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From: Liz
On: 10/29/21
Hi Jim, I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet Jamie. What an absolute cutie with such a sweet face, and all the beautiful memories that you have posted really tugged at my heart strings. It is obvious she was and still is so very loved. Hope we get to see our kitties again sometime 💔 Take care.
From: Tinkles Mummy
On: 5/3/21
Sweet Jamie, Ten years have passed by since you and my little Tinkle went to RB. I know how much your daddy misses you, his heart, like mine, broke into a million pieces when you & Tinkle passed. You both left a huge hole that nothing can fill. The sadness never leaves your daddy, or me, and both of you are never far from our thoughts. God loaned you both to us and he took you back to be with him as was His plan. You have both left behind the result of your teachings and the love you gave will live on within us until we are reunited with you both at the bridge. That day will be a joyous one. RIP little Jamie. Love, Helen (Tinkle & Cheryl's Mummy)
From: JP Hovercraft
On: 5/3/21
It's hard to believe 10 years have passed since Jamie and the rest of our little family's furry loved ones left this world. Your invitation to join this space was a blessing. I will never forget Jamie and you and the kindness you showed. <3
From: Julia (Dixie Kitty & Trigger Mom)
On: 9/23/20
Hi Jamie & Jim! Just popping in to say hello! With the change of season and Autumn Equinox I think of family and friends who are no longer of this world. I've never met either of you in person, but through our own losses have a special place in my heart for you both. Jamie, I hope you love your eternal sunshine and visit your hooman dad from time to time. Jim, I hope things are going okay with you and life has returned to some normalcy. Brightest blessings to you both and take care!
From: Julia
On: 6/7/20
Hello Jamie and cat dad Jim (and the rest if your kitteh clan). Thank you for stopping by on a day that I have dreaded every year for the past 8. I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and watching over your daddy. I know he misses you as much as I miss my kittehs that have left this world. Take care & enjoy your gift. Brightest blessings, Julia
From: Julia
On: 5/21/20
Happy Birthday, Jamie! Your daddy is a sweet sweet soul, I know he misses you so much. I hope you visit him often. He is a very special hooman.
From: JP Hovercraft
On: 5/4/20
I'm so sorry I'm late this year, but you and Jamie Lee are never very far from my thoughts. Love to you and -all- your girls.
From: Andrea
On: 5/4/20
You can tell Jamie was so loved. I hope that she welcomed my girl, Monroe with much excitement. https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/residents/MONRO001/Resident.htm
From: ben grunfeld
On: 12/17/19
Your diary is so wonderful to read and i just lost my 2 kitties this past weekend after battling the kidney disease with them. Ashley and Sabrina were with me for 17 and 19 years and to have them cross over within 1 day was a big tragedy for me. I will never forget them in my heart and will live inside with me forever, thank you for your words they are inspiring to read, Ben
From: Julia
On: 5/23/19
Hello Jamie and Jim, Thank you again, Jamie your hooman is a gem. I hope you visit him often. I know he misses and loves you so very much. I also hope you were there with my fur family to welcome Trigger the other day. I'm sure you were, your hooman daddy was always a huge help when I lost Dixie. I see your Anniversary date just passed...8 years...some days it seems like yesterday. Enjoy your eternal sunshine, furry friend. Hugs to you, Jim. We've never met in person, but you have been such an amazing friend. Much Love, Julia, Dixie and Trigger
From: Patsy Klaus
On: 5/15/19
Hi Jamie, What a beautiful girl you are and the pictures of you are precious. You are very much loved and still deeply missed even though you have been at the Rainbow Bridge for awhile. I hope that you have met my Lenny and that both of you are enjoying happiness without suffering together. Patsy
From: Monica M.
On: 5/3/19
Jim, may God shower you with graces and His comforting peace today, as you remember, through tears and smiles, your beautiful Jamie girl.
From: JP
On: 5/3/19
Thinking of you and the beautiful Jamie Lee today … and your kindness when I needed it most.
From: Monica M.
On: 5/1/19
Jim, I came upon Jamie's page today and had to sign her guestbook. Your precious messages to her brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. Your close relationship and love for each other is so apparent, and I want to send you my condolences for so great a loss...even after nearly 8 years. Time cannot erase what you had, and doesn't always heal all wounds - at least not completely, but I'm glad you have Abby and Casey to love now. I don't have an active residency for any of my babies, but if Jamie liked dogs, I have a few there for her to make friends with: Jake (11/27/13) and Jasmine (12/21/17). Thank you for sharing your memories of Jamie. She's beautiful.
From: Dad
On: 12/24/18
I will always love you and miss you. It's tough some days without you. Dad
From: Julia Previte
On: 7/13/18
Jim, I visited Jamie's residency and signed the guestbook a few years ago, but it really made me smile reading all your entries to Jamie over again today (with some new ones I haven't seen yet). Such great memories you shared. Tabbies really are the best. As you know, that's what my McCartney was. I appreciate you leaving a note in McCartney's guestbook. It's so nice to know that we're all in this together. I'm so sorry that it was recently Jamie's 7-year anniversary. So hard to be without them for so long. But know that the prayers are with you. And the best comfort that there is is the cats we have with us today. Souls that needed a new home. They offer us so much joy and comfort in return. Nothing has helped me more than having my Desmond come into my life, and then my tabby Gary who came along about a year later. Such good boys that I love so so much. God bless.
From: CK1991
On: 5/3/18
Dear Jim, Your story of beautiful Jamie is just a joy to read! From the songs you sang, to the notes you wrote to her, to all of the beautiful pictures of Jamie, you've done an amazing job of sharing the incredible bond you had with her. Thinking of you, especially on this 7 year anniversary, and wishing you the gift of healing.
From: Jack Palinsky
On: 9/26/17
Hi Jamie, Just stopping by to say hello as this is always a very difficult time of year for me. I hope you have found Littleman and all his friends, those kinds of thoughts comfort me and at my age I need all the mental comfort I can get, lol. Come to Jim in a sweet peaceful dream so he knows you're alright. Jack
From: JP Hovercraft
On: 5/3/17
There's no way I could let this sad anniversary go by unmentioned, never un-noticed, without coming by to remember the beautiful Jamie Lee ... and to let her dad know that the core of friends we made six years ago during those awful first days ... we're all still here for each other, to remember with you. I will never forget your kind invitation to start a thread here. That made all the difference. In a very real way, Jamie Lee brought me to this place that has provided so much healing.
From: Dad
On: 12/27/16
The girls had a good Christmas, plenty of treats and toys. You always loved this time of year and I always miss you a little more. Always love you, my little girl. Love, Dad

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