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From: Sharon Freeman
On: 5/10/12
I remembered the first time I met JD, you and Mark stopped by the boat and picked me up to take JD to Mark’s apartment and he threw up on me….it was payback from when we brought Mitzie home and she threw up on you. Then there was the time that Beacon was being a pest to JD at the marina he just lifted his leg and peed on her. Though his unconditional love and devotion to you he tolerated jet skiing and perching atop those floats in pools (but he was so cute doing it). While one of the worst days of my life was when we moved you from the apartment to the house and we could not find both cats because one was hiding in the basement. Remember JD’s love for the vacuum?? I know that he didn’t teach Bandit that, but Bandit also has that love/hate relationship with the vacuum. These memories lighten my heart a little as we will all miss this loving fur baby—he was one in a million.
From: Sarah
On: 12/11/11
Thank you for being such an amazing companion for Tonia! You will be remembered always. Have fun with Margaret! :)
From: Sarah
On: 11/16/11
I don't think I have known many other dogs as full of life as JD. Who can forget the unbelievably loud bark to the passer by's as they walked passed the house. Even though I knew the bark was coming, it would still make me jump! I lived with Tonia, JD, Calie and Co for a few months before I got married. The cats (while friendly)stayed their distance, not JD! I'm sure it had something to do with the enormous amounts of treats I would give him! It is hard to imagine Tonia's house with JD in it, but whatever house she lives in, he will be a part of the life in her home!
From: Chuck
On: 10/15/11
I miss JD so much. Tonia's favorite story about JD and I is when he fell out of my boat while we were fishing. He got so excited while I was reeling in a fish he just flopped into the water. Swimming for dear life toward the bank, he turned around half way to the bank to come back to the boat. As dogs go, JD was not a swimmer, it was more like flailing at the water desperately. Seeing his attepmt at swimming and seeing the most beautiful dog in the world reduced to "drowned rat" left me in tears of laughter. He looked so pathetic it was just adorable. His interest in the fish was somewhat diminished when I got it in the boat, but he still wanted a sniff. One of the things I miss most is the way he would just "plop" down against me at night to go to sleep. I still cry without him.
From: Tyler Bogener
On: 10/2/11
I remember when I was about to get my frist dog my parents sent me out to Illinois to stay with my sister. During that week I helped take care of JD and learned all of the resposibilities it took to take care of a dog. I know if it weren't for JD my parents would never have gotten me a dog. JD was the happiest dog in the world and he loved you more than anything Ton Ton. I love youuu and we will miss you JD.
From: Kevin Smith and Rick Fitzgerald
On: 9/11/11
We are so sorry about the passing of JD. Whenever I walk Molly or Gabby, I would always look over to see JD sitting in the front window. We were saddened the day we walked passed and the blinds were down. He was a wonderful companion and couldn't have asked for a more loving and caring owner. We will miss JD very much.
From: Patty
On: 8/24/11
You would talk about JD at work before I ever met him and so I already knew how special he was to you and then when I did finally meet him I realized why... He was definitely one of the best dogs and companions anyone could have in their life. I had never "doggy sat" for anyone before and really looked forward to it with JD. I could see that he was happy that someone was there for him even tho his "MOM" couldn't. We went for walks and he would always lead the way and let me know where he wanted to go. JD was one of the smartest and most loving dogs I have ever met and all due to having one of the best pet owners in the world.
From: Pat Lively
On: 8/20/11
My deepest sympathies to you on your loss. I do know what it is like to lose a loved one, whether Human or one of our special, furry babies. Having lost quite a few of my own and doing dog rescue, it is never easy. From my house of 6 furr babies, to yours, we wish you the best. If you ever need to write please do so. I will be there for you. They never leave us, we just don't see them any more. Their spirit lives on.
From: Sarah Potter
On: 8/6/11
JD was the sweetest, most spoiled dog I have ever known! He always confused Cy by being a male... he couldn't believe that such a pretty dog wasn't a girl. JD was always very patients with the kids who just wanted to hug him. When you were recovering from knee surgery, Sadie said "he's so fluffy I'm just gonna die!" He was very devoted to you, as you were to him. I was always amazed that JD did what you told him.. sometimes with just a look. Like you could read each other's minds. You were a wonderful Mom to him. You showed him so much tender loving care, patience, and companionship. For all the times you were glad he was there for you... he felt the exact same way.
From: Roxanna Hovan
On: 7/30/11
Jd was an awesome boy, always full of life! I groomed him for many years and he would always come in with a great attitude, I will miss him terribly. Every time he was in the shop everyone commented on how beautiful he was and always wanted to feel his soft fur.I will definitely miss his spunk and determination.what a brave boy he was! always in my heart,,,, xoxo
From: Patty
On: 7/22/11
There are no words to help you when you lose someone that you love, and JD's passing only reminds me of Mandy. I told you once when asked, you will know, and you did when it was right for the family. Know that JD knew he was loved, and received more love from you than he could have ever wished for. Remember they are gone from our sight, but never our memory, gone from our hearing but have our hearts, gone from our touch, but their presence is felt, and that love they gave will never depart.
From: Sandy
On: 7/18/11
My sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved JD. I know from experience that God sends us what you need, and what teachers they are. I hope that the memories you have of your time together help to ease the pain of your loss.
From: Ellen and Char
On: 7/15/11
We just posted our Julie's rainbow page...and as we were looking at others who recently lost their loves, we found JD's page. He sounded like a wonderful pup with a wonderful soul...just like our Julie. Our heartfelt sympathies to you. And Char had a spitz years ago--they are a great breed. Our Julie was a Kerry Blue.
From: Rina Ward
On: 7/15/11
I was fortunate enough to have JD as a patient for over 10 years. He was such a character. You just knew what he was thinking when he gave you "The Look." One time when JD was at our clinic for a dental cleaning, I went back to check on him in recovery and he let me know with just a look how annoyed he was. Actually a look and a "smile." :-) He was such a fighter and came through so many things that other dogs couldn't. And no pet could ask for a better mom than Tonia! She and her boy had such a special bond- it was great to see. Thanks for letting me take care of JD. I'll never forget him!
From: Gingers Mommie
On: 7/14/11
Dear Tonia, I am so sorry for your loss of JD. Such a sweet, beautiful one. I know your heart must ache with the emptiness after having him in your life for so long. But we know he is happily running and playing with our other furbabies at the bridge waiting for you.

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