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From: Bunnie
On: 8/30/15
Happy belated birthday, Gman! Sorry to be late again. I hope you and Luigi are enjoying your ice cream and cake. You were on Facebook for your anniversary. I know you don't know what that is but lots of people got to see your sweet handsome face. Love and miss you, Gio!
From: Bunnie
On: 8/26/14
Happy 20th birthday, Gman. Wish you were still here to celebrate it with us but it looks like you've got some yummy ice cream to share with Luigi. Love and miss you ❤️
From: Bunnie
On: 7/2/14
I know I'm late for your anniversary (what else is new) but I was thinking of you and remembering the special boy you are. I know you were close by and smiling when Mom found your frog toy where you left it for her. I think you'd like the Tabbies, would love to see you and Bella together. Here's a 4th of July burger for you. Please share some with Luigi. We love and miss you, G man ❤️
On: 6/27/14
From: Bunnie
On: 12/25/13
Merry Christmas, Gman! We miss you...the ferrets still throw pieces of their food out for you to share. Hope Santa was good to you
From: Karen (Dusty, DJ, Patches, & Momma's mom)
On: 12/1/13
"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed angel G-man, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember how your baby’s paw prints touched your life, be the ones that bloom in your heart this Holiday Season. My prayer for all of us this blessed season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us during the Holidays. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it the most....And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved Giovanni bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your baby-angel would want for you this year...God bless, and best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty, DJ, Patches, and Momma’s mom)
From: Diane
On: 11/28/13
Hello Lynn & Carl, I am so sorry for the lost of your beautiful Giovanni. King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes: "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven…a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance…" The Zohar, the classic work of Kabbalah, describes the inner psyche of man as "crying being on one side of the heart and laughing on the other side of the heart." Yet, there is an even deeper understanding, we will learn to be joyous and broken hearted at the same time. Our fur babies where so beautiful and a gift of true joy & love, how can we not be happy when we reflect on their memory and begin to celebrate their life. One day we will be together again with our beautiful companions; I lost my Zander & Zianna & have attached their link if you care to visit. With Love & Sympathy Diane.
From: Bunnie
On: 8/27/13
Happy birthday a day late, Gman. I see you have your ice cream and cake and got to share your birthday treat with Luigi for the first time in a long while. I'm sure he'll share his with you in a couple of days for his birthday as well. We miss you and love you, sweet boy!
From: Barbara Ann (Graysons Mom)
On: 7/22/13
Such a beautiful tribute to your loving cat. So sorry for your loss. I am still grieving since January for my beloved Yorkie.
From: theresa anders
On: 7/18/13
sorry about your loss remember the good times you are not alone i have been through this too.such a cute cat enclosing a gift.
From: Debbie, Ginger's mom
On: 7/13/13
I'm sorry for your loss.
From: Kent
On: 7/12/13
To Lynn & Carl, I am sorry for your loss. Giovanni is now in the Rainbow Bridge where he is free from pain and will continue to be with you. Take care.
From: Bunnie
On: 7/11/13
Dearest Gman. Just like when Luigi left, I feel like I've been saying good-bye to you for a long time. With each visit I said good bye, not sure if I would get to see you again but always hoping for another chance. I think of you now with your bestest buddy Luigi, playing the games that you used to play. I hope you find your ferret friends too. We love and miss you; and we lit a candle in your honor.
From: Pam Cutrone
On: 7/8/13
Dear Lynn and Carl, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Giovanni.
From: Susan Harrill
On: 7/8/13
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Giovanni. Please find comfort in knowing that Giovanni is now at Rainbows Bridge and making lots of friends. Saying goodbye is never easy. I also lost my precious cat Spooky July 30th 2001 after 16 wonderful years with her. Just recently on January 11, 2013, I lost my faithful friend Hannah who was a beautiful blue tick hound dog. Spooky never met Hannah but I am sure Spooky greeted Hannah at the bridge. I am sure that Giovanni, Spooky, and Hannah have become good friends. You can visit with Spooky at: Take Care, Susan
From: Beth
On: 7/7/13
I am so very sorry that you lost your Giovanni. It truly leaves a hole in your heart. I lost my sponge bob 3 weeks ago and have not been the same since. Your memorial story was such a nice tribute I hope he likes the toy I left him.. Feel free to visit my sponge bob. Take care
From: Bridget
On: 7/7/13
Dear Lynn and Carl I'm sorry for the loss of your Giovanni, and Luigi. Interestingly I have a 20 pound tuxedo Italian cat named Rocky. So, what a good looking guy. I lost my Finnbar in December.I understand how hard it is to say goodbye.When its time you'll all be together again just as it should be.Until then Giovanni is waiting for you at the bridge along with Luigi.They are happy and healthy and feeling great. They have new places to explore so much space to run like the wind and meadows to lie in the sun. They are having a ball with their new friends all the while still keeping an eye on you. I hope they've found Finn by now. He's a friendly little cat who loves to play. If you would care to visit my Finnbar
From: Candy
On: 7/7/13
Giovanni, I'm so sorry to hear of your death. Lynn & Carl i send my condolences to you.
From: Anne
On: 7/7/13
Lynn and Carl, I am so sorry for your devastating loss. Giovanni is one of the most handsome tuxedos I have ever seen! What a relief that he is back with his dear "brother" and able to run and play and let him win, just like when he was younger. However, I know for you it is an extremely difficult time. Blessings to you both and know that Giovanni will be sending you kitty kisses from The Bridge!
From: Arthur, Elliot and Marley
On: 7/7/13
Rest in Peace, Giovanni. We will all meet you again some day over the rainbow bridge. In the meantime, say hello to Luigi for us and watch over your human, Lynn and Carl. They are very sad a d miss you and Luigi very much.

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