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From: Kendall
On: 2/27/18
I'm sorry for your loss.
From: Heather
On: 8/30/13
Dear Paige and Jim I am really sorry that you lost Gingersnap. Love Heather
On: 8/8/13
On: 8/8/12
From: Lisa Persinger
On: 5/31/12
I am so sorry for the loss of your angel, Gingersnap. Our furry friends are our family, our children. I just lost my best friend, Ginger, who was 15 and gave unconditional love to our whole family. Our other companions miss her and do not understand. I know what you are going through and I am truly sorry to hear about the loss of your other companions. I know you are broken hearted and grief stricken as I am. The picture of Gingersnap is absolutely beautiful! I give you my support and send you and Gingersnap love and blessings. I believe you will be together again some day and what a joyous reunion it will be! Love to you All! Lisa
On: 8/11/11
From: robert
On: 6/17/10
paige and jim such a pretty furbaby you had.gingersnap is at rainbow wiht my tabby cat and they could pass for sisters.
From: Karen (Merlin's Mom)
On: 5/10/09
Gingersnap, I saw your memorial residency tonight. I had to stop and tell you what a beautiful kitty you are. I saw you only lived to be 3 yrs.old. I know that must have been so hard for your mommy and daddy. I lost my handsome beloved kitty, Merlin, in Jan. 09 at 20 months. It was very sudden. He was healthy up until then. I hope your passing was peaceful, also. Maybe you two have met and are chasing sunbeams and butterflies that soar just beyond your grasp./Paige and Jim, I am so sorry for your loss. You don't say what your baby had, but I know the pain and grief of losing such a young one is devastating. I hope you have healed and have many fond memories of your beloved Gingersnap. I enjoyed reading about her. She was active and playful and loved her furparents as I know you loved her. Remember "love is the greatest gift", it surpasses time and space. One day you all will meet again. Till then I am glad I got to meet Gingersnap. She seems like a remarkable kitty. Love, Karen
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 1/6/09
Hello Gingersnap what a beautiful soul you are, I was just stopping in today to visit some of my Princess's friends who have been here for a while and came across you, I wish you and each of you beautiful babies a wonderful New Year in heaven this year.
From: Bun-Buns Auntie
On: 7/19/07
Hello little gingersnap, what little cutie you are. Your Mom and Dad still miss you so much, but you will all be together again someday! Say hello to Bun-Bun for me, okay? Love,Bun's Auntie Deb
From: Tracy (Bun~Bun's "Grammie")
On: 7/18/07
Rest In Peace Sweet Gingersnap. Although it's been almost 6 years since your passing, Mom & Dad still miss you so~ Be sure to visit them in their dreams & send them sweet kitty kisses & soft kitty purrs on the gentle Rainbows Bridge breeze & let them know you are well again, waiting for the day you will all be reunited. Play safely & sleep softly little one~
From: Sharyn-Misty's Momma
On: 7/15/07
Hello sweet Gingersnap, what a beautiful baby you are. I know your Momma still misses you after all this time. Our babies never leave our hearts and we will always remember the love that each of you gave us. My Mocha was there when you arrived I hope you have met each other. She was the really pretty Seal Point Siamese with an attitude. Bless your heart baby God must have needed an extra kitty Angel for him to have taken you so young. I'm sure he needed you for some small child that needed a special kitty. Kisses little one,
From: Hortencia(Tencia)
On: 7/14/07
Hello Little Precious Gingersnap, My Kitty girls ( Muchacha & Princess) are a little slow in letting me know that you have been all over the Bridge visiting & that you have made many new friends-I'm glad you have many friends to keep you busy. play in the meadow, chase butterflies, enjoy the sunshine dear one & most of all remember that you are loved beyond your understanding. not only by your human family but also by all of us that have our babies there with you. You are such a pretty little orange kitty, You Mommy & Daddy love you very much, send them some kisses in the evening breeze. headbumps to you and lots of noserubs. until next time.
From: Pressy's Family
On: 7/14/07
Hello, precious little Gingersnap, welcome to the forever sunny meadow by Rainbow Bridge. Your Mom love and misses you so...she made you a beautiful place at RB. We asked our Pressy to welcome you and be your playmate to chase golden sunbeams and little wax paper balls and share kitty headbump kisses. She'll show you the wonders of the bright Paradise meadow and teach you to send love signs on the wind to Mom so she'll hear your sweet purrs and feel the soft touch of your paw in the gentle evening breezes. You're now a guardian star shining brightly for her until she comes to cross the Bridge to be together for all time. We'll ask she not be so sad but treasure memories of you and remember you're curled up deep in her heart forever. Play happy meadow games with the other furbabies but stop often to smile at Mom so she'll know you love and miss her too and you're with her always. Soar high among the clouds now on your silvery new angel wings, beloved Ginger. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Dusty's mommy
On: 7/14/07
Dear Sweet Ginger, you've been at the Rainbow for a long while, I'm so sure you have settled in so nicely there. Such a beautiful tribute page was made for you here, sharing little memories of you written with such delicate tender loving words. I hope your mommy & daddy believe with all the magic of the Rainbow that one day, when your parents cross over to the Rainbow themselves, you'll be waiting in the Rainbow Garden, waiting to lovingly "pounce" on them, just as you used to do here, sweet kitty! May Paige and Jim know you are now being cradled in the arms of angels...what more could they have possibly ever wished for you, sweet baby? What more could they have ever wished for you....With my heartfelt sympathy in the loss of your hearts soulmate, Karen (Dusty's mommy) NJ....My Dusty....he helped me find my "Rainbow Connection" (the song on his tribute page)...I'm glad you found yours too, here at this beautiful website...
From: charlie: calebs daddy
On: 7/14/07
Hello little Ginger--you know, there is a saying that the eyes are the mirrors to ones soul, and just by looking into yours, i can imagine your mommy and daddy knew you were their own special little Angel.What a legacy of love you have left behind, and it is those memories that ease our hearts and help us throug the difficult times of missing you.But what a magical and wondrous place you are now Ginger, one of forever youth and health, and many new friends like my little guy Caleb.The love you shared with mommy and daddy helped guide you a pathway among the stars.Each memory has bonded to form a most solid lifeline to their hearts, so you are never far away Ginger, and if mom and dad think of you as much as you think of them, well then, you really aren't that far away after all, just waiting patiently for that most joyous of reunions. The wind calls to you now Ginger, so run free, and float on Angel Wings among the softest of clouds to the edge of the Rainbow, to watch over your family
From: Maria - Ralphie's Mom
On: 6/10/07
Gingersnap, what a sweet name for a beautiful orange kitty! You've been gone for a few years but your family loves you and misses you so much - how wonderful to know that love goes on forever. I will meet you one day but in the meantime, look for my Ralphie and tell him to give you a sweet Yorkie kiss for me.

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