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From: Heather
On: 12/19/20
Dear Jake and all of the Childers Fur Babes, It saddens me to see that Gloria hasn't been able to visit you. I do know that if she could she would and that her love for each of you will never be diminished by the passage of time or circumstance. I think of you and Gloria often and especially at this time of year. Sending each of you much love and a reminder that you're never forgotten. Your Friend, Heather
From: Debbie Buddy, Princess and Kaizer's mom
On: 2/26/19
Hello there Jake Childers. I was just visiting some of my babies here at the bridge and came across your story. Wow it reminded me a lot of the stories and the furbabies from our home. May the angels send special blessings to your Gloria for the love and devotion she gave to you while God granted your stay on this side. I hope you have found all my babies and are having the time of your life with perfect health and youth always on your side up there in heaven. Don't forget Mr. Jake to stop every now and then to send your human a bright and shining night star in the night sky so she will know that you are with her always just inside her heart,
From: Heather
On: 12/16/18
Dear Jake and all of Gloria's fur kids, I'm sure that your Mom is holding you in her heart until she can hold you in heaven. Sending you best wishes for the holiday season and wishing each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas! Love from your friend, Heather
From: Heather
On: 9/9/17
Dear Jake and All of your beautiful fur family, Know that you remain in the hearts of all who care about you and love you, each and every one of you! Hoping that you stay together with one another and all of your friends at the Bridge. You are not ever forgotten. Hugs to each and every one of you. Your friend, Heather
From: Heather
On: 1/22/17
Hi Jake, I think of you and all of your fur family members often and want you to know that you are never forgotten. I hope that you and all of my fur babes are still keeping one another company and happy! You so deserve to be. Know that you are not ever forgotten by those who loved you and will continue to forever, especially your own very special mom.. Gloria. Love and Best Wishes to each and every one of you. Sending you a big basket of treats and I hope that you will all enjoy, including those who have no one to send them special treats. Love Always from your friends, Heather, Dixie and Chloe
From: Heather
On: 7/10/16
Dear Jake and all the Childers fur babes, I hope each and every one of you are doing well and are happy at the Bridge. You are a very special family and were so deeply loved by your Mom, Gloria. I miss being in touch with her and hope that she is doing okay. It's hard not knowing how she is doing but it helps to be able to come here and post a message for you. Sending you all, and Gloria, my very best wishes! Sincerely, Heather
From: Heather
On: 11/14/15
Hello Jake, I think of you so often and all of your fur brothers and sisters at the Bridge. I hope all is going very well for each and every one of you and for your Mum, who we all know misses each and every one of you so dearly. And loves you! Sending loving thoughts and hugs to each of you because you're all so very special!! Love, Your friend, Heather
From: Pressy's Family
On: 4/5/15
Happy Easter, handsome Jake. Know you and the Childers meadow fur family are celebrating this most Holy Day in Jesus' glorious presence and singing His praise among the host of heavenly angels. Send your love down the rainbow to Mum who loves and misses you so very much. You are so special to Mum...your smiles to her from Paradise meadow are her treasures. Have fun finding Easter eggs among the beautiful flowers of Paradise meadow, Mum's beloved furangel!
From: Pressy's Grandpa
On: 12/24/14
Merry Christmas, Jake and Miss Daisy. We brought you these stockings for you to hang up for Christmas. They are filled with your Mum's forever love for you. Mum misses you both so much but she knows you are celebrating this holy day with her in spirit. She loves you today and always. We know you all will be singing to Mum in Paradise meadow at midnight tonight...the once a year magical time when furangels' voices are heard below by loving people parents missing you.
From: mum
On: 5/14/14
To my Dearest Jake, I must thank you for the wonderful job you and the Family did when Our Miss Daisy came to you. She was a very special little dog. Tonight Mama's baby girl Shadow will arrive. She stopped eating days ago. I knew it was to be the end.She died this morning at 7:30. I let her sleep in my bed as she was very cold. I know Mama will be overjoyed to see her again. Please take Mama cat to the Bridge tonight and at last she can see her Baby Girl. Boomer, Mc Gregor and Muffin seem to bo doing well just now. They will be 19 years old in Sept. Thank You Dear Jake. It looks like a full moon, so it will be a nice eve. Please send my LOVE to everyone in the family.I hope Miss Daisy is feeling good now. Please remind her to be good. LOVE, Mum
From: The Sunshine Family
On: 4/3/14
Dearest Jake and Family, Our hearts are with all of you at this time as we all welcome Miss Daisy to the Bridge. Sending very special thoughts and prayers to her Mom back home, whom we know is heartbroken. You know that we are here for you at all times! With Love and our Deepest Sympathy. The Sunshine Family.. one and all!
From: Pressy, Char, Master Thomas, The Boo
On: 4/2/14
Dear handsome Jake. We're so very sorry to learn of the passing of Miss Daisy...your Mum told us Miss Daisy will be coming to Paradise meadow tonight. We have come to be with you and the rest of the family to welcome her to her new home in the meadow. We know Mum is very sad but she is comforted knowing our family is waiting for Miss Daisy and will take good care of her. We brought our family's special daffodil flowers to give Miss Daisy when she arrives...we will help you softly hold her in loving paws. We will send Mum a love sign to tell her Miss Daisy has arrived in Paradise meadow to watch over her with you and to wait for her to come for the family one day to cross over beautiful Rainbow Bridge together again forever. Char will give us a ride to meadow's gate to greet Miss Daisy...Master Thomas and The Boo will help you get up on Char's back. C'mon, Jake...Mum is depending upon us to take care of Miss Daisy tonight.
From: Mum
On: 4/2/14
Dear Jake, I am so sad to tell you your little Sister Miss Daisy passed away this morning. She had 4 sizures about a week ago which began the end. PLEASE gather ALL the family and wait for her tonight. I know she will miss home, but I also know she will remember you. Thank You Dear Jake. Luv, Mum
From: Heather
On: 1/1/14
Dearest Jake and all of the Childers Kids, We want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and very Happy New Year! Know that you are remembered with much love by your Mom and all who knew you over here. Always remember that! May the year ahead be a very happy one for each and every one of you and all of your loving friends at the Bridge. With Love from your friends Heather and Dixie
From: Pressy', Boo, and Char's Family
On: 12/25/13
Merry Christmas, handsome Jake. We heard the furangels sing to us at the magical hour of midnight on Christmas Eve. Mama Cinder's choir practice was perfect...all the Christmas hymns you furangels sang to us were beautiful. We enjoyed the loving voices of you furangels sending your musical gifts of love from Paradise meadow down to us who love and miss you so much. Thank you for singing to us. We give you these flowers to show our appreciation for your precious gift of love.
From: Heather
On: 12/19/13
Dearest Jake and Family, We have been thinking about all of you a lot lately as Christmas draws near. We know how busy all of you must be getting ready for the Christmas Eve and Day celebrations. Always remember how deeply you are loved by your Mom back home. I know how deeply she misses you all, especially at this time of year. Wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas from all of us here. God Bless You All!! With Love from your friends, Heather and Popeye .. p.s. we are sending a huge Christmas stocking full of goodies for Everyone to place under your beautiful Christmas tree. And remember, do not open until Christmas :) Enjoy!!
From: Pressy, Master Thomas, Char
On: 12/18/13
Hello, handsome Jake. We came to deliver this Christmas tree for you, Tiny Tim, and Gordie. Grandpa asked us to make sure every member of our Paradise meadow family had a Christmas tree for their home in the meadow. See all the trees on the wagon Char is pulling. Master Thomas is sitting on top to keep count...he counted all the trees as we collected them in the magic forest in the meadow to make sure we have one for everyone. They're all decorated...aren't they beautiful. Know you have been very busy attending choir practice with Mama Cinder for the family to sing to Mum at midnight on Christmas Eve. Well, we've got to keep going to deliver these trees and we have many more to deliver...don't forget choir practice tonight. Merry Christmas, handsome Jake.
From: Heather
On: 10/21/13
Dearest Jake, I am so sorry I missed your anniversary. I hope that you had a lovely day with your family and friends at RB. Take care, Jake.. and remember that you are never forgotten by those who love you, especially your Mom! I am sending you a red rose on her behalf.. and I know it comes with much love! With Love, your friend, Heather
On: 10/15/13
From: Heather
On: 6/21/13
Dear Jake and All of your dear family, I came to let you know that our beloved Misty passed away yesterday and will be arriving at the Bridge, if she isn`t already there. She`s a lovely lady who loves everyone.. and I know that you will become great friends very quickly. Hope all of you are enjoying summer in the meadows. With Love, Your friend, Heather

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