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From: Daddy
On: 4/4/23
Today marks 12 years since you left us little bug. Missed as much now as you were then. At least now you have your sisters with you and and run and play for eternity. You must have gone through a lot of frisbees in the last 12 years. Take care yourself and your sisters. Daddy loves and misses you Hayleybug
From: Daddy
On: 4/4/22
Rest In Peace my little HayleyBug. Eleven years ago today you left us for a better place. I hope you, Star, and Bella are together and having fun with each other and are happy. Always remember that Daddy loves you.
From: Andrell
On: 10/26/21
Lauren and Dale: We never forget those we have loved and I am dropping off a tasty treat for Hayley.
From: Daddy
On: 10/25/21
Well Hayleybug, by now you know that little Bella has come to join you and Star. She is finally back with her 2 big sisters and has gotten to meet you. Please take care of her for Daddy and Mommy. Make her feel welcomed and loved. She was such a good girl here with us, and I know the 3 of you will live in internal peace and happiness. Daddy and Mommy love you girls so much and we will all be together again. In the mean time run, laugh, and play in the beautiful home you now live in. XOXOXOXOX
From: Daddy
On: 4/6/21
Rest In Peace my little girl, Always know that Daddy loves you
From: Daddy
On: 2/8/20
Hi Hayley Bug. I hope you’re having fun with Star. She has been with you for 5 years now and you are both missed so much. Little Bella misses you both to. You girls take care each other. Daddy will see you when it’s time. Love You both
From: Daddy
On: 4/4/18
RIP my little Hayley Bug, It has been 7 years today and still miss you and Star so much. I hope you and Star are taking care of each other, and don't forget to wish Star a Happy Birthday. Little Bella is doing good, she is really trying to be a good girl. Rest in Peace Hayley. You are always in my Heart Daddy loves you so much
From: Katie
On: 11/4/17
So sorry for you loss, May Hayley watch and protect you till she sees you again.
From: Daddy
On: 5/20/17
Happy birthday little girl. I miss you so much. It is hard to believe that you would of been 15 today. Bella and I miss you so much. You take care of yourself and Star. We will be together again one day Love you Bug
From: Daddy
On: 4/4/17
Hi little girl. It has been 6 years today since you left us. I miss you as much now as I ever did. I hope you and Star are together having fun and enjoying the beautiful world you are in. Remember little bug daddy and Bella love you so much.
From: Daddy
On: 2/8/17
Hiya Hayleybug, hope you and Star are taking care of each other and are together having a good time. I miss you and Star so much. It seems like just yesterday we were playing in the backyard. Love you bunches little bug
From: Daddy
On: 4/3/16
Hi my little Hayley. Tomorrow is 5 years since you left us. You are missed as much now as you were then. I hope you and Star are having fun together. Remember my little girl that each day brings us all closer to being together. Then we will never be apart again. Bella says hi. Be at rest little girl.
From: Daddy
On: 2/8/16
Hi Hayley, you have had Star for a year now. I hope you two are taking care of each other. Know that I love and miss you both so much. You and Star are always in my heart.
From: Daddy
On: 5/20/15
Happy Birthday Hayley Bug. You would have been 13 years old today baby girl. Daddy misses you so much. I know you and Star are celebrating your birthday today and I hope Star got you a new frisbee. Daddy and Bella miss you and Star so much, but knowing you are happy and pain free help us get through. We love you little bug. Play on Hayley Bug.
From: Daddy
On: 4/4/15
Hi Bug, it has been 4 years today since you left us. You are as missed now as you were then. You helped make my life full Hayley and I will never forget you. You now have Star to keep you company and I hope you two are running and playing to your hearts content. Take care each other and enjoy all the new friends you have now. You are forever in my heart Hayley Girl. Love you so much.
On: 4/3/15
From: Daddy
On: 3/8/15
Hi Hayley. Daddy hopes that you and Star are pain free and running and playing all day long. You 2 dogs were the best thing that ever happened to me. We had you for almost 9 years and Star for almost 14, now it is time for you girls to be together forever. We will take care of your little sister Bella. I wish you had met her, she misses Star so much. One day we will all be together and never be seperated again. By the way Bella is just like you, when she is outside there is no stopping her. She will not lay down. LOL. But she is not a frisbee girl like you. Miss you so much Hayleybug. Love You
From: Mommy
On: 2/10/15
My beloved Hayley bug, big sissy is with you now and I know how happy you were to see her and be with forever now, you will never be apart again. Take good care of her. Mommy misses you both and loves you both so much. Kisses and hugs for my baby girls xoxo....
From: ilona
On: 2/10/15
Hayleybug, its time for you to be with your big sissy now. I know you have been patiently waiting for her. It was hard to let her go but knowing she is reunited with you brings comfort to those who love her, especially Mommy and Daddy. Run and play together until we meet again. Auntie loves you both to the moon and back forever!!!!!
From: Daddy
On: 2/9/15
Hiya Bug, Star has come home to you so I hope you girls are happy and having fun. You take care of each other and remember that I love you both so much.

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