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From: Irene
On: 7/6/20
Your tribute was so touching. I am so sorry for your loss. One day you shall be together. RIP precious one 💕
From: Dedra
On: 12/18/18
Henry you are so blessed to be remembered for so long. Love from my Chelsea Cat.
From: Cary Lang
On: 8/5/18
Hi Henry. I know it's been a while since your passing but that doesn't matter. The pain never leaves the pet parents. I recently lost the love of my life and have made it a promise to try and visit as many fur babies as I can. Know that your parents miss and love you so much. I myself had a pig growing up on the farm. Keep my Little Star company and know we will be together soon. PS Henry was my dad's name. Little Stars Daddy
From: Rosalinde Tropper
On: 5/15/18
I’m so sorry for your loss(es) 😪 I lost my beloved pig Wilbur in October 2017. He was my first pig. He had just turned 11 yo in June. My heart is broken 💔
From: Bridget midnights mom
On: 7/14/17
Henry u were one special pig,and so very cute,now u have the duty to look after mom's other babies at the bridge.my special dog midnight went to rainbow bridge on 7/5/2017 and being u are looking out for moms others babies if u run into a small black poodle,named midnight,he is a sweet boy who loves all creatures.please friend him and show him the ropes Henry.thank u sweetie.
From: Dlee Worden
On: 2/16/16
I am so sorry for your loss. We just lost our Merlin (Me-Me) two weeks ago today. He was seven and we had him since he was three weeks old. I fed him on goat's milk. Our little teacup pig who grew. He was so well mannered and gentle. We tried for six days. The vet and vet techs were crying along with us. He was special to them in just that short time. We'll never forget him just like you have never forgotten your "Henry".
On: 6/27/13
From: Donna
On: 12/26/12
Hi Henry,,, hope you and my kitties are all getting along nicely up there..A big kiss for you my friend,I miss sending you your almonds on Christmas..xoxoxoxo
From: Auntie Liz&Calliope
On: 6/28/12
Sweet Henry, Happy 5th Anniversay in Heaven Honey! I love you precious baby boy!
On: 6/28/12
From: Betty Hanson
On: 6/23/12
Henry - I know that you are with Skippy now so please take care of him and both of you send signs, grunts to mom and dad to let them know you are waiting on them someday and will stick together as a family! Tell Brande hi for me when you all play together. We will see you on the other side!
From: Pressy's Family
On: 6/22/12
Good Morning, Henry. We asked our little old gray lady kitty Pressy to come help you, Daisy Rose, and the kitties to welcome Skippy to the beautiful Paradise meadow by Rainbow Bridge. She has these flowers to give him to welcome him to his new home with his meadow family. As you show him around his new home as he waits with you for Mommy and Daddy to come one day to join their meadow family to cross the Bridge for all time, she will teach him to send Mommy and Daddy love signs on the wind so they know he is watching over them always. We know you sent a love sign to Mommy and Daddy to tell them Skip arrived in Paradise meadow and is with you and their meadow family. All of you join together to watch over Mommy and Daddy together always. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Liz & Calliope
On: 2/21/12
Hi Sweet baby boy! Just stopping in for a visit to see how you are doing! I am sending you some treats for being such a good boy! Sweet dreams little man!
From: Deidre
On: 10/26/10
I just visited Henry today. He was absolutely gorgeous! I have never had a pig as a pet, but they seem simply lovely. I'm sure Henry is very happy that Skippy was enjoying his bed. Henry was caring and loving. He was lucky to have parents like you. You must think of him every time it rains! You will love him forever...until you meet him again at the Bridge.
From: liz and Calliope
On: 9/7/10
Hi Sweetheart! Just stopping in to say hello and see how you are enjoying Heaven. Have you found my little Mousey yet? He loves to wallow in mud and eat goodies too. Your mommy misses you Henry, so send her a little rainbow so she knows you are near! Rest big guy, I love you, Aunt Liz
From: liz & Calliope
On: 6/30/10
Happy 3rd anniversary at Rainbowsbridge sweet Henry. I am sorry I am a day late. Your Mommy and I have become such good friends. Keep your eye open for a dear human friend, Charlie. He will be the tall one with Caleb in his arms. My love to you Henry!
From: robert
On: 6/25/10
lauren and mark such a pretty henry.sad when we lose one such as henry.henry will be in your hearts forever and the memorires are forever also
From: Henry
On: 12/14/08
Hi! It's so nice to know I am still in your heart; I know that we will never be apart! I still feel your love and know that you care; Yet I know that you will give to others your love to share. I know that we will be together again one day; For your faith, love, and kindness, God will declare, "enter my kingdom to stay!
From: Joan (Angel's mom)
On: 8/10/08
Hello Mr Henry, you sure are handsome. Thank you for helping little Angel celebrate her 9th birthday, I heard you all had lot love, food, fun & friendships. Be sure to send lot of love, kisses to your mommy & daddy. They miss you so very much. Keep having fun with all your little friends at the Bridge. Lauren & Mark, thank you for signing Little Angel's guest book & wishing her a Happy Birthday. My sympathys goes out to both of you on your lost of Mr Henry. Take care.
From: Tari Flynn
On: 7/31/08
What a beautiful soul. I am sorry for your loss. I dread the day I lose my baby.

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