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From: Julie Green
On: 9/4/18
So Sorry for your loss too! Prayers going out for you!
From: Carole
On: 7/30/18
Thank you, Ginny, for making this place for us all to grieve and share our losses and support each other. I still miss Zoe and Jasmine so much but this helps. I realize we all will continue to grieve, but also to go on.
From: Jan nash
On: 7/4/18
Dear Ginny, I am so touched by your story of FiFi. In this country, people are not as expressive of their emotions as you are - that is except me. I had to have my beautiful dog put to sleep yesterday and my heart is breaking. All other people keep saying to me is, "Remember the wonderful years you've had." I do remember and that't why I am bereft. Why can't other people let it be okay for me to grieve. I want him back. I know you will get it because you are a kindred spirit. I'm sure that creating Rainbow Bridge must bring you so much comfort as well as giving comfort to others. Thank you for being so human and for helping me to feel less alone. Love Jan
From: Julia
On: 7/2/18
Ginny, your loss may have been a full 20 years ago, but I still want to say I'm sorry for your loss and I'm sending prayers your way. Because we never forget our babies, never quit missing them, no matter how much time passes. Thank you for creating this website. I find it so amazing that all of these people are so dedicated to their pets. We are all in this together. My tabby McCartney has been at the Bridge for 4 years now, and I'll miss him for the rest of my life until I meet him again. I hope he and Fifi and all the other animals are playing together. God bless.
From: Joan Hayes
On: 6/27/18
Hi Ginny, I thought Id visit your memorial first, your story on FiFi is absolutely beautiful, had me in tears actually. FiFi was beautiful and sounds like a very special little fur baby., they are so sadly missed. That's the price we pay for loving them. The photos are beautiful and I absolutely love that memorial rock you have in your garden., I've never seen one quite so big and beautiful. I hope the pain in your heart is not so bad now, thinking of you and FiFi.
From: Valerie Cintron-Perez
On: 6/19/18
Hi Ginny, your Fifi is beautiful. Sending hugs for your loss.
From: Brooklyn S. Coody
On: 4/27/18
I'm sorry for your loss of your beautiful, baby FiFi It pains me to see that you are suffering and I just want you to know that your baby is safe with us at Rainbow Bridge. With Love, Brooklyn S. Coody- Contact me for anything at
From: Katherine Myers
On: 3/30/18
For your Beautiful FiFi
From: Bonnie
On: 3/18/18
Ginny-your fifi was such a beautiful baby.Im so sorry for your loss.
From: Katie
On: 3/12/18
Fifi, sorry I wrote this message late but since you pass away this month long time ago. Please continue watching over Ginny comfort her and be by her side knowing you are ok and looking forward seeing Ginny again.
On: 3/7/18
On: 2/10/18
From: Victoria Shaw
On: 2/2/18
I sorry for your lost
From: Rachel
On: 1/19/18
Thank you for this website. Fifi must have been a very special cat who gave you so much love. Her love will always be with you, even if she is not here. I just lost Luke, my best friend, who is a Siberian husky. The grieving process is hard, but I am so happy we had the time together to heal our brokenness. God bless. Rachel
From: sher
On: 12/26/17
hi i am so deeply sorry for your loss my thoughts and Prayers are with you always and i am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this site and volunteering you are truly a blessing to us all and a special angel GodBlessyou love Prayers and Healing Hugs Sher
From: Wendy Taylor
On: 12/16/17
Hi FiFi, I just found this site in Oct. looking for support and a way to keep my Baby Bee close to me, honor her. I have been writing condolences starting with the letter "A" all in the year 2017 (the year I lost my Bee). When I start a new letter, I go back to the beginning to see if any other fur babies have reached the bridge. Sadly, as you know some have. I am starting the letter "K" so it's time to go back. I have no idea why it never dawned on me that your mommy would have a memorial set up for you. I have read so many things about you, poems, etc. Anyway, I was scrolling down the "F"s and I saw your name and your mommy's name. What an impact you had while you were with your mommy and a large impact you have now. Your mommy's idea of setting up a special place for people that have lost their fur child has saved me. When I come to this site I feel close to my Bee. I feel when I read others stories, I am not alone. Anyway FiFi, you live on and continue to have an impact on lives.
From: Ashley Tutera
On: 12/4/17
Such beautiful words about FiFi! Thank you for using her memory to create such a wonderful website!
From: Victoria Shaw
On: 11/21/17
I sorry for your lost I too lost pet a dog called Darcy wasn't ready for another dog so apdot two beautiful cats called Sydnee and Annbel when 7 years old be 10 on 12 march and love them too so once again sorry for your lost
From: Clare and Martha
On: 11/17/17
Dear FiFi, it's your anniversary and we know the banquet is all set for all the precious ones who crossed the Bridge on this date. Please continue to look after your mommy, Ginny, with her other precious ones there and purr your love deep in her heart. Dear Ginny, thank you again for creating this purrfect place where so many have gotten peace and comfort. FiFi is so beautiful and will certainly be at the Bridge when you make your final journey Home. God bless you always. Love and hugs, Clare & Martha, Jackie & Callie
From: Katie
On: 11/5/17
Dear Ginny, I'm so sorry for you loss, Fifi looks so beautiful, May she watch and protect you till she sees you again. So far in my life i have 5 fur babies in Rainbow Bridge and more will when their time has come, I believe Fifi is enjoying her time with the other cats she is with I wonder if she meet my Bear and Paco. Im looking forward meeting my fur babies again when i pass. God bless you

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