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From: Liz
On: 10/20/21
I am soooo sorry for the loss of your sweet Jackie Pooh Bear. What a beautiful tribute to her and what a beautiful girl she was! I so look forward to the day that we can be with our beloved pets again. ❤️💔💔 Thank you for your sweet messages. Your words have brought me a lot of comfort. I am not nearly as eloquent as you and I am crying as I read your tribute to Pooh Bear. You put into words exactly how I feel about my Toby. ❤️
From: Lisa
On: 10/14/21
Sweet baby- may your sunshine be plentiful and your days incredible- watch over my Bisky- Parents- much love for you —- may you always carry the love of your baby forever Jackie is now your guardian Angel
From: Robert Klekar
On: 10/14/21
Clare and Martha, Thanks so much for visiting Sarge’s memorial site. Jackie looks to have been a loving companion. May she Rest In Peace! She looks so much like my former cat, Midnight. Midnight was alive at the time Sarge’s brother, Lil’Lil’ came into our lives. Both have since passed prior to Sarge’s unexpected loss. Take care and God bless!
From: Meagan Rudy
On: 10/6/21
Clare and Martha, thank you for visiting my dear Darlington's memorial, and I thank you allowing me to see a small glimpse of Jackie's long, full life. She have no doubt she was loved and spoiled for all 18 years of her life. I also have no doubt her paw print is on both of your hearts.
From: Susan Mandel
On: 9/22/21
Clare and Martha, You wrote so beautiful things about your sweet Jackie. I know she is sorely missed and greatly loved.
From: Liz
On: 9/22/21
What a beautiful kitty angel. They were well loved and you can see the care in the pictures of your furbaby. Rest easy sweet angel <3 I'm sorry for your loss, the time is never enough when our babies part from our side. They are with my baby Precious, free and happy<3 take care of yourself
From: Gayle Flores
On: 9/21/21
Such sweet loving tributes to your babies. Thank you for sharing your babies with other parents here on this site. I relate so very much to the longing - the longing to see my baby, my sweet pup. again. May Jackie and all your babies romp and dwell in joy till you meet them again. May God bless you always. ❤️
From: Jason
On: 9/18/21
Hi Jackie, tell your family that are really nice people for signing and leaving a message for my best girl Tulip. They were so lucky to have you, and you were lucky to have them. Please keep my girl company.
From: Dreama
On: 9/18/21
What a beautiful tribute! So much love. Rest easy baby, Jackie. Love, Dreama, Stage & Poopie Puppy (aka Blade)
From: Geraldine
On: 9/17/21
To have a love of a pet is to have the purest love of all. They love with their whole heart and never stop. God gave us the greatest gift when they entered our lives. I am sorry you no longer have them physically but spiritually they will always love. My Captain taught me love continues to grow and never stops.
From: Ariel S.
On: 9/13/21
Hi Beautiful Jackie. I'm stopping by to say hello to you and your loving pawrents. My Starbuck is with you now. He's new and has only been there for 5 days. Please take him under your wing and show him the ropes sweet girl. Sending love and light to you Clare and Martha. Thank you for your kind words. This is hard but your words gave me comfort. 💕💕💕
From: Peter
On: 9/12/21
Jackie seemed like a good cuddly friend to have sorry for your loss
From: Kathleen Lowy
On: 9/9/21
Good afternoon Jackie! Kitten nudged me to say hello to you. I hope you and Kitten are taking it easy - please tell Kitten that Paulie is now bothering Baby and he thinks it is not the same - as she does not get upset-she wrestles with him. Paulie liked it when you would get upset,and run away. Sometimes Paulie looks bored. I miss you twisting your body to land on my chest when I picked you up & please do NOT eat any carpet, as you will just get sick. Maybe Jackie can remind you of those things, because you are very stubborn. I hope you get some tuna, because I know how much you like that! Please visit me again in my dreams. I miss you terrible. Love Mom...and be nice to Jackie, please!
From: Laura
On: 9/9/21
So very sorry to hear about you losing ms Jackie. She looks like a beautiful little angel who is showing my boy around and keeping him company. Ms Jackie knew you and everyone around her loved her so very much. She is looking down on you and making sure you know she is happy and safe 💜💜💜
From: Tammy
On: 9/6/21
Dear Clare and Martha, what a beautiful life you surely gave to Jackie. The love is so apparent in your words. I pray you are finding healing while you look forward to the day when you are reunited. I am so sorry for your loss.
From: Tiffany McLean
On: 9/5/21
What a beautiful cat. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope Jackie and Nanuq will be friends and play together. I know how hard it is to not be able to be with them right now but one day we will see them again and how great a day that will be, Sending you a hug
From: Molly
On: 9/5/21
I’m so sorry for your loss. Jackie looked to be a wonderful companion. Thank you for visiting Ginger’s residence; my precious Ginger crossed over the bridge peacefully six days ago, and I miss her more than words can say, but her spirit lives within my heart forever. Thank you again and take care.💕
From: Diane M Abbott
On: 9/1/21
Hello Clare and Martha. Thank you again for reaching out. Jackie is so beautiful and I know that she is just as beautiful in angel form. I know my Cesar will find her and say hello. Much love and hugs to you both. Sincerely, Diane, Cesar's mom
From: Sujit
On: 8/30/21
Hi Clare & Martha - thank u for visiting Tubu's memorial. We do miss him greatly but know that he is in a better place now - full of treats, toys, & great friends like Jackie, Callie, Tashi, Katy, and BG!! I know they will get along royally because it is impossible to not become friends with Tubu. Jackie was indeed blessed to have a loving family like you two. I am sure she is safe and content at the bridge. All our fur friends are waiting for us and when the time is right we all will cross that bridge together <3
From: Vicki
On: 8/28/21
This is Kennedy's mom. Admire your love you share with others. I love the picture of Jackie looking out front door. I have one similar of my baby also looking out door. Such a mellow moment. Kennedy love kitties so I know they'll find one another. Such a beautiful kitty!! We left a bowl of milk for preciousJackie to enjoy. Thanks for your comfort. I've been so lethargic and trying to find myself again back. Thankful for my time with my Kennedy. Thanks for your kindness Vicki

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