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From: robert
On: 6/20/10
shawn sorry about ginger she such a pretty furbaby and i know you miss her are prayer out to you
From: Christina
On: 12/20/07
Hey Ginger, Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I miss you. All my Love, Christina
From: Maria - Ralphie's Mom
On: 11/17/07
Sweet Ginger, beautiful girl ... I was told by a little Yorkie named Ralphie that I need to stop by and say hello to you, so here I am! You're such a pretty girl and I can tell you're loved and missed very much by your mommy - please make sure you send her your precious love everyday, let her feel your presence in her life so that she will know you're never far from her. I'm sending you kisses and bellyrubs.
From: Mommy
On: 6/26/07
Hi my swet girl, I miss you more and more everyday that you are not with me. Sara and the boys are living with us again. Lucky and Jasmine and the cats are all doing well. They all miss you. Sometimes I am very lonely without you. I miss your prissy self. Jasmine is not prissy at all. She is all tomboy. We love her for who she is. I love you most. I will talk to you later. I love and miss you very much. Love Mommy.
From: Mommy
On: 5/16/07
Hi Ginger girl, I miss you. Things have been rough lately. Joy's anniversary was monday the 14th. We all went out for dinner at Outbacks. She ordered a drink for Bob, it was kinda hard. We finally got some rain. I wish you were here. Everyone is well. Things are really tight right now. We have been trying to refi the house. Its not easy. I have to go. I love and miss you very much. Love Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 5/3/07
Hi baby girl. We went on our camping trip. We all had a good time. I found some fossels that I can't identify. Marissa found a piece from either a Sabor Tooth Tiger canine tooth or a piece of a Mamouth Tusk, she is excited about it. We had good weather. The Barkers are going to N.C. this summer. I don't expect them back. Dulcey and Joy are well. Daddy and I are looking into moving to North Port, we need someone to buy this house, please help us with that. Things are getting really tight for us. It seems like all I do is work. We can't seem to get ahead. I try. Lucky and Jasmine are good, so are Mac and Maggie. I love you, miss you very much. Love Mommy
On: 4/10/07
hey ginger sorry i have not wrote you in a while but i would like to talk to you now me and your daddy and your mommy are going on a camping trip tomorrow wish us good luck and tell maggie and magnum i say hy how are you doing i love you and i miss you i wish you were here wright now but you can't but i no you are in a better place and you art suffing no more well i am going to let you go now alrighit by by
On: 4/10/07
Hi sweet girl. Tomorrow we leave to go camping. We all hope that it doesn't rain like last year. please put in a good word for us for no rain. All of the kids are looking forward to this trip,and so am I. Things have been very stressful these last few days, I need the time off. I just wanted to say that I love you and I will tell you all about the trip when I get back. I love and miss you very much. Love Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 4/2/07
Hi my sweet girl. I just wanted to say that I love you. I have your pictures all over my computer desk. Marissa put your picture in a locket that she wears. We all miss you. Jared is going on the camping trip with us. He is very excited about going. Lucky and Jasmine are staying home, Christina is going to stay at our house to take care of them and Mac & Maggie while we are gone. We go April 11-14. I am still very lonely without you here with me. I have to go now. I love and miss you very much. Love Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 3/20/07
Hi my sweet Ginger. I miss you very much. Thank you for watching over daddy while he drove up to NH and back. I was really worried about him making that trip alone. Things have been busy around here. Joy is doing very well from her knee surgery, she is walking with just the cane now. We are going camping again in April. Hopefully it won't rain us out again.I love and miss you very much. Love Mommy.
From: Mommy
On: 3/6/07
March6,2007 Hi my sweet girl. Things have been pretty hectic latley. Daddy is getting ready to drive up to N.H. by himself to get Kristin and Nick. They are moving to New Port Ritchy. I am very worried about him making that drive alone, please watch over him and keep him safe for me. I am writing to you on this page now because I filled up the other page. I will print it out and then start over on that page again, but for now this will do. We are all doing well. Daddy is excited about getting Kristin. He knows that all of us are very worried about him going alone. Pleasse keep an eye on him. Ask Bob to help you watch over him. I love and miss you with all of my heart. Love Mommy.
From: Christina
On: 12/19/06
Hey Mama. I'm worried about your Mommy. She is so busy these days. She isn't taking time out for herself. Can you go and visit her, so she has the chance to sit and breathe a while? I'm afraid that if she doesn't relax she might wind up getting really sick. This is not her time, we need her here. Although sometimes I know she wishes she were with you.Dear Ginger, Please watch your Mommy. She needs you. We all need you, and her. God Bless and Merry Christmas. Love Christina
From: Jared
On: 11/19/06
ginger you will be greatiy miss by all and every one who new you you were the sweetest dog ever. we miss you so much but you had a long life. every time i look at your picture iwant to cry'ing we love you so'ooo much.when i find out you were dead my hart brok. i miss rub'ing my figer's through your soft fur. you were like a sweet rose you were alway's so calm and quiet. now their a new dog name jasmine she is nothing like you. love jared p's miss you very much by see you later.
From: Mommy
On: 10/18/06
Hi baby girl, I hope you are well. I miss you very much my sweet Ginger girl. I love you, Love Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 8/6/06
Ginger girl, I love and miss you with all my heart and soul. Till we met again.
From: Christina Tomas
On: 8/4/06
Ginger will be sadly missed by all that love her. She will be forever in my heart and on my computer.

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