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From: Patricia Fisher
On: 3/22/23
I can see why Jackie is so close to your heart! Those stunning gold eyes and that glossy black fur is so beautiful! He looks like his purrs vibrated through your home and heart! Sleep in Heavenly Peace and say ''Hello'' to my Sweet Lola
From: Rebecca
On: 3/22/23
I am sorry for your loss. Jackie was a sweet angel who will always be in your heart and mind. Remember the little moments that you shared together from her first toy to her last meow. May she remain in your heart forever until you see each other again. I hope she is able to play well with Noel. Noel can be quite the handful and sometimes does not play well with others.
From: Jim and the girls
On: 3/21/23
Jackie; I am crying my eyes out now. Many years ago, two lovely people signed my Jamie's guest book. Now I see there's one. Blessings to all your family, at the bridge and on earth. Next year I will write to you again, and will until I join my girl. Jim and the girls
From: Dee & Zee
On: 3/15/23
Our condolences. 💔
From: Elizabeth Robbins
On: 3/6/23
Dear Martha and Clare - I am deeply touched by what you have written
From: Mary
On: 3/4/23
Hi Clare and Martha, I'm Othello's mom. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge only yesterday and it feels like an eternity. Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit his memorial and share your kind words. Jackie, I'm sure was there to meet my Othello. And share with him the wise words of the Pooh Bear. Thx again, Mary
From: Kimberly
On: 2/22/23
Ahh sweet Jackie, what a beauty you are, my favorite by the way. Continue to play over the rainbow bridge and enjoy yourself as you did on Earth. I know you are truly missed and was dearly loved. Bump noses with Bentlee for me he loved that and I know he will love cuddling with you. When Bentlee and I meet again I will look for you and give you love. Clare and Martha may the love that Jackie gave you continue to make your hearts bright. Much love Kimberly
From: Kari
On: 2/20/23
It fills my heart with comfort to have found this community during this grieving process. Your kind words and thoughts give me hope that I can come to terms with the loss of Sammy Cat. Until we see them again we care revel in and share the, unfortunately short, lifetime of unconditional love we share with our departed family members.
From: Shirley Ashwood
On: 2/17/23
Hi Clare and Martha , Thank you for your kind words for my Chloe whom I recently lost . She was my "heart" dog . She and I were bonded heart and soul~ I just read about your beautiful black cat Jackie and feel the love you had for her as well. I'm sure she was your "heart" cat as well. Chloe lived with cats a good part of her life so I'm sure she and Jackie are "running free" through the fields of flowers up above. They will play and romp every day together watching down on us.. someday we'll all be together again but until then we have to hold them close within our hearts with all their precious memories.. Hugs ~~
From: Susan
On: 2/15/23
Jackie - You are such a pretty, shiny black kitty. And your memorial is touching. Please welcome my sweet sweet Feebi across the bridge. Show her the ways of her new life. I miss her so much. I'm jealous you get to meet her. Remind her how much I loved and love her. Susan
From: Francesco & Donna
On: 2/14/23
Hey Jackie, You must be getting a kick out of the fact that Clare & Martha and Donna & I have now communicated through the miracle of the RB bridge. Please take Capone under your wing and introduce him to all your friends and family up there as he’s only just arrived a couple of days ago. He’s super friendly and has a heart of gold. Thanks so much Jackie. Lots of hugs from Donna and I❤️❤️❤️
From: Kim K.
On: 2/12/23
Thank you for your kind words. We are thinking about you on Jackie's angelversary! Jackie as nd Hip Hop are playing together in heaven and watching down on us. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
From: Kim K.
On: 2/12/23
Thank you for your kind words. We are thinking about you on Jackie's angelversary! Jackie as nd Hip Hop are playing together in heaven and watching down on us. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
From: Sidni
On: 2/12/23
Beautiful Jackie, wish I could hug you and tell you how much you always will be loved by your parents, but you already know that and also how much you are missed. Mommy's, I feel your longing in your broken hearts, Jackie and Callie are together awaiting your embrace when you will meet again. Love always.
From: Jen - Kylie's mom
On: 2/10/23
Thank you Clare & Martha for your kind words. It means so much to me. Sending you both lots of love. I hope Kylie is with Jackie and all of the other angels we have lost - playing & looking down on us all xoxo
From: Amy
On: 2/1/23
Dearest Jackie Pooh Bear - may you run happy and free. When it is time, run and greet your Clare and Marta. Know that you are missed and loved everyday.
From: Michell
On: 1/31/23
Dear Jackie, You are now a sweet little angel that looks over your loved ones. Always shine your light and love over them. Let them know you are always there…they still miss you immensely. You are now Home with all the other babies that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, watching over us. My baby Ruby just crossed over, please find her and tell her it’s ok. We will all meet soon and be together again, xoxo. Ruby’s Mommy
From: Michele&Chris Taylor
On: 1/30/23
Hi Baby,your family left such kind words when we lost our Bella Luna,we wanted to visit and let you know you have such kind humans,who even though they are hurting and missing you everyday,they wanted us to know they are sad too. I hope you are enjoying your time at Rainbow Bridge and please look after Bella Luna,show her the ropes and let her know it’s an extended play date until all your humans come to get you so you can all go on together. Enjoy your wings Jackie and help show Bella Luna use hers.Let her know mom&fdad&Sophie miss her like your family misses you.
From: Anna
On: 1/29/23
Oh Jackie, Jackie, beautiful Jackie! You know how precious you are, how loved! You will be always with your dear family, in their hearts, because love never dies. -Anna, Eggnog's Mom.
From: Cheryl
On: 1/27/23
Sweet pretty Jackie - thank you for visiting my beloved dog Bernie. You are are so kind and selfless to welcome him to the Rainbow Bridge. I read all of the entries from your mommy Clare and she sure does love and miss you. It seems like you had a wonderful bond. She cries for you still because it is so difficult not to have you by her side everyday, even if she knows you are in a good place. Missing you never gets any easier. I know she is grateful for every minute she had with you and it was never enough. Keep sending Mommy love and comfort when she needs it most. You are her special girl.

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