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From: Sarin Koerner
On: 2/29/24
Dear Jackie, Your parents sent me a wonderful and kind message to me. You were so blessed to have such wonderful loved ones who love you so much Jackie, if you see Georgie there, i hope you will be friends and keep each other company. Im suee you will meet your parents again at the rainbow bridge. Sarin
From: Sarin Koerner
On: 2/29/24
Dear Jackie, Your parents sent me a wonderful and kind message to me. You were so blessed to have such wonderful loved ones who love you so much Jackie, if you see Georgie there, i hope you will be friends and keep each other company. Im suee you will meet your parents again at the rainbow bridge. Sarin
On: 2/28/24
Jackie, you are so loved and beautiful. Say Hi too Easy for me. To Clare and Martha, I send hugs. This is a first for me and it has been difficult, I appreciate your kind words to Easy it has given me great comfort.
From: Marie & David
On: 2/6/24
Hi Jackie Your mom left me a message to let me know how beautiful you are and to visit you as I have lost my dear Molly and I hope you help her find her way around rainbow bridge and keep her happy and safe until we get to be together again and then I can hopefully meet with you xx
From: Marcy, Mike and Joe
On: 2/5/24
Hi Jackie. Please do me a favor and take care of Bobby for me. He went to the bridge February 2nd. Your beautiful spirit shines brightly in the hearts and souls of those who loved you. Rest in peace beautiful.
From: Alice
On: 2/1/24
Thank you for your 🙏 condolences We as parents are always miss and love our fur child.From your every words to Jackie I can feel how deep in your ❤️ Okie will meet Jackie and play with smile together.i still can't stop crying as this is just happening few days ago. I will try be happy as life still need to go on.We all take care😘
From: Chris
On: 1/30/24
Clare, thank you so much for your kind words for my boy Tank. My condolences for your loss of Jackie. The waves of sorrow keep crashing on my wife and I, but I know with time they will settle. Tank was an amazing boy, he touched so many lives and helped me through my darkest times from returning home from combat. I will miss him so much. Thank you again for signing his guest book and having such a caring heart. Tank loved his peanut butter and would have wanted to share.
From: David and Suzanne
On: 1/26/24
What a beautiful kitty you are indeed Miss Jackie! Clearly your Earthly home was so full of love, and that love continues as Clare and Martha hold you deep in their hearts. We ask you to welcome our sweet Marleigh Mae into your circle of Rainbow Bridge friends and if you could possibly remind her that we would greatly appreciate some loving signs to reassure us that she is healthy and happy once again. We thank you Clare and Martha for the loving and supportive text that your shared for all who visit your precious Jackie to absorb and reflect upon. May God bless you all as each of us awaits a glorious reunion with our beloved furbabies.
From: Miranda
On: 1/24/24
Thank you so much for your kind wishes on our newly-made memorial to Onchiota, our Alaskan Malamute who passed at 4 years old. I just wanted to visit your dear Jackie's Rainbow Bridge page to say that Jackie was a beautiful, elegant, loving black cat and continues to be wherever they are romping and playing now in a better, lovely place...full of energy and joy. Jackie, and all of your other beloved fur-family members are reunited and sharing so much love among each other, waiting to meet you again one day when it is your time too. Rest assured that Jackie had a fulfilling life with what I'm sure are many amazing memories with you! Jackie is also with all of my cats from when I was a child until now: Julian, Dusty, Cloe, Jasper, and Lucky <3 I bet they're having a blast together! And when they are done playing, I bet they sleep in a big cuddle puddle of furry cuteness. I wish you and and your current fur babies well! Much love <3
From: Nakia (Lisa's angel)
On: 1/21/24
Dear Clare and Martha - Thank you so much for your kind words and the beautiful roses to help my mommy when she is missing me. I think Jackie and I will be great friends. Jackie - I'll meet you in Paradise Meadow, let's play!
From: steve
On: 1/3/24
Clare and Martha. Thank you for signing Apollo's guest book. Really means a lot and shows how much you care for our precious fur babies. It is never easy when they have been part of your life for so long. God Bless you may peace find you.
From: Kim
On: 1/3/24
May Jackie rest in peace. Jackie holds a special place in your ❤️ heart.
From: Thomas
On: 12/22/23
I hope my furbaby finds your furbaby and they play together forever in the meadows above. Your furbaby is beautiful, am sure ours would be happy to be friends.
From: Max
On: 12/7/23
our furbaby are gone but not forgotten. May our furbabies run and play together until we meet again.
From: Yaqi (Kyon's Mom)
On: 11/26/23
To Clare and Martha, thank for leaving such a wonderful message for Kyon and myself. I am very grateful for your words that have helped to give me some peace in midst of my grieving. I can see that Jackie has so many wonderful siblings in the Rainbow Bridge Residence.-----Dear Jackie, if you would like to, it'd be an honor for the two of you to play together. If not, that's okay. I have a little present for you. It's an ottoman chair where you can put all your toys and treats in, and then sit on it until it's time to share with everyone you love again.
From: Lynda
On: 11/16/23
Hello Clara & Martha, I am so sorry for your loss, Jackie is a beautiful and loving spirit and will always be with you. I know your Jackie and my Quincy are playing and running through the paradise meadow together. Their memories will always be in our hearts.
From: Debra Hughes
On: 11/11/23
Dear Clare and Martha I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to your Jackie Pooh Bear. But rest assured that she/he is basking in the aromatic fields of heaven. I hope that our Beethoven finds her/him and helps her/him have lots of fun. And also tell het/him how much you love and miss her/him. ❤️
From: Sarah
On: 10/31/23
Dear Clare and Martha, It is so easy to see that Jackie and all your other furbabies were and are so loved by you. I know that it's their turn to watch over you now and they are always with you. Jackie is a beautiful girl and I know that she's pawsitively glowing up across the rainbow bridge and having the time of her life with all of the other babies that have come to live there too. My sweet girl Chynna and her brother Toby and sister Jewels will keep them company until you are reunited one day. Lots of Love, Sarah (Chynna's mommy)
From: Rebecca Martinez
On: 10/31/23
Clare and Martha, Jackie was an absolute angel! It is clearly evident that he was loved and still is. It is people like you that I also celebrate for being so loving to fur babies. God bless you.
From: Cena Anderson
On: 10/8/23
Sweet Jackie, what a beautiful girl you are! I hope that my sweet Duchess has met you at the rainbow bridge so you can show her all the great spots to lay in the sunshine and can keep her company in beautiful meadows of endless flowers. Be sure to visit your mama on the day she misses you so and let her know you are right there beside her always. Send her messages of love in the gentle breezes so she can feel peace in her heart knowing you will forever be her baby. Clare, I know your pain and I am sending you so much love. There will never be a baby that will replace sweet Jackie, but she clearly was so lucky to have a mommy like you who clearly showered her in love each day. Our babies are little angels who will forever live in our hearts. I hope our babies are hanging out in heaven and enjoying all that the universe now has to offer them.

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