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From: Debbie Buddy, Belinda Sue and Princess' mom
On: 2/13/16
Hello beautiful Figaro I was just visiting some of my babies here at the bridge and wanted to stop in for a visit with you. I have left your Valentine, I hope you and all the babies enjoy a beautiful day of celebrating love in heaven tomorrow. Lisa , God bless you for giving Figaro the love and the home that he deserved when his other humans were no longer worthy of his love. There is a special place in heaven for those souls like you that open their hearts and homes to those lost ones who are so deserving. Although through my many years of rescue I always say they teach us much much more and give us much much more than we could ever give them.
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On: 10/18/15
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On: 4/8/13
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On: 5/18/10
From: Cindy, Lily's grandmother
On: 7/28/09
Figaro was quite the handsome Sheltie! I've had shelties for over 21 years and know how very special they are.Never heard of one swimming though! Please accept my sympathy in this very sad time.
From: Pat Lively
On: 2/23/08
Figaro, I hope you are meeting many new friends at the bridge and having fun.
From: Kelley
On: 4/26/07
Lisa: I am so sorry for the loss of Figaro. It is hard to loose such important members of your family! You and I share many pet family things and I wanted to tell you that I understand what you are going thru and will be thinking of you. I had a kitty named Figaro when I was little and what a wonderful name! Last year we lost our bullmastiff Brutus to cancer(4/15/06). It was sudden and a surprise to us as well! It is the hardest thing to watch our pups go thru! His page is on the rainbows bridge as well if you want to meet him!! And his brother and littermate is also going thru a bad spell and having kidney failure as well. We expect that he will be joining Brutus and your Figaro soon! Figaro - I hope that you have found Brutus and are best buddies! He will teach you how to send rainbows and pennies as sign to your family that you are ok! You two watch for Bingo and Bear and you can all hang out together til we all meet you at the bridge! Take Care! Kelley
From: Laura
On: 4/23/07
Lisa, I feel your pain we just lost our little sheltie this past weekend. He was just short of his 7th birthday. He collapsed in the hallway and we took him to the vet. They x-rayed him and found a huge tumor in his abdomen. He died before we could do anything else for him. My heart is breaking for you and for our friend. Feel free to email me back we can share our stories of our little friends. Laura
From: Melissa
On: 4/16/07
What a beautiful tribute to Figaro. We lost our sheltie Raven in Febuary and I am sure she was there to greet him. Your family is in our prayers.
From: Vicky (Sasha Joy's mom)
On: 4/14/07
I am so sorry for the tragic and sudden passing of your sweet Figaro. You gave him a second change to feel wanted and loved and brought him back his youth. My heart goes out to you. I hope the memories created in the brief time you shared with your Figgy will comfort you during these difficult days and weeks. Peace be with you. Rest in peace Figaro.
From: Sangeetha
On: 4/13/07
Dear Lisa, My heartfelt condolences on Figgy's loss. I know its horrible to lose a loved one especially , when i see that you have cared so much for this guy whom you've known for only two years and that you shared so many memories with him.He's now safe with God, its sad that he had to suffer a lot . Our dear babies are all fine n happy to be at RB. Am sure Figgy would have met my pet Reine by now .She left me on the 27 th of feb this year and am still having a tough time coming to terms with it.Do express what you feel, am ready to help if i can in any way. You are not alone in this testing time, we all are with you.
From: Liz&Boom-Boom
On: 4/13/07
Our furbabies are only on loan to us, we are just babysitters for the Great Creator who has other plans for them. My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of such a magnificent Figaro!
From: Pressy's Family
On: 4/12/07
Hello, handsome Figaro, welcome to the forever sunny meadow by Rainbow Bridge. Your Mom loves and misses you so...she made you a beautiful place at RB. We asked our Pressy to be with Gracey and Sampson to welcome you and be your playmate to chase golden sunbeams and sticks. She'll be your big sister to help Gracey and Sampson show you wonders of the bright Paradise meadow and teach you how to send love signs on the wind to Mom so she'll feel your sweet doggie kisses in the gentle evening breezes. You're now her shining star guardian angel until she comes to cross the Bridge to be together again for all time. We'll ask she not be so sad but treasure memories of you and remember you're in her heart forever. Now you're healthy again, run to play games with Gracey, Sampson, and the other furbabies but stop often to smile down on Mom so she'll know you love and miss her too and you're with her always. Rest well with the other angels, beloved Figaro. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Tara
On: 4/12/07
Im sorry to hear about you dog! Always remember he is running and playing with all of his friends and he is also watchin over you and your family!
From: Connie(Bobo"s Mother)
On: 4/12/07
You are in my thoughts and prayes the love a fur-baby gives to us is so special and they ask for nothing in return just our love we will see our babies again till then they will be in our hearts
From: Patty
On: 4/11/07
What beautiful dogs Figaro, Gracey and Sampson were! These dogs were very lucky to have you in their life. You're a wonderful and admirable person to rescue these dogs from their unfortunate situations and give them the happy lives they all had. I hope your heartache eases soon.
From: Debbie Princess's mom
On: 4/11/07
Dearest Lisa God Bless you for giving this beautiful soul a loving home before he had to leave this world. He will be welcomed by the angels never again to feel like he isn't wanted , you are a special person and your Figaro will watch over you ever so gently now that he has his wings.
From: Nancy and Kit Family
On: 4/11/07
I can't imagine anybody growing tired of their pet! I am deeply sorry about your figaro's passing, but I am so pleased that he spent his last two years with you. I know you loved him and gave him a lovely life. I am so sorry. Lovingly,
From: Sherry
On: 4/11/07
Figgy, Jump play and look for Lucy she's up there too. My lucy left on Friday 4-6/2007 so she has broken in the Bridge for you. Take care sherry


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