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From: Mommy
On: 2/16/22
My sweet Grace, I miss you so much. Today marks 5 years since you've been gone. To think you don't even know Cash...Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, my sweet girl. You remain the best dog I've ever had. We have Mona and Macie to love and guard our hearts but they aren't you. Thank you for sending them our way. I love you and miss you, my faithful friend. I'll always keep you near. Love, Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 2/16/21
My sweet girl, today marks 4 years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The time has passed so slowly without you by my side. I'll never forget the day I had to make the hardest decision of my let you go. They say if you love something, let it go. When I let you go a piece of me left with you. You were one of my greatest gifts to this day. This past year has been one of the worst years. We have had our freedoms taken away right before our eyes. There has also been some good. Our Lab, Mona, had a litter of 13 puppies and we kept a little black female. We named her Macie. She reminds me so much of you as a puppy. She still goes potty in the house at 5 months old. Lol. Chase and Cash are doing so good. Chase misses you so much, just like Mommy and Daddy. I will continue to miss you like crazy. I hope you're enjoying running, playing and eating like a champ in Heaven. I can't wait to hold you again, sweet baby. Until we meet again.....
From: Mommy
On: 2/17/20
My precious's been 3 years today that you've been gone. I miss you every single day. It's been very hard not having you. I miss your quirkiness and weird things you were afraid the wood floors and small spaces. I miss our cuddle time and walks and how you'd pull me so hard and choke yourself at the same time. I knew as you grew older that our time was limited. I would enjoy every moment. I miss you so much, sweet girl. I hope you're living your best life across the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 2/16/19
My sweet marks 2 years since your passing. I have been a mess today and yesterday thinking of you and missing you terribly. I'm sure by now you are the queen at the Rainbow Bridge and that everyone loves you there. You were the light of my life for so many years! A lot has happened since I wrote last. Mommy is so sorry that it's been a year! We have a new member of the family. His name is Cash and he is the sweetest baby! You would love and protect him, I just know it! Nana Pam has joined you in Heaven and I'm sure you have met up with her and showed her the way around up there. We also let Dakota go to another home as she was just not the fit our family needed like you were. The piggies have gone, too. Puffy is up in Heaven with you, too. Please keep him safe! Mommy loves you, sweet girl. I can't wait until I can hold you again. Will you please visit me in my dreams? That would make Mommy so happy! I pray that you are well up there. Until we embrace again, my baby girl...
From: Mommy
On: 2/16/18
My sweet girl, Today marks one year since you gained your wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know it's been too long since I last visited and I am so sorry for that. I knew what a struggle it would be to try to find the right words. Life without you and your sweet spirit just hasn't been the same. My heart aches every single day for you. At times you visit me in my dreams and I wake up with a smile on my face because I am grateful for your visit. Prior to your passing, the 14 years we shared together were by far the greatest of my life. This past year has been the longest and the hardest of my life. I try to hold on to the fact that your spirit still lives with me but I sure miss your physical presence. I am so glad that you are enjoying life running and eating and playing to your heart's content. You deserve that and so much more. Mommy will be fine. I just miss you more than I can describe. I love you,Grace, and I promise to visit you again soon. Until then, sweet girl...
On: 2/15/18
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 11/17/17
To Grace, I know you are well settled at the bridge now. Busy running around all those beautiful meadows, enjoying the year round sunshine and have made so many fur baby friends. Take a minute though and touch down with your sweet paw to your mommy's heart. Let her know that you are happy, healthy and whole once again. You are running around just like when you were a puppy. Tell her that although you can't be by her side anymore, you are watching over her and you know you will never be forgotten. All those memories (good and hard), are tucked safe and treasured in her heart forever.
From: Mommy
On: 6/25/17
My heart...Mommy has been thinking of you and missing you so very much lately. It's now been 18 weeks since you went to be with Jesus. There's not a single moment that goes by that I'm not thinking of you. I can't believe I'm somehow surviving without you. You were my only constant for a very long time. 14 years to be exact. The bond, love, memories and understanding of one another that we shared is so rare. I wonder if I'll ever find another dog like you. I find myself clinging to Biggie since he was around at the time of your passing. Dakota is a good girl, but she isn't you, baby girl. Mommy and Daddy brought home a new member of the family a few weeks ago. His name is Puffy and he is Biggie's baby brother. He's very cute and sweet. Now Biggie has a friend to play with. You would love Puffy. They say dogs and guinea pigs can be good friends. Sweet girl, my heart broke the day you left me. I know you're happy and healthy now and that brings me joy! I will always love you, G.
From: Mommy
On: 6/5/17
My sweet I miss you! Today a memory popped up on Facebook of you and I sitting on the boat at the river. Remember that trip we took? Wasn't it amazing? We had such a great time! I remember it was the annual Parker River Float and we had to avoid all the stupid people inner tubing on the water while we were on a boat. You and Kody had so much fun and Mommy loved having you both with me. My baby, I miss you more than words can describe. I am crying for you as I write this to you. I'm so heartbroken over losing you. When does it get easier? Know this; I am confident that you are a favorite of every animal's at the Rainbow Bridge. Your sweet, loving nature is toxic! I will forever miss that. I love and miss you so, so much. Will you visit me in my dreams? I would love that! Mommy will see you at tomorrow night's candle light vigil. Forever your mommy, sweet girl...I love you!
From: Mommy
On: 5/13/17
My beautiful baby, it's now been just over 3 months since you left me. I think about you every single day many times. I think of you as a baby, as a young and vibrant pup, and even as you got into your senior close we were and how much of a best friend you were to me. I could have never imagined the relationship you and I would share during our 14 years together. Gracie, mommy misses you so very much. I miss our snuggles, our walks together, I miss you "speaking" on command, our vacations together, and all the fun we had by each other's side through the years. I am still lost without you. My heart aches daily for you and I feel such a sense of loss without you here. I am waiting on another visit from you in my dreams. Those are what I cherish most now about your memory. The other day daddy found the picture of you and Pock taken many years ago together. It's always been a favorite of mine and even more so now without you both here. I miss you, baby, and I love You! Xoxo
From: Mommy
On: 4/27/17
Baby's been 10 weeks since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and still I grieve over your passing. They say it gets better, but I have yet to see brighter days. You were my greatest companion for so long and I am lost without you. I wonder when things will change. I am confident that things for you are much improved for you and that is literally the only thing that comforts me. Tonight Grandma Stephannie was over at our house and I talked about you so much. I still talk about you and think about you CONSTANTLY. Little Dakota brings me memories of you as a puppy. She bites while she plays, pees in the house all the time, and eats like a horse. I miss you, sweet girl. Nothing will ever take away what we shared and nobody will ever take your place. Please visit me in my dreams. It's the only thing that makes me feel a little better. I miss you and I love you so much!! All my love, Mommy xoxo
From: Jenna N. Balcom
On: 4/25/17
My beautiful visited mommy in my dreams again on Saturday night. I can't tell you what that meant to me. I had been thinking of you all day and having a rough day without you and I had a feeling I would see you that night. You proved me right, sweet girl! I dreamed you were still here with me and I had let you and Dakota out to go potty. As I was letting you out, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I called Daddy to see, too. Soon after, you dissipated and returned to heaven. Oh those few moments of reunion were the greatest moments I've had in awhile. We also saw a senior dog yesterday at Petsmart that reminded me of you and I broke down at home thinking about it. Having a new puppy around has melted my heart, but nothing takes away what you gave to me all those years. I wish I could kiss your sweet face and have even just a minute with you again. I'd love nothing more. Visit me again, will you? I miss you and love you so much, G! ❤❤🐕
From: Mommy
On: 4/13/17
My sweet's been 8 weeks since you left this earth and my heart shattered into pieces. I miss you now more than ever. With every passing day I think of you and remember all the memories we made together. You were such a huge part of my life for so many years and I know that life will never be the same without you. Daddy brought home a new puppy on Sunday night. I was surprised to say the least, but overjoyed to welcome a new baby because I know she was sent by you. She is such a sweet girl and I am reminded of you so much through her. She loves to cuddle and play just like you did when you were a pup. Her screeches sound JUST like yours did when we have to crate her and leave the house for awhile. Yesterday when we left her she went potty all over her crate just like you used to do. It made me laugh and think of you. Her name is Dakota and you would have loved her. Sweet baby, Mommy misses you so much! I love you, G. Xoxo ❤🐕
From: Mommy
On: 4/7/17
My sweet girl, it's now been over 7 weeks since you left this earth. I wish I could say that it gets easier, but the pain is still so great. I dreaded the day that I had to let you go for so long and when that day came, I was BEYOND I still am today. I miss our cuddles, our times loving on each other and so much more. Gracie, you were the best dog I could have ever asked for. That Christmas when I got you was the best Christmas of my life because of you. Will you visit me in my dreams and let me know you're OK? I'm crying as I write this because I know you held on for me through so many trials in life..the last being the loss of a baby and surgery. Thank you for being there during that time. This year has been so extremely hard for me. Words cannot describe the pain, the loss, the despair I feel. I miss you so much, sweet G. I know you are enjoying life in the meadows at the Rainbow Bridge as you should. You deserve it all. I love you.
From: Mommy
On: 4/1/17
My sweet girl...I can't believe I haven't left you a message in over 2 weeks! Mommy is so very sorry. Things around the house have been very crazy. It's now been over 6 weeks since you left us and I miss you every hour of every day. My sweet girl, this year has been the hardest year of my entire life and I'm so thankful you were able to see me through some hard times...although I'll always wish our time together had been longer...more like forever. God gave me one of life's greatest gifts when He gave me you. I miss your touch, your snores, your sweet, nurturing way, and most of all I miss your companionship. I know you've made a lot of new friends up there because you are such a sweet girl. Mommy can't wait to see you again, baby. I love you and I miss you so much! Eat a big steak up there for me, will ya? 🐶❤😘
From: Mommy
On: 3/17/17
My beautiful baby girl, It's been exactly one month since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge into heaven. Four weeks has been beyond devestating without you. I still smell you, hear you, and see you in my dreams. The nights I see you are the best. You have visited me a few times there now, but nothing takes the place of having you by my side. This has been the hardest four weeks of my life. I wish I had you here to comfort me in my time of grief, but I understand that it was your time. I understand that your frail body needed to be healed and that your desire for something better was strong. I'll never forget all that we shared together; our memories, our special times, and the times when all we had was each other. You were my greatest companion and I was so blessed to have been able to do life with you for 14 years as your mommy. Thank you for choosing me. I love you, I miss you and I can't wait for the day that we embrace again. You are my sunshine...RIP SWEET GIRL!
From: pam
On: 3/16/17
Dear Jenna, you have my sympathy on the loss of your precious Grace. God bless you.
From: Mommy
On: 3/13/17
My sweet baby, mommy misses you so much! You've been on my mind every single moment of every single day since you've been gone. I think of all the fun we had in our 14 years together and that brings me some comfort. I know you're at peace now and healthy as can be, running and playing with the other fur babies in heaven. I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking about you and that I miss you more than anything, baby girl. Visit me soon in my dreams so that I know you're still with me. I love you!
From: Mommy
On: 3/9/17
My beautiful baby, it's been 3 weeks today since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I have been a mess without you and these have been the longest 3 weeks of my entire life. I miss you every day, sweet girl. You brightened my life, comforted me in times of despair, gave me more joy than is possibly imaginable and loved me unconditionally. I don't know how I've made it this far without you. I wish you could have remained strong and healthy for me, but I know you needed to go for the sake of peace and comfort. I cherish the wonderful memories we created and remember the good times we had. Please visit me in my dreams so I can have a brief moment with you. I still smell you, hear you, and go to take you out or feed you, but then remember you've moved on. I'll love you forever, sweet Gracie. Words cannot describe my heartache. I'll visit you again very soon, Lolly Pop. I love you!
From: Mommy
On: 3/4/17
My beautiful girl, you have been on my mind a lot today. I miss you so much. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you at least 1,000 times. My heart aches for you, Gracie. Earlier today Chase did something that reminded me of you. Sometimes when he sleeps he snores like you did. It brings me such wonderful memories of you. These past 2 1/2 weeks without you have been miserable. I don't know when this will get easier or if it will get easier. You were Mommy's girl for so long and many times my only friend. The comfort you brought me will never be matched. I know you're happy and healthy now and in a much better place. That's the only comfort I have...knowing I did the right thing by you. I am looking forward to our reunion at the Rainbow Bridge, baby girl. In the meantime, keep sending me signs so that I know you're still with me. I love you, G!

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