just last night, I had cried from missing him so much. I can tell how much you miss your little boy too.
From: Carol
On: 4/22/13
I can't thank you enough for the beautiful poem. I so feel that way. Everything I do and everyplace I go reminds me of my sweet Ajax. I miss him so very much
On: 4/22/13
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 3/31/13
May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to do to the sunrise service. Gloria and all the family.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. Jake asked me to send these to you. xoxo Gloria
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/12/13
Dear Joshua, I am so very happy to meet you. I am quite sure my Kids have met you. They all seem to be quite busy as there is always something going on. From your Mama's letters, you were a very SPECIAL DOG. I guess I have to say, ALL DOGS are special. It up to us humans to take them in, love them and take care of them. Make them FAMILY. That's why we say" there is no such thing as a dog." They are full fledged Family Members. I LOVE your Painting. It is just wonderful. I am glad your Mama posted it as your Marker pix. Teby Bear knows all about you and wishes he had known you. Remind Teby, he too is a good dog and be patient as one day he will wiggle his tail into their hearts. We both know they will never forget you. One day, when its time, you will meet them at the gate and you can take care of them as they took care of you for so long as you will be together again. Enjoy each day, look after your family and Tedy Bear. Sincerely, Gloria & the RBB kids. xoxox
From: Joan (Brinkley's Mom)
On: 2/12/13
Hello Joshua. Your Mommy sent a beautiful poem today in my sweet boy Brinkley's guest book. I hope you have romped into Brinkley in that meadow in the sky. He will be a frightened being away from home without me, but perhaps those feelings of anxiety do not exist where you boy's are. I hope not. He is a kind, gentle boy and will be a good friend to you. Please tell him I miss and love him as I know your Mommy and Daddy do you. Brinkley's Mom
From: walt n clo knights
On: 11/7/12
Hi Joyce n Harry: We are the human parants of Trixie R.I.P. I am responding to your condolences to us for Trixie. Passed on 30/Jun 2012. Joshua looks like a very sweet one. Sorry for the loss but enjoy great memories. We will write more about Trixie. Her photo was in the local Focos Paper. Again enjoy good memories about your Joshua. Trixie was a very good singer so she will make everyone happy when they hear her sing. Thanks, Bye for now Walt n clo
From: faye wong
On: 8/17/12
Thank you for signing Casey's guest book. I can tell your love for Joshua remains unchanged after all these years. He was so lucky to have such caring earth Mom & Dad.
From: Debra
On: 4/27/12
Joyce, I decided to look up Joshua Residency and as I read your story I can hear the love you had for Joshua, and still have.Joshua captured your hearts like Max has captured ours. It's hard to think that it might get easier with time but the ache in our hearts never goes away. Nor will the wonderful memories we have of them! You will always love your Joshua and I will always love my Max! Forever Debra

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