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On: 5/28/14
From: Pressy, Boo, and Char's Family
On: 12/25/13
Merry Christmas, pretty Jenny Ryan. We heard the furangels sing to us at the magical hour of midnight on Christmas Eve. Mama Cinder's choir practice was perfect...all the Christmas hymns you furangels sang to us were beautiful. We enjoyed the loving voices of you furangels sending your musical gifts of love from Paradise meadow down to us who love and miss you so much. Thank you for singing to us. We give you these flowers to show our appreciation for your precious gift of love you sent to Mum and to us. We leave you our love, pretty Jenny Ryan
From: Pressy, Master Thomas, Char
On: 12/19/13
Hello, pretty Doctor Jenny Ryan. We came to deliver this Christmas tree for you. Grandpa asked us to make sure all the members of our Paradise meadow family have a Christmas tree for their homes in the meadow. See all the trees on the wagon Char is pulling. Master Thomas is sitting on top to keep count...he counted all the trees as we collected them in the magic forest in the meadow to make sure we have one for everyone's home. They're all decorated...aren't they beautiful. Know you have been helping Mama Cinder with choir practice for the family to sing to special people parents at midnight on Christmas Eve. Know you're making sure all are well rested from're such a wonderful Animal Doctor for the weary furangels who arrive in the meadow tired or ill from the trip. Well, we've got to keep going to deliver these trees and we have many more to deliver...don't forget choir practice tonight. Merry Christmas to you Doctor Jenny.
On: 5/28/13
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 4/27/13
Dear Jenny, I know I am late with this Thank You. Its so hard to know Oliver is gone. I want to personally thank you for helping him with his dressings. I am sure all the tube holes and staple holes are probably all well by now. You have been such a help with this sort of thing. Thank You for all the things you do to help ALL the animals. You have a very special ability to cure the ill. Thank you for helping dear Oliver and for all the rest who knock on your door for help. You are our HERO !! I am sending you more blankets in case you need them. Also a few fresh hamburgers you can share, but be sure to eat what you want. Thank You Jenny. xoxoxox Gloria and the WHOLE Childers Family. Look for 4 big boxes addressed to you EMT/Nurse Jenny Ryan marked DEL ASAP. THANK YOU..... Most Sincerely, Gloria and ALL the Childers Family.
From: Doreen
On: 3/31/13
Happy Easter beautiful Jenny, Hope your having a very special Easter with all the other wonderful Rainbow Angels.Your mom and family love you so much sweet one, such a wonderful tribute in your honor. Hope you have a great day in the forever warm sunshine with all your fur friends.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 3/31/13
May you have a wonderful Easter. Don't forget to do to the sunrise service. Gloria and all the family.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/14/13
Happy Valentine's Day. Jake asked me to send this to you. xoxo Gloria
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 2/8/13
Dear Jenny, I have just assured Brinkley’s Mom that you and Jake where there to meet him as he climbed the stairs to RBB. Jake asked him to come and live with him. I know you will help him as he regains his hearing, to help him not to have a sensory over load. You are a Pro at teaching and knowing how to help others. Thank You Jenny. You are our AD (Animal Doctor) and our HERO. :-) Here are some sweets for everyone. That always makes things better. :-) xoxox Gloria
From: Joan, Brinkley's Mom
On: 2/8/13
Hi Jenny! What a beautiful girl you are!! And a celebrity too, in the newspaper! I need to ask a favor of you and that is to keep an eye out for my sweet Brinkley boy. He might be frightened away from home without me there. Please be his friend and let him know he is safe and that I'll see him as soon as I get there. Thank you. Brinkley's Mom
From: Doreen Stewart
On: 1/23/13
Hello Jenny, You are so beautiful, I love the painting your mom made of you. She is so talented along with being the best mum ever. The memorial she has created, is a display of her devotion that she has for her baby girl. What a lucky gorgeous girl you are. Heard that you've got a thing for chocolate, I can understand that one, it's so yummy. I'm sure that your more than busy in Rainbow Heaven, what a huge family so many kitties & dogs. I bet all of you have the best of time, the endless days of frolicking in the forever sunshine. It's been such a joy visiting you, I'm so glad to know your here. I will be returning now & then so say hello.Sweet dreams sweet one, can imagine you've got a busy day all set up for tomorrow. Whoofs Doreen I'm sorry, there is no chocolate, hope you like ice cream
From: Heather and the Girls
On: 1/1/13
Dear Jenny, We want to wish you a very Happy New Year and are sending a special New Year`s treat together with Sweet Blessings. With Love from Heather and the Girls.
From: Gloria and All the Family & Snickers
On: 12/29/12
May you have a wonderful New Year xoxoxo Gloria
From: Pressy's Family
On: 12/25/12
Merry Christmas, pretty Jenny. We're thinking of you.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/25/12
From: Tina Perrier
On: 12/23/12
Dear Jenny, Miss you more each day and remember what a great companion you were. Mommy has a new dog that was abused and has had surgery. Her name is Amber. She nees a lot of help but is doing better. She will never take your place but keeps mom company and needs a lot of affection. You are very special and I can still see you sitting under the Christmas tree. I decorated your grave but since you are in a new home you must be celebrating Christmas with all your friends. Your friend Gloria keeps in touch with you. She is my dear friend too and has so much love to give. Tonight 21 members of your family will be getting together at your house and we will miss you. I am sending you a gift.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/22/12
Dear Jenny, Christmas is almost here. Thank you so much for helping with the Christmas program. I wish your Mom and Grandma and I could see it. One day we will. I am sending you your own Christmas stocking. Hang it on Christmas eve and Santa will bring you a special gift. Something you have been wanting. OK? Thank you for being such a big help to all. You are also the First Aid lady. Yes, I know the kittens and puppies keep you busy as they are always getting into something or other. Thank You Jenny. Send Prayers to family below. xoxox Gloria
From: Heather
On: 12/19/12
Dear Jenny, My what a beautiful lady you are! You performed many wonderful services for you family so you are a very special lady indeed. May you have a blessed holiday season filled with comfort and joy. I know puppy girls love ice cream so I`m sending you a sweet treat.. enjoy! Sweet Blessings to you.
From: Gloria and All MY RBB Family
On: 12/1/12
Dear Jenny, Now its time for Christmas. On Christmas eve there will be a beautiful program at the lake. There is choir practice each night as everyone will be a part of the program. Sometimes the practice lasts to long, so I am sending you a few good snacks. I know you are very busy helping so many who need special help and you are the one they call for. Remember your family as they miss you so. Also pray for your family as they remember you and miss you so much. Take care as you are such a special girl. xoxoxo Gloria and the family.
From: Gloria and All the Family
On: 11/20/12
Dear Jenny, Please join the family for the Wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday the 22nd. It will be by the Lake at 1 PM. We will be thinking of you here below.I am sending flowers for the table. xoxox Gloria

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