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From: Camille
On: 6/2/24
Good morning beautiful Hermione, Stopping in on you today to let you know that your mom is awesome I’m sure you know that but i had to let you know anyway ! Hoping you met up with my Winston by now ,I’m sure you know his sisters and brothers also well they planned a party to celebrate his life at the bridge he is 1 month today so my pretty girl have fun eat up !!!! Remember your mommy and daddy love you lots and lots God bless you , Camille
From: Beth
On: 6/1/24
Cancer is an awful disease that takes many way too soon. It is the hardest and most loving decision that we as pet parents have to make for the quality of life of those babies entrusted to our care.
From: Brad Phillips
On: 4/10/24
I'm so sorry for the loss of your girl Hermione.Another beautiful animal that you gave a loving home to .We need more people like you in the world who save and rescue animals.You give them a loving home .You have a lot of loss in saving all these sweet hearts .God bless you
From: Dedra
On: 3/8/24
Teddy loves you. He was so thin. But now he is healthy with his friends. Be Hsppy❤️
From: Lisa (Nakia's mom)
On: 2/4/24
Kathy and Tom, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hermoine was a beautiful baby. They make our lives so full and leave us too soon. I hope Nakia and Hermoine are healthy, running and playing together in Paradise Meadow....
From: Dave and Sue
On: 2/2/24
Dear Kathy and Tom, Hermione is such a beautiful girl. Her battle with cancer was so courageous and we know that Hermione greatly appreciated your very difficult decision to spare her more pain and suffering. She will be waiting to greet you on that glorious day when the Lord's promised reunion will be realized. God bless you both.
From: steve
On: 1/30/24
Thank you for taking the time to sign Apollo's guest book. Definitely not the way we wanted to start off the new year. We know that God's plans are not our plans but it is still hard to process when they are a part of your life for so long. I wear all of the tags of my pets that have passed on around my neck every day, missing everything I ever did for them. We surely give them the life they deserve and while they are no longer with us on this earth, we will surely reunite with them when God ordains it. Many blessings and peace to you.
From: Michael J Pina
On: 12/2/23
Kathy another pretty face! She looks so loveable! It is so sad the things our furbabies have to endure. But again she had a great home and a great mom and dad. I am so sorry for all the loss in your life. But thank you again for adopting all 4 of them. Michael
From: Nancy
On: 12/1/23
To Kathy, Tom and Hermione What a good life you all shared for so many years. Your daddy and mommy gave you a wonderful loving home and you gave them your heart.
From: Patricia Black
On: 8/18/23
From: Tony Lezimis
On: 7/3/23
Kathy, that is a wonderful memorial for Hermoine. I LOVE this part "You loved Christmas when we would hand out presents. We would hand one to you, you would give it to the person we said and then you would give them a kiss." -- that is just so adorable.
From: Tony Lezimis
On: 7/3/23
Kathy, that is a wonderful memorial for Hermoine. I LOVE this part "You loved Christmas when we would hand out presents. We would hand one to you, you would give it to the person we said and then you would give them a kiss." -- that is just so adorable.
From: Roberta
On: 6/13/23
Hi Hermione, what a cutie you are! Your Mommy has created a beautiful memorial for you full of many wonderful memories with you. I'm sure she holds them in her heart & looks forward to the day you are reunited! Peace & blessings to you & your family. Roberta, LiLi, & Tori
From: Cyril & Laura Stocker
On: 6/7/23
So wonderful to make your acquaintance Hermione! You sure are loved, as we told your fur baby siblings! And I know we'll get to meet you ode day over the Bridge! Please watch out for Pandora for us! Kathy ned Tom, SO very sorry for your losses! You all are loving people for sure. Peace, love, and God Bless all of you
From: Jessica
On: 6/7/23
Hermione, I hope you found Chloe and that you both are playing together in eternity. You’re so beautiful, clearly smart and deeply loved by the family you left behind. May you visit your humans often. Take care.
From: Fred n Beth
On: 5/31/23
Hermione is sure a cutie. And the pics look like our familiy, it is all about the dogs. Take care Kathy.
From: Natalie
On: 5/29/23
I am so sorry of your recent loss of Hermione. What a sweet pup.
From: Mike, Regina, Montana
On: 5/10/23
It was a Wonderful 11 plus years, you spent with her. Our Ralphie loved the snow. I'm glad you keep on loving God's animals. Hermione looks like such a loving friend. Thank you for sharing all your loving friends with us, both the joy and pain. With Loving empathy. Mike
From: Michele&Chris Taylor
On: 2/20/23
Hi Hermione,we are Bella Luna’s mom,dad,sister,your parents were very kind to us and Bella Luna and left a sweet message that meant so much.Your a daddy’s girl too!,where dad is I know you would be,Just like Bella Luna! So I know,like her,you are so very smart,sweet,gentle and loving.You know many humans could learn from you two Angels.Your truly missed every single day,BUT you gotta keep playing and having fun,because when your parents come for you and your siblings it’s just going to be all snuggles,cuddles and loving! Bless you ALL ❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾💔
From: Micaela
On: 1/16/23
So sorry for the loss of Hermione. This was also my first Christmas without my Tommy. I'm sure they are awesome friends now. Keeping you in my thoughts.

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